How to Show Love: Top 10 Ways

How to Show Love to Someone

1. Communication

Remember it and never forget it, this is essential to any guy who wonders how to show love to your girlfriend! Talking with your partner is a great way to express love. "Communication in relationships, in fact, involves using your verbal, written and physical skills to meet your partner's needs. If there is a misunderstanding, you miss the opportunity to build trust and intimacy; both of you will feel frustrated in the relationship," says entrepreneur and author Tony Robbins.

How to Show Love: Top 10 Ways

2. Spend time together

Wondering how to show your girlfriend you love her? Nothing shows your love better than a joint pastime. Spending time with your partner, even a simple walk, is one of the best ways to show them that you care. To love someone is to spend time with them, even if there is nothing interesting.

3. Help them

Help is a great way to show someone that you love them. If your partner needs help, make sure that you are the first to offer your services. This is one the most common way of how people show love, it is basic and necessary, that’s really all there is to it, you care for a person you love.

4. Hold hands

Who does not like walking outside holding hands? Intimacy does not always mean sex. And holding hands is one of the types of intimacy. How men show love and affection? They try to let it all slide, they may seem that they do not care about a relationship at times, yet it is important to show the signs of love, to let your partner know that they are valued, that they are loved, and you can change your habits for to show your girlfriend you love her

5. Attachment

Being affectionate with your partner is a great way to show your love physically, without having sex. Kisses, hugs, light touches can say much more. Present gifts that show love, it is very important to any man who is looking for the best way to show love.

6. Respect them

Your partner has moments when they need time and space for themselves. One of the best ways to show them that you love them is to respect them. This is one of the ways men show love that is the most lackluster, men are bad at it, because, whatever they say, men and women differ in their approach to things, at a fundamental genetic level even.

7. Forgive

There are different ways to show love, yet pay special attention to this one. We all make mistakes in life. Even our partners who love us are mistaken. The psychotherapist, consultant and author Judy Ford says: "Relationships work when they give joy and comfort to two people. It's about the difficulties, after which we become wise. "

8. Night dates

Sometimes you just need to dress, go out and show yourself to each other. Do not underestimate how well a "date night" can make your partner feel. Spend time together, but enjoy romance as if you have not met before.

9. Surprise them

Unexpected, pleasant surprises to show your love will never be superfluous. Clean your partner's apartment or bring a bottle of wine after a long day. Whatever you do, make sure it comes from the heart so that a person can feel your love.

10. Flirt

Everyone likes to flirt. It’s basically words to show love. Keep your "secret mood" alive, regularly following certain practices. This helps to preserve the secrecy in the relationship.

How to Show Love in a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships became quite common, so you may have one yourself, and you may be wondering, well, how to show love and affection when your partner is on the other side of the world? Well, keep on reading.

Work on your communication skills

The main problem of long-distance relations: your communication will be done mainly verbally. Simply put, you basically will be talking on the phone, and even if your level of oral expertise is noticeably excellent, this can still be a problem. Because with face-to-face communication, the main role is played by non-verbal means (gestures, pose, eye rounding radius and other artistic and mimic techniques) - 80% of the information is read out of them. And actually, the words represent only a miserable share – 20%. That's why people perceive an interlocutor whose face they do not see as colder and more distant than he/she really is. You communicate with a friend in an even voice or answer with a quite simple "ok", and she all of a sudden thinks that you are closed and unhappy.

So, remember: not only the context of what you say is important, but also how you say it. On the one hand, try to be a little more emotional and more energetic than usually: adjust the tone and timbre of the voice so that it adequately reflects your emotions; do not mumble, carefully choose words and beware of monosyllabic answers. And on the other hand - learn to read the intonations of the girlfriend and pay attention to things that did not bother you at all previously. For example, the duration and density of pauses during the conversation.

In a situation where no one has gone anywhere, accidental disconnection in communication is easily neutralized by a tactile contact: you can almost at any moment approach a girl, kiss her on the neck, put your palm on her butt in a businesslike way - and voila, the micro dose of endorphins is obtained, the clouds are gone, and the horizon is clean again. In separation, you will be deprived of such an opportunity. So, you need to constantly be on the alert.

The more often you (or one of you) have a feeling that the conversation is not going smoothly, the confidence that you are a couple will inevitably evaporate, you are not truly together, because you are so far apart, you cannot make any physical connection, you cannot interact with a person in any productive manner, if it is the right word. And yes, if you suddenly thought that the conversation ended on some unfortunate note, then, most likely, you are right, it did. Call back and insinuatingly ask, whether you blurted out some idiotism by accident, and add another "love ya’" to it.

But in general: video calls on skype, oovoo, vk, discord, whatever - anything is better than usual calls on the phone and correspondence via instant messengers (no matter how much of a master of emoticons you may be). But all the same it's not a personal conversation, so our advice on how to conduct a remote conversation on the phone is also true for skype.

Yes, all of these things cannot be easy. It’s tiring. In some places, it's all for nothing. But let this idea warm you up: as a result of your temporary separation, you will pump your oratorical skills to the level of "God" and learn to guess the day of your friend's menstrual cycle by the tone with which she says: "Hi."

Keep calm

how to show love and affectionIt is not enough to be persistent in the face of temptations, not to flirt out of boredom with secretaries at work and not to call the exes. It is important to keep yourself under control and your craving to be caught in the arms of another woman. "Assuming that there are people who were initially talented to maintain relationships at a distance, and there are those who are not, the psychologically unstable characters are the most difficult," our expert psychologist shares his observations. "The more a person is inclined to neuroticism, outside forces affecting him/her, depressions, etc., the more difficult it will be for him/her to be apart and the less chance that the relationship will stand."

So, if you are a jealous and hypochondriac person, the sensor for controlling emotions will have to be unscrewed to the fullest. Overall, while this type of a relationship is not suited for you, you may combat it, yet it is all done via self-control, strengthening yourself, etc. When you begin to succumb to paranoid moods, your own life, and at the same time the life of a partner will turn into one continuous hell journey.

After all, if you want to see the shadow of cheating and treason, you can find it in a simple like on a social network from a person you don’t know. Don’t get jealous right away, stop being idiotic.

Do not give excuses for jealousy

By the way, about likes. At the time of separation, it makes sense not only to reduce your activity on social networks, but to at least not to turn your posting into a spam mode. Firstly, because a partner may get the impression that instead of yearning and falling asleep with his/her photo by your side, you rush around bars and pubs, wash down lobsters, smothered in cocaine and reach the nirvana it in the company of Victoria's Secret models. The feeling that you live full - perhaps even more complete than he/she has - life, will inevitably cause jealousy. So yeah, in short, do not post anything that may cause suspicion, anything that may imply you having too much fun, especially when it involves people of the opposite sex.

The same rule is true for likes and comments under other people's posts. If your girl suddenly gets an hour or two of free time, she will certainly spend it studying your correspondence with your classmates/colleagues and other "potentially dangerous" female subjects. So, know: it is better to ignore the photo of a friend in an ultra-minimalistic bikini, which is just made to attract likes. It forces your finger to like, and if you do, then try to explain to your girlfriend afterwards that you didn’t mean anything by that like. Try your best, the fact that you are far away will not help in one bit.

Use the advantages of the situation

Our psychologist does not agree with the popular belief that separation is always a test for the quality of relationships: they say, true love will survive, and the untrue will inevitably die. He put forward his own thesis: "Sometimes during a family crisis, it is very useful to take a pause. Which at the same time is not positioned as "we need to rest from each other", but looks like a situation dictated by external circumstances.”

In separation, you will receive a facilitated version of the relationship, where there is less responsibility, less obligations, more room for imagination and repainting of the partner’s image. For example, for long-married people, who have children, mortgages, accumulated irritation and fatigue, a couple of months away from each other can become a kind of vacation.

I want to dwell on the aspect of “repainting of the image” a little more. Forced separation is an excellent occasion to awaken your inner romance. Some people in the condition of lack of communication with a beloved partner come to write poetry or sonnets to the glory of his/her impeccable beauty. Posting such poems will call upon thousands of women clicking on "repost" and crying, while commenting, “this is what I call true love!”

Love those who are near and those who are at a distance, but whatever it is, love! Godspeed!

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The best way to show love is to remind a loved one of your love as often as possible. That is, to say "I love you", to pay sincere compliments, and make pleasant surprises.
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