How to Become More Masculine and Not Overdo It

Women are increasingly complaining about men who no longer show masculinity that would strikingly distinguish them from the opposite sex. Modern men often prove to be gentle and vulnerable, and this annoys ladies. Moreover, many guys feel the loss of masculinity which they can no longer show in front of the ladies and consequently, attract a girl they like. That is why we've decided to gain an insight into masculine traits and give you some helpful tips on how to appear more masculine.

how to be more masculine

Key Features of Masculinity

Masculinity is a combination of behavioral, mental, and somatic characteristics that distinguish men from women. However, according to experts, the masculinity of every man is as individual as fingerprints. But still, there are some key features of masculinity you should know.


According to the researchers, the face is the first thing that the fairer sex pays attention to when meeting a man. Therefore, experts decided to find out which facial features are considered the most masculine and sexual for women. Thus, according to some psychological studies conducted at the University of New Mexico, single women often pay attention to the symmetrical face features as they consider this a sign of good health. Besides, scientists concluded that men with a massive chin and prominent cheekbones are more popular among ladies. Also, a key feature of masculinity is bristle. Australian scientists concluded that women prefer men with light stubble, as this is associated with masculinity and dominance.


Key masculine features of the body are broad shoulders, contracted pelvis, and flat abdomen. At the same time, scientists at the University of California have found that athletic men bask in popularity with the fairer sex. Experts explain that women consider the athletic body to be a sign of strength and masculine energy, so they seek to build romantic relationships with such men. After all, physical strength is one of the most primitive, but at the same time, outstanding masculine traits which affects everything from self-preservation to sexual preferences of a guy. Physical health and a beautiful well-groomed body make a man an attractive potential partner for the opposite sex. Also, male strength and bodily structure play a significant part in social and business matters.


A deep and throaty voice is considered synonymous with masculinity. It is the voice that characterizes the strength of a man, his aggressiveness, and sexual capabilities – as it was proven by the results of a scientific study published in The Proceedings of the Royal Society journal. The scientists from the University of California experimented to analyze the secrets of a man’s voice and found that “women have an amazing ability to understand what potential a man has just by hearing his voice.” Moreover, studies at Aberdeen University have shown that women prefer men with a deep voice because it is associated with sexuality. Fortunately, on the Internet, there are many tutorials on how to sound more masculine by working on your voice. Hence, you can prepare yourself before starting to meet girls for dating.


Truly masculine behavior is always modest, self-disciplined, principled, and adequate to the situation. And all bragging and exorbitant pretentiousness are signs of an immature character which are forgivable to a still unconscious child, but not to an adult man.

Masculinity implies that a man is reliable and honest and knows the value of words. Besides, he is considerate, polite, and well-mannered. Such a person never shows turbulent feelings in public and does not like theatrical gestures and windу talks. This man knows how to love with dignity and will not debase himself making unreciprocated love confessions. A masculine man has pride. He knows how to show care and tenderness and always pays respect not only to a beloved woman but also to surrounding persons in general. With such a man, a lady experiences tranquility, security, and confidence in the future because she feels his strength and masculinity.

How to Become More Masculine

It is not easy to be a man in full. After all, it is not enough just to be born a male and wear pants. A real man needs masculinity, and this, in turn, includes certain character traits and personal qualities such as neatness, courage, determination, responsibility, reliability, spacious mind, and self-confidence. And not every representative of the stronger sex can say for sure that he has a complete set of all these qualities. So, there are some good tips on how to be a masculine to be masculine

1. Reconsider your image

Many people mistakenly believe that beauty care is inherent only in women. Although clothing, shoes, and hairstyle can tell a lot about you and prove that you are a real man. Therefore, you should think over your image to the smallest detail, but at the same time, do not show other people that you are too preoccupied with your look. Many men are bothered about their bristle since not all guys can boast luxurious facial hair. Do you want to know how to make your face look more masculine? The growth of bristle depends on the amount of testosterone in a man’s body. You can increase its content in several ways:

  • eat a handful of nuts every day;
  • eat more poultry meat, seafood, and fish;
  • refuse coffee, strong tea, and beer;
  • engage in sports activities.

Besides, you should take care of your clothing style. Try to replace teenaged sweatshirts, T-shirts with funny prints, and old baggy jeans with more modest and stylish clothing. Forget about negligence and slipshod manner and show others that you are a self-confident and important man. To complete the masculine image, add a drop of perfume with an intriguing flavor of wood or tobacco. This is one of the best tips on how to be more masculine!

2. Develop a healthy body

It is not hard to guess why this point is important. Masculinity implies not only moral power but also a strong and healthy body. But it does not mean at all that you need to turn yourself into a "bag of muscles," spending mortal hours in the gym. Systematic physical activity is quite enough to make your body beautiful and healthy. For example, you can start to visit a swimming pool, buy a barbell and a couple of dumbbells for home training, do morning exercises, go jogging, and so on. Just make it a rule to engage in some sports activity that develops you physically. This is very important for the weaker sex, as a strong man can always take a stand for himself and protect a beloved woman.

3. Go in for extreme sports

Extreme sports such as skydiving, diving, rock climbing, mountain climbing, shooting, bungee jumping, skiing, rafting, and others, including even martial arts, allow a man to gain one of the most important masculine qualities – courage. Besides, extreme sports help men build confidence in themselves and their strengths, overcome fears, temper inner stamina and gain perseverance and determination. Also, such sports activities contribute to the improvement of physical condition and keeping the body in tone, as well as make your life risky and eventful as if in an exciting movie or book.

4. Watch what you say

This refers to the issue of self-control. As you know, the “loose tongue” often becomes the root of many life problems, and unfulfilled promises always cause disaffection and the loss of respect of surrounding people, even the closest ones. A real man not only keeps promises and takes responsibility for his words but also tries to speak sense. So, learn to watch what you say if you want to become more masculine. Such behavior allows you to make a good impression on other people and can also save you from unpleasant life situations. Moreover, when you start watching your mouth, you develop the ability to listen, and it is important when communicating with other people, especially women.

5. Enjoy responsibility

Masculine men do not shed all responsibility and never fall down on their obligations. On the contrary, they feel pride in their reliability and take full responsibility for their actions and deeds. Therefore, you should develop a sense of responsibility and this is how you can do it:

  • If you are a husband or a father, become the head of the family. Take an active part in raising children and creating a family budget.
  • If you are just dating a girl, be a sober-minded and reliable boyfriend. Plan dates without waiting for the girlfriend’s hints. Moreover, be emotionally accessible if your beloved needs you.
  • If you are building a career, devote yourself to it. Take on a difficult project, even if it means you have to work overtime.

6. Engage in self-development

A real man should pay great attention to self-development. It is no secret that being smart and all-round is always good, as personal development contributes to success in any area of life. But if a man wants to be truly masculine and attract women, he must constantly work on developing himself. This implies reading books, broadening of outlook, presence of a wide range of interests and hobbies, brain-building, and skills development. To have an all-round mind means being armed with sharp intellect, a good sense of humor, and a large knowledge base. These are exactly the qualities that attract women.

7. Become self-confident

It is a self-confidence that provides men with a glint in the eyes, firm tread, positive body language, and fine deep voice. A man may be short or tall, gentle or roughish, a well-built sportsman or a stooped fattish, a successful oligarch or a church-mouse – if he is confident in himself and his attractiveness, no woman will be immune to that kind of charm. So, develop self-confidence and you will definitely project masculinity and attract a lady you like. This is the best advice on how to be masculine!how to be a masculine man

Toxic Masculinity Features to Avoid

To begin with, it is worth considering the very term "toxic masculinity." This phrase implies stereotypical masculine traits that can hardly be called positive. However, the term is often interpreted quite wrongly – some conservative people accuse scientists, who use this concept of discrimination against the stronger sex. Although the term "toxic masculinity" does not mean that all men are homophobes, rapists, and oppressors of women. It just signifies that some traits that are considered to be masculine can cause more harm than good. And so, let's reflect on some toxic masculinity features to avoid.

1. Aggressiveness

An aggressive man is inclined to constantly raise scandals and sort things out, he is always dissatisfied with himself and other people, he does not know how to control himself and his emotions. In addition, a man prone to aggression and violence is most often deprived of the ability to show compassion and empathy. It is quite natural that this toxic masculine feature repels women. After all, sharing life with an aggressive person means to be deeply unhappy.

2. Arrogance and a continuous desire to overmaster a woman and control her

Relationships with an arrogant man usually develop according to the scenario, “Who runs the house?!” The worst thing is when such statements and claims to power come from a hyper-masculine man who is a real nothing – either in personal or in social terms. In this case, his pretensions can be unduly critical and come out of the blue. As a rule, such claims hide psychological complexes and the desire of a man to solve some internal problems due to the power of overmastering a beloved woman (this is a so-called "emotional acting out" or "response").

3. Self-centeredness

A self-centered man is constantly focused on himself without even noticing and caring about the feelings and desires of other people. For such a man, a beloved woman is not an object of sincere affection and love – a self-centered boyfriend perceives his lady just like a kind of supplement that is needed to confirm his significance and exclusivity. In addition to self-obsession, such men are prone to the commanding behavior towards women.

4. Excessive restraint

“Men do not cry” is a phrase that gives rise to certain destructive processes in the human psyche since a man keeps everything bottled up and does not give vent to his emotions. According to experts, the most common cause of male deaths in the United States is suicide. It is all about suppressed emotions that develop into depression, which leads to such deplorable consequences.

Final Thoughts

Each representative of the stronger sex wants to be masculine. However, developing this quality is sometimes not as easy as it seems at first glance. After all, it is not enough just to grow a beard, declare football your favorite sport, and speak in a deep voice. Masculinity is an internal state that you need to create and maintain by challenging yourself time after time. Follow the above-mentioned tips, work on yourself, and develop masculine qualities. We wish you every success!

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