Dating in Your 30s: a Comprehensive Guide for Men

Today we will talk about dating in your 30s. Why is dating so hard in your 30? How to date in your 30s? What the keys to dating in your 30s for men? We will talk about these questions and everything else that has to do with dating at 30. We will start off by finding the differences between dating in your 30s and 20s.

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Is Dating in Your 30s Different From Dating in Your 20s?

There are some differences between dating in your 30s and dating in your 20s, but the essence, after all, is exactly the same.

You want to meet a person for a romantic relationship in your life, you want to experience the feelings associated with romantic relationships, love, affection, care, support, have sex, etc.

But the “rules of the game” have changed, and when you were in your 20s, the life was different, you were busy with a different list of things, bothered with a different set of issues, and thus, the goals that you had for your romantic relationships differed just as much.

Let’s look into the reasons why dating in your 30s as a man can be better than dating in any other age group.

Reasons Why Dating in Your 30s Is Better Than Any Other Age

Are you interested in dating in your 30s?


Do you want to meet single girls in your 30s? Experience is what you have to show for. Chasing women is not an option, you are now more experienced, you know life, you have seen the things around you, and you know what you want from life (most likely). The most important thing is this, you know yourself, you have probably been in a few relationships at this point, and you know what you want from relationships, this is one thing that people often overlook. With years, with relationships behind you, you now know more about yourself, the things that you want and the issues that you have.

You finally know what you want

Here’s a thing about men in their 30s relationships. This is what we are talking about, back in the day, your first love was a very strong surge of feelings, lots of passion, lots of love and affection for the person you fell in love with, and this wasn’t something you were able to control. Probably, at least in most cases, you were swallowed by passion and love for that person, and such a strong feeling didn't allow for much rational thinking. But now you know what to expect from yourself and the things that you appreciate and despise in people. In relationships in your 30s – you know what you are and what you want your partner to be.

dating in your 30s for menYou have more money and time

This is a thing that people often overlook, as now you have more money and time to fulfill your desires. In your 20s, after you were done with your education, you probably were very busy with work, and now you have achieved some results and moved up the career ladder, which means that you have more time and money, thus, it gives you more possibilities and opportunities for dating and spending time with someone.

Getting Back to Dating in Your 30s: Main Steps

How to gain dating relationship experience in your 30s? Here are some of the main tips on how to get back into dating in your 30s.

1. Decide what you want

How to start dating in your 30s? At 20, I wanted to meet someone who drove a good car and could invite me to an expensive restaurant. I still like it. But now, when I'm over 30, I know that I want more from a partner. I am often nervous, so I need someone to help me relax. I love to communicate and have fun, and I need a close-minded partner. I love learning new things, so I need a partner who wants to teach me something.

If you have never seriously thought about what you want from a partner, I advise you to do it. Write down the names of the people you have recently met. Next to each name, write down 5 things that you like about them, and 5 that annoy you. Set aside the list and return to it in a few days. Read it carefully - you will probably notice repetitions. Positive qualities that are repeated most often.

2. Leave the past in the past

How to get back into dating in your 30s? Any person left at 30 without a couple, most likely, experienced this or that misfortune: the partner left, changed or died. But it's time to leave the past behind. You should not tell on a date how the former was cheating on you for three years, but you did not notice until everything became very obvious. Forget about it! Everyone has their own skeletons in the closet, but this is not a reason to put them on public display. Yes, your past has made you who you are now, but it does not determine the present and future. Better focus on what is happening right now and where you are moving.

3. Stop looking for the ideal

People should not be together just because they consider each other more or less acceptable options. Such relationships will be unhealthy and will not last long. However, waiting for the fairy prince is also not worth it. You are not perfect, so stop looking for the perfect partner. Get ready for compromises.

4. Have fun

Is dating in 30s hard? No, you should have fun! When you're over 30, it's easy to get hung up on things you still don't have. You have not married, you do not have a beautiful house and children. Wanting all this is normal. But it is not worth every new acquaintance to arrange an interrogation with a passion to understand whether they are worthy to become the parent of your children. Have fun and get to know the person better. If you are not having fun in a relationship, they are pointless regardless of age. Relationships should be filled with joy, laughter, and love.

Dating Tips for Dating at 30

Dates at 30 are not at all like dates at 20. Your choice has narrowed, your biological clock is ticking, you have more life baggage behind your back. There are fewer unmarried friends, which puts pressure on you even more and makes you look for a partner. Finding a couple is not easy at any age, but after 30, it is especially difficult. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Age is just a number

Do not discount those younger than you. Is it important that you are 31 years old? My 35-year-old friend has recently married a 27-year-old man. They are madly in love and support each other, have a great time together and cannot imagine life without each other. Age is only a figure, and only you attach importance to it.

Do not be boring, sad or overly frank

A fireman who was afraid of a relationship. The chef, who, as it turned out, lived with another girl. A manager who disappeared the next evening after I had introduced them to all my friends. This is a shortlist of those whom I've recently met. After 30, it is easy to become boring and sad: you had so many bad relationships that you no longer believe in a different outcome. It is important not to succumb to negative thoughts. If you think that nothing will work out, it will be so. Try to believe in the best. Do not show your frustration when meeting a new person. You do not know how everything will turn out, so give them a chance. Also, avoid excessive honesty. You should not say on the second date that you want three children and have already chosen their names. So you can scare everyone.

how to get back into dating in your 30sGet rid of your protective mechanism

When you go through a series of unsuccessful relationships, a natural protective mechanism is activated: if you do not let people close, you will not be able to hurt. But avoiding intimacy, you cannot find a couple. When the time comes, and you meet a person with whom you will reciprocate, remove the protection. Be vulnerable. If you are worried about this, tell yourself that everything will be fine. You know, it will be so.

Do not discount divorced people

I can’t even count all the divorced people I met. Moreover: only one of my friends has never been married in their 30. Do not try to find out the details of a previous marriage. When the time comes, the person will tell what happened. The main plus of divorced people is that they are not afraid of responsibility.

Do not waste time

A year ago, I went on a first date with a person I had met through a special application. As soon as I drank from a glass of rosy wine, I realized that this wasn’t the one. When I drank the glass, they offered me more. How I surprised both myself and them when I said, “No, thanks. I'm leaving, you do not suit me." I left the bar, full of enthusiasm. Why did I spend time on dates with people I didn't like? Do not repeat my mistakes. If you don’t like the person, there is no need to support the conversation, reply to letters or spend time with them. Life is too short. It’s better to get enough sleep than to spend a sleepless night with a person you don’t like.

The main thing is communication

Good communication plays a key role in any relationship: both with your best friend and work colleague. When you are over 30, you should communicate honestly and openly on dates. Your partner should behave the same. The first quarrel happened? Discuss it as an adult. If you do not start discussing relationships in the early stages, then it will be more difficult.

Trust your intuition

When I was 26, I met with a bit older person. They were beautiful, charming and lived nearby. However, they often made comments that annoyed me. I felt inside that the person was not suitable for me, but I persuaded myself that this was a good option. Now I always trust my feelings and advise you to listen to intuition. If something tells you that a person is not suitable for you, most likely, this is it.

Be yourself

Do not try to pretend to be someone else. You cannot pretend to be someone forever, so admit to who you are and be yourself. Confidence attracts people.

As you can see, dating in your 30s is different from your 20s and any other age group, it has its flaws, but I would say that this is the best time for dating, it is a very good point in your life to find a partner for a romantic relationship.

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