How to Get a Hot Girlfriend: Tips for Average Guys

Why do beautiful girls always choose only the best guys? Your, let’s call it rank (or level if you wish) determines what kind of girls you can date. And for women, appearance is one of the key rank boosters, just like other alpha male qualities. The prettier the girl is, the choosier she is when it comes to finding a boyfriend. Hot girls usually know their worth, and they’ll never date a guy who doesn’t match their image of a handsome man. This explains why even some pickup pros cannot always land a gorgeous chick. Luckily, there’s still a way to get a hot girlfriend even if you’re not the best looking guy out there.

Winning the love of a beautiful girl isn’t as difficult as you might think. Typically, it all comes down to finding the right approach. In this article, you’ll find out what kind of man gorgeous ladies dream to have, and how to make a hottie fall in love with you. But before we give you the tips on chatting and seducing beautiful girls, let’s dig deeper into typical male problems that keep them from even looking at hot women, let alone dating them.

how to get a hot girlfriend

Why Some Guys Are So Obsessed with How They Look

As you probably know, self-confidence is the main quality women want to see in a potential boyfriend. Confident look, gait, and speech are what make successful men stand out from their less fortunate competitors who chase women but keep hitting dead ends all the time. Confidence is based on some factors, but the most important one is good looks. A neat, fresh look often indicates how great you’re doing. Want to be irresistible with hot ladies, but you’re an average-looking guy? It is time to stop pitying your reflection in the mirror and start looking after yourself. It’s a powerful motivation behind the male obsession with looks.

When you meet another person, you’re like a clean slate to them. You can be an excellent specialist in something, an honest, hardworking person, but your companion doesn’t know about this. And they never will because they draw conclusions based on how you look, how you’re dressed, how you behave, and what you say. Nowadays, the only resource everyone lacks is time. It’s hard to present yourself in a few minutes – your appearance will do it much better. 80 percent of the information in a conversation is perceived non-verbally and only 20 goes through words. Appearance plays a significant role in how people perceive you. We always judge a book by its cover.

And last but not least, looks can become fertile soil for complexes. It’s hard to stay self-confident when you have no idea about how to get a girlfriend if you are ugly. Some men are ready for anything to distract others even from minor imperfections.

Why Hot Women Seem So Unattainable for Average Guys?

According to statistics, 70% of men, choosing between a stunning beauty and a girl with average looks, will prefer the second one. Isn’t that unfair? If only those guys knew how much time hotties spend in front of a mirror, in shops, beauty salons, and fitness clubs, how to get a hot girlfriend if you're averagemaking huge efforts so that men notice them. And all this is in vain, mainly because of the fear of failure. A poor attempt to approach a beautiful woman is much more painful for a man’s self-esteem than girls can imagine. Beautiful means tired of male attention, which means a girl is probably choosy. People don’t like to be rejected, and that’s why men don’t always want to approach gorgeous ladies, thinking they won’t succeed anyway. Besides, there are plenty of dating websites to chat with single females online without the risk of getting turned down.

Apart from that, there are also doubts. First, you wonder how to get a really hot girlfriend, and when you find one (thanks to charisma or pure luck), you start thinking how hard it will be to handle her. Clearly, you’ll have to go through a lot of dating. Some guys simply don’t see the point of dating attractive girls because of their financial situation and capabilities. After all, a beautiful girl wants a beautiful life. Even if a woman is doing great on her own, men still think they must pay for her all the time. Even if it’s not always the case, don’t forget you always need to live up to her beauty standards.

There’s another common reason. Some men explain their fear of hot women by the myth that beauties often have a bad temper, don’t know anything about household duties, and so on. In a word, men believe that external beauty must be balanced by some flaws. But that’s far from the truth. A hot girl raised as a harmonious personality can also have a wonderful character and be as good as average women at household routines. Sure, some gorgeous girls do have a terrible character, but any person can be spoiled and selfish. The problem is that a man will project the negative experience of communicating with such a companion on other hot girls. As a result, guys often don’t want to learn what hides behind good looks. Most men with the average-looking guy syndrome don’t know what to talk about with beautiful women, and they don’t realize that hotties also have problems and difficulties.

Real Traits That Attract Girls

Some guys attract ladies at first sight, while others go unnoticed as if they merge with the surrounding landscape. This can happen instantly and intuitively: a girl either recognizes a man as a potential partner or not. If not, it can be quite difficult, often almost impossible to change the first impression. Want to know how to get a hot girlfriend if you're average? It's all about several main qualities.

Self-confidence is half the success

Nothing attracts women as much as a man’s self-confidence. “I know who I am and what I want from life,” reads in his eyes. He feels that he’s the boss, soberly assesses his strengths and capabilities, and consistently achieves what he wants. Women feel it on a subconscious level. A man creates the right atmosphere and sets the direction in a relationship. He knows what women are looking for, he understands what kind of relationship he needs, and he’s not afraid to show his partner that she plays a significant role in his life. Want girls to chase you? Boost your self-confidence! Exercise every day: motivate and praise yourself, tell yourself how strong, smart, beautiful, charismatic, athletic, and attractive you are. Can’t praise yourself? Hire a specialist or just find someone you trust and let them praise you. It can be a friend, mom, dad, sister, bartender, fitness instructor, etc.

Wits and sense of humor

Some say the brain is the man’s sexiest part, and there’s a large share of truth. It’s amazing how attractive a man’s wits are for a woman. Ladies don’t care about the IQ, a man’s encyclopedic knowledge, or his degree. It’s a passion for knowledge, his desire to discover new things that attract girls. The brain as an instrument to own the world is what excites the female imagination and delights ladies. They need to talk and share thoughts with a partner. If you captivate a girl with your intellect, it won’t take long until she falls for you. As for the sense of humor, this is a crucial component of sexuality, and it’s closely related to intelligence. Only confident people can joke and feel relaxed; this is an indicator of internal strength, and that’s how to get a girlfriend if you're fat or just less than average. Weak and insecure guys are usually afraid to appear funny.

Style before muscles

There’s a common misconception among men that women are sexually attracted to jocks. For some ladies, it’s true, but even more girls don’t pay much attention to biceps and six-packs. Don’t get too excited though, appearance is still an important factor affecting female sexual desire. This is where a purely biological mechanism works: ladies unknowingly choose the healthiest and genetically prosperous father for their potential offspring. A handsome partner with a good-looking body is the ideal basic type. The good news is, the boundaries in which a real man can be perceived by a hot girl as fitting into her standards are very wide. Moreover, many women unknowingly take their fathers as an example when looking for a partner. That’s why striving for ideal proportions isn’t necessary at all. But maintaining yourself in a relative athletic form and looking after yourself is a must. A sense of style is a mechanism that civilization has given you to look attractive without athletic proportions. So, instead of reading articles on how to get a girlfriend, start working on your style.

High energyhow to get a hot girlfriend if your ugly

A high level of sexual energy in men is what rives girls crazy in the first place, and it has nothing to do with good looks or, surprisingly, sex skills. No one can actually explain what this energy is. In plain English, if there’s energy, you nail your life. You always want to do something new, achieve, and strive for something. And you have enough strength for this. You’re positive and high on life. Besides, high energy affects self-confidence, self-esteem, and charisma. Even your material well-being depends on sexual energy, and this dependence is direct. Energy helps you build connections, find support in society, and achieve success among superiors. Want to know why girls love rich guys? It’s not about mercantilism – wealthy men, as a rule, have a very high level of sexual energy! Thanks to it, a man can attract ladies, even without being handsome.

Vulnerability and sensitivity

In most cultures, men traditionally suppress their sensitivity and try not to show vulnerability. But it’s not the stone-cold men who attract gorgeous ladies, but those who skillfully dose manifestations of these seemingly female qualities. For women, this is a signal that the man is open to her, that she’s his closest person. It also shows he can be empathic and understanding, tender, and caring. Of course, there are limits to how emotional you can be, and if you go beyond them, you’ll probably be labeled as a whiner. But moderate sensitivity impresses ladies; that’s what they can love a man for. Keep in mind that vulnerability doesn’t mean helplessness and weakness. This is a very subtle matter.


Guys who do extreme, risky, dangerous, and just unusual stuff are especially attractive to women. For such men, life is an adventure full of exciting events and vivid memories. Too bad they only exist in fiction. Have you noticed how many adventurers are among the main characters of female novels? Adventurism is sexy, but this doesn’t mean you should go exploring the Amazon rainforest. Just be open to small adventures and ready to break some rules.

If you have at least two of these six qualities, your chances to find a cute girl are quite high. But how do you get a girlfriend if you're shy and confidence isn’t your strong suit?

How to Get a Hot Girlfriend: Tips for Average-Looking Guys

Alright, it’s time for decisive actions. To make a beautiful woman fall for you, there’s no need to read dozens of books on psychology and do crazy stuff. All you need to do is follow a few simple rules that’ll help you conquer any beauty, even if you’re an average-looking guy.

Don’t show too much attention, especially at the initial stages

Surely you think that every girl loves when guys admire her beauty. But what she loves is not the guy who admires her but the fact of his admiration. Beautiful ladies are fed up with guys who can’t take eyes of them, listen to their every word, stare at certain parts of their bodies, and are ready to sell their souls just to spend a night with them literally from the first seconds of communication. It is the wrong position, which immediately kills all chances to seduce a hot chick. And if she liked you at first sight and even gave you a bit of her attention, most likely, you won’t get anything by praising her looks all the time. There are two reasons for that.

  • A person (in our case, a girl) isn’t interested in conquering what already belongs to them.
  • A man who shows increased attention to a woman while she doesn’t deserve it is automatically considered low-grade. Hotties can easily tell plain flattery from cute compliments.

Keep tension

Striving to learn how to get a hot girlfriend if your ugly mug leaves you no chances? There’s a nice trick. Sexual attraction is born only when there’s tension. Do you know why all pickup experts say that when a beautiful girl is in the company of her friends, you should give most of the attention to them? Because this way you’ll build up tension, and the girl will want to win your undivided attention. And this is a good step towards seducing her. If you’ve ever read books about seduction, you probably noticed that this is the most common strategy seducers use when chatting with gorgeous ladies. The tension gives rise to unconscious attempts to arouse your interest in her (even if she doesn’t show this at the very beginning). She starts thinking about you more often, and, accordingly, you become more valuable in her eyes. And you should maintain this tension throughout seduction (and often even after sex).

Say no occasionally

This one works only if you hang out in your gorgeous crush’s company sometimes. You can refuse her when she asks for favors. But try not to overdo it as well. You must sometimes show her that there are things more valuable than her and your obsession with her. No matter how honest and decent a beautiful girl is, she’ll try to use her attractiveness to get something from you, and your task is to recognize such moments and say no. Why should you do this? This greatly increases tension and boosts your chances of asking her out someday. After all, there’s nothing more interesting than a very beautiful girl who wants you. However, over time, you will feel that she does the same to you.

Don’t ask her out more than two times in a row

If you hear her say no once, there’s no need to be worried yet. However, if she refused you two times in a row, that’s probably not because she’s busy. She doesn’t like how you behave. We’d advise you to slightly change the strategy of action, as well as stop trying to desperately ask her out. On the contrary, it’s better to just talk about something interesting, tell a joke, and say goodbye without inviting her somewhere. And do so a few times. And only then ask her out again.

Be careful with doing favorsget a hot girlfriend

At the very beginning of a relationship, a girl (it doesn’t matter whether she’s very beautiful or just pretty) will ask you for favors. She does this to understand which group of men you belong to - potential partners or friends who rush to fulfill her every whim. At such moments, it’s important to confidently (without fear of offending) refuse. There’s a golden rule: until you have sex with her, it’s better not to do any favors.

Match your words and image

Any beautiful girl has a huge experience in communicating with men. This helps her determine whether a man matches a previously created image. For example, if you tried to show that you’re a tough one, and after a couple of months, you couldn’t answer anything worthy to a thug who offended you, then be prepared for a total failure. The same goes for your own rules and beliefs. If you show her that you don’t like the lack of discipline, then be kind and stick to your own beliefs and rules.

Have goals and show your potential

Fun-loving guys with no aims and goals are a favorite type of naïve college students or those who lack emotions. But when it comes to gorgeous ladies, then even if you’re a real ringleader without any great worthy goal in life, you won’t fit the role of a perfect companion. How can you show your potential? Start setting goals and achieving them and occasionally talk about how you do it, but do it gently.

Don’t overestimate her significance

This is the most important advice in seducing not only beautiful but also ordinary girls. If you consider her very valuable and always try to please her every whim to show how loving and caring you are, she’ll certainly feel such an attitude and will either use you to her advantage all the time or dump you. Why? The reason is that if you overestimate her significance for yourself, you begin to see her as an object of worship, not a person. Sure, we’re not telling you that you should put effort into lowering her significance (as some pickup experts advise) by searching for flaws. It’s more than enough to remember that she should try to earn your favor as much as you. You just take the first step.

Bottom line, if you want to know how to get a girlfriend if you're ugly, always remember to boost key male qualities, such as self-confidence and a sense of humor because they’re more than important when dealing with any girl, not just gorgeous ones. Models, hotties, and just beautiful girls can fall in love with you only if you follow each of the above rules and tips. And if you want a stunning beauty not only to notice you but also to stay by your side, then try to make these tips your natural behavior. They should become part of you.

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