• Projection in Relationships - What Is It and How to Respond to It?
    Do you think your woman has changed and lost interest in you? Well, you think so because she is gloomy and irritable. Maybe it only seems to you? The habit of attributing to others your thoughts, fears, and projecting insecurities can prevent us from being happy.
  • Cognitive Dissonance Examples in Relationships and What Do They Mean?
    By nature, people tend to live in harmony with themselves, their worldviews, beliefs, principles, and philosophy. This is what allows us to feel holistic and satisfied. But often in our everyday life, we can encounter such a phenomenon when some contradictory ideas, reactions, values clash with each other in our minds. This is what causes cognitive dissonance
  • How to Get a Hot Girlfriend: Tips for Average Guys
    Why do beautiful girls always choose only the best guys? Your, let’s call it rank (or level if you wish) determines what kind of girls you can date. And for women, appearance is one of the key rank boosters, just like other alpha male qualities.
  • How to Become More Masculine and Not Overdo It
    Women are increasingly complaining about men who no longer show masculinity that would strikingly distinguish them from the opposite sex. Modern men often prove to be gentle and vulnerable, and this annoys ladies.
  • Spending Too Much Time Together in a Relationship: Is It Bad?
    There is a typical pattern of relationship development that we tend to believe. Couples are spending too much time together in the beginning. Then, after the honeymoon phase in relationship is over, partners tend to get back to their typical life, and start seeing each other less. Sometimes we can even hear complaints like, "We spend too much time together." Does that mean that we have lost interest in each other? Does that mean that there is no love? Or maybe spending too much time together can really spoil your relationship.
  • What Is Betrayal Trauma in Relationships? How to Cope with It?
    The topic of betrayal is full of myths and stereotypes. We all want to get to the bottom of the causes of betrayal to prevent them. We think that a change in our behavior leads to a modification of the behavior of others. But if there was one reason that leads to one given consequence, we would live well, but it would be probably very boring.
  • How Does Bickering Appear in a Relationship and What to Do About It?
    The bickering. An annoying thing, comparable to dealing with your bitter ex-wife. We all have experienced it after some time being together. Though it's pretty annoying, you cannot stop disagreeing, fussing, or disputing with your most loved one, knowing you're being unreasonable? Well, let's talk it through.
  • How to Deal with a Bitter Ex-Wife? 10 Main Steps
    Let’s be honest: we love the attention of the opposite sex and look for ways on how to be romantic. It flatters us, it is nice to feel popular among women, and our self-esteem is increasing. But no one says that men like the annoying attention of ex-women. Intrusive courtships are many-sided and spoil our lives.
  • Top 10 Signs She Is Cheating in a Long-Distance Relationship
    No matter how banal it sounds, but building a relationship at a distance is insanely difficult. There’s nowhere to hide from jealousy, and quarrels are a common thing. You get mad over small problems. A long-distance relationship is a true test for your feelings. There are two possible outcomes: the challenges may either bring you closer or kill your couple. Trust here is the main aspect if you’re counting on a happy outcome.
  • Dating in Your 30s: a Comprehensive Guide for Men
    Today we will talk about dating in your 30s. Why is dating so hard in your 30? How to date in your 30s? What the keys to dating in your 30s for men? We will talk about these questions and everything else that has to do with dating at 30. We will start off by finding the differences between dating in your 30s and 20s.
  • Our Most Romantic Guide: How to Be Romantic in Relationships
    The romantic concept of falling in love is still relevant, and there is nothing shameful or outdated in the desire to meet a person with whom it will be convenient to exist in one space and enjoy life to the fullest. The ability to share your feelings with lonely women seeking men is just as important as the need to feel awe in her presence, fooling around, traveling and coming up with names for future children.
  • Moving in Together with Your Girlfriend: Tips and Guidelines
    Moving in together is a big step in the development of relationships, and it requires a lot of time, effort, and energy to carry it out. There are many things that you should know about it so as not to make a mistake in this important decision. Before we are going to discuss a “moving in together checklist,” let’s talk about the differences between moving in together and marriage.
  • Awesome Ideas for Eco-friendly Gifts for a Girlfriend
    It is not surprising that more and more people begin to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle, trying to make at least some kind of contribution to the protection of nature. Is your girlfriend one of the so-called “eco-friendly people,” and you don’t know what present you should give her? Don’t worry! There are some awesome ideas for eco-friendly gifts for women!
  • How to Stop Being Clingy in a Relationship
    Have you ever cared so much of a person, that you were completely unable to think of something, or someone else? Attachment can be so intense, it paralyzes. It’s like your date cast a spell on you. But what if you become feeling needy in a relationship?
  • Fun Hobbies for Couples to Try and Diversify Your Relationship
    Sometimes, due to a string of important and urgent matters, we do not notice how our life turns into a routine and becomes more monotonous and boring. Often, it is boredom that leads to the onset of problems in relationships, and sometimes even becomes the cause of a breakup of seemingly ideal, at first glance, couples. It’s easy to rid yourself of the routine - find a hobby that suits you and your partner equally. Let’s find out the reason why hobbies for couples are important in a relationship.
  • Best Ideas to Propose to Your Girlfriend
    If you try to come up with the best proposal ideas, calculating all the options and remembering your girl’s likes, but still don’t understand how to propose marriage, don’t worry, everything happens for the first time.
  • How to Get Ready for a First Date After a Breakup
    Of course, breaking up is hard, but your positive attitude to this terrible moment of your life will help a great deal. Remember, your emotional state directly affects your physical heaths. Thus, depression literary kills you.
  • 10 Examples of Passive Aggressive Behavior in a Relationship
    It happens in everyday life that we are attacked, but we don't immediately identify that. These are always grumbling, dissatisfied, offended people, scolding everything from the weather to the government, and "well-wishers" who give advice and show "care." Psychologists call such behavior latent, or passive aggression.
  • Dating Your Best Friend: Advice and Guidelines
    How to date your best friend without ruining the friendship? How to proceed from childhood friends to lovers? Today, we are going to hunt down these questions and give you some helpful tips on how to date your best friend.
  • What Is the Honeymoon Phase in a Relationship?
    If you have ever been in relationships, then you know that usually, the first months of a new relationship feel much better and brighter than another part of your relationships, until you will do something about it. Those few months of “enhances happiness” between you and your significant other are called the “honeymoon phase.”
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