17 Perks of Marrying a Russian Woman

“I want to marry a Russian girl” ... how much this phrase means to single men from all over the world who managed to be disappointed in their women, but who still believe in the possibility of true family happiness. We hasten to please you if you are one of them: your hopes are by no means groundless. Russian women can give real warmth, love, and care. All that you have heard about their beauty and the desire to surround a beloved person with a kind of cocoon of the most tender feelings that a human heart is capable of is true. Do not believe me? Then carefully read our article - it's just for such skeptics like you. We will talk about all the possible benefits that you can get if you decide to marry a Russian woman.

In addition, we will talk about their mentality and cultural characteristics, which you will definitely encounter. Without this, our material about Russian girls for marriage would not be completely objective, and therefore would not have real value. So we wish you a pleasant reading and an exciting journey through the expanses of the Russian soul!


Introduction: Features of the Mentality and Cultural Characteristics of the Russians

What do we know about Russian civilization? It was born in far eastern lands and now occupies a significant part of the globe. Russian tsars constantly waged wars to expand the boundaries of the empire, while Russian peasants periodically initiated short-term, but bloody rebellions. These are harsh lands where bears live side by side with human beings. Each Russian child has two innate skills - playing the balalaika and drinking undiluted vodka more often than mother's milk. We can continue the list of common myths and you, most likely, will happily nod your head in support of our words. But let's turn off dullness and turn to critical thinking. If you need a little time for this, we will wait. Do breathing exercises, yoga, or whatever else you need to clear the mind and perceive reality as it is. By the way, if you are seriously looking for Russian women for marriage, you will have to learn it. Russian women do not like stupid men who use only stereotypes.

The Russian mentality was formed under the influence of the richness of the landscapes of nature and the sharply contrasting climate. Prolonged cold and frost, lasting almost six months, are replaced by the magnificent flowering of plants and heat. Historian Valery Ilyin believes that in this powerful amplitude of fluctuations in weather conditions during one season is the secret of the Russian character: the decline is replaced by an incredible upsurge, a long depression - by a huge surge of optimism, apathy and lethargy - by a surge of strength and inspiration. There is also an anatomical feature that affects the Russian mentality: the Slavs have a more developed right part of the brain, responsible for emotions, and not for logic, so often they are not rational. This feature of the Russian mentality is clearly visible in planning - for example, the family budget. If a German (we intentionally used this example, since the German mentality contrasts very sharply with the Russian), pedantically calculates all expenses, up to the purchase of napkins, for a month, half a year and even a year, then a measured way is unknown to any Russian.

Russians are unable to foresee everything that may happen in the near future. They can be carried away by a project; they can, without getting ready in advance, suddenly make a fairly expensive acquisition; in the end, if a relative, friend or even an almost unfamiliar person may suddenly need help, the Russian, without hesitation, will provide it. After all, considering the Russian mentality, one cannot fail to mention such feature as sentimentality. Unlike people of other nationalities who know how to keep distance, they instantly take care of the feelings of other people.

marry a Russian girl These people acutely perceive someone else's misfortune and others' joy, and they are often ready to open their secret feelings to somebody almost on the first day of their acquaintance. The Italian never tell an unfamiliar person about their family problems, Americans tactfully escapes personal topics - it's as if you came to visit, and you were admitted only into the corridor. Russians are inclined to open all the doors wide. That's why almost any Russian emigrant who has left for Western Europe, the United States, or Canada cannot get used to the fact that people around him are cold, dry, "buttoned up". That's what Russians say, it's not our invention. They complain that in Europe, to establish a close relationship, it takes years, and in Russia, contacts between people are much faster and warmer.

Moreover - Russians are very compassionate to animals. From time immemorial, the Slavs willingly have pets and perceive them as full members of the family. And the inhabitants of Russian villages keeping cows cannot lead them cold-bloodedly to the slaughterhouse and often continue to look after them until their death.

Russian sensitivity has the reverse side of the coin. They are quickly fascinated by people, but soon they are often disappointed in them. These features of the Russian mentality are manifested in the abrupt change of relations - for example, declaration of eternal friendship after a fight and vice versa. And yet, if a quarrel has occurred, a Russian person quickly forgets about it. They do not have the traditions of "blood feud", as resourcefulness is one of the features of the Russian mentality. Despite this fact, many Europeans and Americans often retell each other about the myth of blood feud, although it is characteristic of the autonomous republics of the North Caucasus, some of which are parts of modern Russia. Russians are able not only to forget the momentary conflict, but also to endure serious insults. Dostoevsky, a brilliant Russian writer, whose contribution to the world literature was recognized by the world community, expressed it this way: "... and all the Russian people are ready to forget the whole torment for one affectionate word."

And the last. Despite the creative thinking, by the manner of the actions Russians can be called conservatives. They are suspicious of innovations and study them for a long time before taking them into their lives. Compare: in the UK 55% of the elderly are able to use a computer, in the USA - 67%, and in Russia - only 24%. And the point here is not only in the absence of a financial opportunity to acquire technology, but in reluctance to change the usual way of life.

Perks of Russian Brides

We purposely did not generalize the previous section to the gender features of the mentality and there is one important reason for this: they simply do not exist. It is impossible to talk about Russian women in isolation from the national characteristics. Therefore, all the key features are peculiar to both men and women. Well, now let's turn to the excitement of more practical things: let's look at the benefits that marrying a Russian bride can give you. We can confidently name about 17 of them, but this is not even half the list. We are sure that every man who had Russian women dating experience has something to add. So, we begin:

1. Beauty. What is most important in women? "Soul" - you will answer. And we, of course, will not believe you. And who in general will believe you? The first thing that any man pays attention to is the appearance of a woman. If she is attractive, then he will be interested in the development of further relations. If she is very attractive, he will show off his woman to his friends. Russian ladies possess unsurpassed and very original beauty - this is not a myth, but the truth. This beauty is very versatile. We hope that you will have a chance to know better what is Russian girls dating and then you will surely understand what we mean.

2. Femininity. What do you know about femininity? Surely, your knowledge is limited to novels about the Victorian era, when femininity was the norm of behavior. Today, this term gradually begins to disappear. And any normal man is very upset because of it. So, if you want to see with your own eyes what femininity is and why it's fine - you should start a relationship with a Russian woman. Manners, speech, habits - everything is perfect in single Russian girls, if they have received proper education (they receive it in more than half of the cases).

marry a Russian woman 3. Thrift. Do you know what the perfect order looks like in the house? But the Russian woman knows. She will be able to turn into a shining palace even the most neglected bachelor dwelling. They do the cleaning with such grace and with such skill that it resembles a carefully rehearsed performance.

4. Maternal instinct. This is another trump card that does not give rest to men from all over the world. Russian women are not just skillfully nurturing children, they dedicate their whole lives to this hard work to. If a Russian bride is faced with a choice: career or children, in the vast majority of cases she will choose the second. There is one more important point: almost all care and responsibility for raising children a Russian woman is ready to take on. Your participation will be minimal if you yourself want it or if your work does not leave you free time. And no reproach that you are a bad father!

5. Caring about appearance. Do you know why Russian women always look so good? All this because they give almost all free-from-home-worries time to look the beauty queen in your eyes. And even if your financial situation does not allow buying season tickets to expensive fitness clubs for her, she will find a way out. And all for the sake of making you proud of her beauty and enjoying her company.

6. Caring for others. Russian people have a characteristic feature - they are very caring. They are all familiar with such phenomenon as strong empathy. This property is especially strong in women. A Russian woman will never remain indifferent to the problems of her neighbor. And it does not matter who needs help: you, your mother, cousin, or a guy next door. Everyone will get their share of care!

7. Aim for the family. The most important thing for any Russian woman is her family. She will devote her whole life to your family happiness if you prove that you deserve it. No Russian woman will change the quiet home comfort for a fleeting passion, no matter how tempting it may be.

8. Mind. Do not believe the myth that Russian women only know how to clean up the house and watch Mexican soap operas. This is a big mistake. Most Russian women have an outstanding intellect and an original way of thinking.

9. Ability to cope with domestic problems. The pipe in the bathroom is leaking? The oven is not working? A Russian woman will not be hysterical. She will not come running to your office to tell you about the terrible catastrophe that happened to the toilet. She will tell you about the problem if you are free and if you know how to repair something. In another case, she will calmly call a specialist and then give you a check for his services, according to which you will pay. Russian women are very practical.

marry a Russian woman 10. Activity. Do you like active rest? Do you dream of conquering a mountain peak in the Alps? If you have a relationship with a Russian woman, then you always have a companion. These girls are happy to ski, travel, and go hiking. And if you just want to lie on the couch and watch TV, please, she will be happy to join you in this case.

11. Ability to cook. Russian girls cook so well that it managed to become a legend. National dishes of Russian cuisine, pizza, burgers, Olivier salad - all your gastronomic dreams will come true every day.

12. Purposefulness. If the Russian girl has set a goal, nothing will prevent her from achieving it. Such a serious approach to life is useful for a person who loves her. She can become the best coach for self-development in your life. The main thing, show that you have a desire. A portion of the motivation for a beloved man from a Russian beauty is always there.

13. Healthy skepticism. Russian women are realists. They will not bring their men to the headache with ridiculous inventions.

14. Sense of humor. Russian women know how to laugh and know how to make you laugh. And what can be more important than having a similar sense of humor with the person you are going to spend your whole life with?

15. Respect. A Russian woman knows how important it is for any man to be respected. She will never interrupt your speech and will not humiliate you in front of your friends. Your authority is very important to her and she will not allow anyone to attack it.

16. Industriousness. You can say anything about Russian girls. But if you hear from someone that they are lazy - you know, this is a real lie.

17. Sexuality. And finally, sexuality of these hot creatures. Your bedroom can turn into a real palace of temptation if you are a good husband or lover. Show her that you love her and she will show you what a real crazy sex is.

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