• 21 Relationship Building Questions for Couples
    Have you ever been in a situation where you need to understand whether this person is yours forever or just a temporary lover with no trust and hope for the future? We have all been there, done that. How to check relationships on the subject of strength with unobtrusive questions?
  • Sexiest Females in Video Games
    You might like to look for photo collections of well-known (and unknown) models, naughty and always charming porn actresses as well as lovely party girls with chic bosoms. All these beauties are a part of the human world, they are real, and you can meet them on the street or worship their stunning asses on Twitter. However, there is another reality and an unknown forge of sexual heroines, the world of computer games.
  • Best Ways to Compliment a Girl
    Finding the right ways to compliment a girl you happened to be romantically interested in may sometimes be a tricky business. The point is, you certainly don’t want your praises to ring hollow or even come across as hypocritical – or as just another lost attempt to get in her panties – yet, at the same time, as you are simply trying to strike up a chat with the girl, leaving her starving for affection and affirmation is quite unlikely to work out, either.
  • Do Girls Like Shy Guys?
    Since ancient times, a stable opinion has been formed that the so-called real man must necessarily have such character traits as self-confidence, assertiveness, fearlessness, and mental balance. Therefore, in order not to cause ridicule and misunderstanding on the part of others, men struggle to match the expected image of masculinity and diligently eradicate traits in their nature and behavior that don’t fit this image: sensitivity, emotionality, timidity, indecisiveness, and shyness. Many shy men suffer because of this. But do women really like shy guys?
  • Important Questions to Ask Before Marriage
    If you plan to spend the rest of your life with another person or if you start living together, you need to deal with the controversial issues listed in the article. Do not consider them as reasons to break up because love can become a motivation for you to work your issues through. There is nothing embarrassing about asking questions before marriage.
  • What Are Mixed Signals and How to Interpret Them
    It always happens that a man whose inner voice whispers “This is she!” becomes confused by her behavior. A girl becomes like a contrast shower – she is cold, then she is hot; she is affectionate, charming and caring, and the next day she is a heartless bitch; today she is cheerful, and tomorrow she hates you. In general, people call this “mixed signals from a girl” and they confuse all men. We are going to interpret these signals for you.
  • 10 NSA Relationship Rules You Definitely Need to Know
    Many people are inclined to believe that the relationshipі between people have changed: they have become more difficult. It’s time for experiments, an NSA casual relationship, and fleeting romances. But if two people can’t completely devote themselves to each other, can they be called a couple? They are just two partners that spend time together. And many of them are satisfied with it. But let’s deal with this issue.
  • How Much Fighting Is Too Much in a Relationship
    Fighting in a relationship is not beyond the normal. It is difficult to imagine two full-fledged individuals who live together, share life and never argue. In fact, such a picture even goes beyond the framework of normal human relations. Most often this means that the partners are not interested in each other or they are not sincere. Sooner or later it will lead to a breakup. However, fighting in a relationship can be useful. The main thing is that it is not permanent and unreasonable.
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Polyamory Dating
    “The more the merrier” can be not just quite a dope sign-off to your home party invite. In fact, it is also a sex (and love too) philosophy movement. Some may even consider the whole concept to be a separate sexual orientation. So, polyamory dating is the sexual practice of keeping multiple romantic relationships and partners, with the main idea that sounds like: Why should I confine myself to only one partner at a time when there are so many exceptionally good fish in the sea?
  • What Are the Signs of Female Attraction?
    Some women think that they don't attract men because they are unlucky with appearance - men take cue from the beauty standards, all these "misses" invitingly looking from magazines and screens, and men want the same beauty to become their life partner. But it's not about appearance. A woman with the most ordinary appearance can be happy in love, and her husband fusses over her, because she is the best for him. And the other - just a beauty, there is a swarm of fans around her, but she is unhappy.
  • How to Deal with Sex Addiction: a Complete Guide
    I suggest two statements to start our guide with: Sex addiction is a compulsive sexual behavior; Sex addiction and / or pornophilia can be extremely harmful to a person and his surrounding and requires treatment. Now, let’s see where it leads us…
  • A Guide to Dating a Libra Woman
    When it comes to dating, you definitely want to know how you and your partner will work out as a couple. Certain people prefer consulting a horoscope and zodiac signs. Some go as far as picking partners according to their zodiac signs. So, if you suit each other according to your signs, you may have a date, if you don't, it is better to forget about that. While there is no point in going to such extremes, certain knowledge about zodiac signs may help you in luring a girl and developing your relationship. If you fell for that girl who shines with self-confidence, probably she's Libra. So, let's check out what we have in store on Libra women.
  • Signs of Abusive Relationships and Why You Should Avoid Them
    Personally we are convinced that exactly the twisted concept of true love is what usually lures both women and men into the unhealthy relationships damaging their expectations and romantic experiences. So why do most men and women in abusive relationships often turn to be absolutely helpless and can’t quit such romantic experience once and for all?
  • How to Move from the Friend Zone to Dating
    For many guys, this issue is painful. Girls don’t want a relationship with you – they only see a friend in you. And it’s only half of the issue. It happens that a guy doesn’t even know that he is in the friend zone. He still courts a nice girl, but she thinks they are just friends. Why does this happen? What’s wrong with the guys? Why do girls consider potential boyfriends just friends? Let’s deal with these issues together.
  • What Is Ghosting Dating and How to Avoid It
    Ghosting, zombieing, benching, stashing – new terms keep emerging to describe some contemporary relationship issues, behaviors, and types of breakups. Today, the way people communicate and develop relationships has significantly changed. The uninterrupted flow of messages creates an illusion of being right beside your interlocutor. However, if you’re tired of your interlocutor, you can easily cut off.
  • What Is Stashing Dating and How to Avoid It
    Dating is a prelude to serious relationships when everything happens for the first time. First kiss, first night together, first admission of love, and so on. But it’s also time for unpleasant surprises. For instance, you may notice that your “first times” list is missing a couple of important events, like meeting your date’s close friends or family. And if it’s been a while since you began seeing your partner, then we have some bad news for you: you’ve probably become a victim of stashing dating.
  • How to Date a Nympho: Everything You Were Too Afraid to Ask About
    A meeting with women-nymphomaniacs is fraught not only with hot and passionate sex. Don’t praise nymphomania. It is worth remembering that this is a disease. And that’s all. So, who is a nympho? Is she a perfect passionate lover or an insane girl who just uses men?
  • Best Sex Positions for the Female Orgasm: Help Her Get the Best of It
    The fact that a big part of women imitates their orgasm has been known for a very long time. However, it became a real problem several decades ago, when men started thinking about women's sexual experience.