How to Deal with a Bitter Ex-Wife? 10 Main Steps

Let’s be honest: we love the attention of the opposite sex and look for ways on how to be romantic. It flatters us, it is nice to feel popular among women, and our self-esteem is increasing. But no one says that men like the annoying attention of ex-women. Intrusive courtships are many-sided and spoil our lives. How to behave if a woman is obsessed with you and doesn’t want you to build a new relationship?

Even if she behaves non-aggressively, her ubiquity, desire to be near and constant flirtation can simply spoil your life. Today we will discuss popular male ways to get rid of a vindictive ex-wife and how to start visiting a single women website for getting happy again.

how to deal with a bitter ex wife

Main Signs of a Bitter Ex-Wife

It is difficult to catch signs of a bitter woman. Men often don’t even suspect that they are being controlled and perceive what is happening as a variant of the norm. But there is a solution: these four signs tell on a vengeful ex-wife.

No respect for privacy

A woman demands to tell her everything. She may require reporting on actions during the day: send messages with location, send photos of what you are doing, and so on. The wife begins to control every step you take, all your messages on social networks or calls a couple of minutes after you go to the nearest store for bread. She is trying to fill all your personal space with herself.

Using children for their own purposes

Blackmailing by children is a dirty method, however, hundreds and thousands of angry women choose it. The person who uses children in this war is not interested in the interests of children. Her task is to make her partner feel as painful as possible. If the man loves children, if he wants to communicate with them, then it is impossible to come up with a more effective way. The more the man demonstrates his desire to communicate with children, the more the woman begins to use them.


How to deal with a jealous ex-wife? Obsession is a bad thing that interferes with life. Sometimes it seems to women that obsession is the only way to maintain a relationship or to have control over a situation. That is, if she thinks too much and carefully analyzes everything, she can fix something or change it. But in the end, she just becomes obsessed, it affects her emotional and mental state, depresses her, and, in fact, doesn’t help the situation.

dealing with ex wifeAggression

Most likely, the anger and aggression that a woman shows after a divorce are protective reactions. Therefore, to feel somehow strong, a woman often becomes aggressive. Usually, this goes away after a while when a woman gets used to her divorced status or when she meets a new man. But sometimes, in the most extreme cases, a woman can’t cope with this on her own, and she needs the help of relatives, friends, and sometimes psychotherapists.

How to Deal With a Bitter Ex-Wife

If you have an ex-wife who brings only problems, then you should know how to deal with her. So, how to handle ex-wife drama?

1. Tell her everything as it is

First of all, explain that your love has gone, and without it, there can be no relationship. Therefore, in order not to hurt each other, it would be better if you don’t communicate. Offer her some alternative, for example, now she will have more time for work, which she cherishes or she will master a new sport, after all, now she will have more time for gatherings with friends and shopping.

2. Be friendly

How to deal with a bitter ex-wife? If you suddenly met her on the street, with mutual friends, on the open spaces of the network, then just be polite, sweet, and welcoming. Behave without revelations, unnecessary emotions, and attempts to sort out things that are long in the past. Just be polite. This approach will only cause respect.

3. Tell your ex-wife that you have a new relationship

Even if you are going to be single for some time, it is not necessary for the persistent ex to know about it. For credibility, ask one of your female friends to take a walk with you. Such pretentious behavior will spoil the attitude of the ex-wife towards you. Who knows, maybe you will really find your love dealing with a bitter ex-wife like that.

4. Keep your distance

Try to avoid communicating with her, don’t stay alone with her. With all your behavior, you should emphasize that everything is over between you. But don’t be rude or aggressive as this is the wrong behavior tactic. Always stay calm and balanced. The most important thing is that you should keep your distance now and not give her any reason to think that you can be together.  

5. Don’t show your emotions

Perhaps your ex will try to use your feelings against you. She will probably try to make you feel sorry or guilty for leaving her alone. Don’t let her control your internal state. Remind yourself that you are not responsible for her emotions. Refuse to acknowledge her attempts to force you to be with her. If you can get away from the situation, do it.

6. Calmly inform her that you don’t want to communicate

It is important to make clear that you don’t want to be with her. You don’t need to make excuses. If she is obsessed with you, she will not think rationally. She will turn any of your explanations into evidence that you still care about her. Just let her know that you've broken up with her. Don’t send mixed signals. If you say, “I will always love you” and, at the same time, ask her to leave you alone, you only fuel her obsession.

7. Be kind

If she can’t get your attention in any other way, she will try to get it driving you crazy. She will send you spiteful messages or verbally attack at a meeting to upset you. Don’t lose your temper dealing with an ex-wife. If you respond to her attacks by attacking in return, you will reward her insults with your attention.bitter ex wife problems

8. Endlessly poke fun at her

How to deal with an angry ex-wife? Any, even the most serious replicas of the ex-wife, should cause you to laugh or comment in the form of evil jokes. Make fun of her for any reason. The ideal option is to constantly make fun of your ex being in the circle of mutual friends. You can also remember things that no one should know about.

9. Keep cooling

Even in a conflict, a person goes through several phases of accepting a situation. Don’t be surprised that your ex-wife is furious and angry as she is just experiencing a painful breakup. What could be most unpleasant for her? The moments in which you hurt her! You must remember that the best tactic for negotiating with an aggressor is its absence. Behave as indifferent as possible towards her.

10. Ask someone to talk to her

It is often useless to speak with a woman who is obsessed with a desire to pursue her ex-husband as she will turn your words around and will again beg, ask, and demand that you return to her. Talk with your good friend (or with someone close), ask them to talk with her so that she finally stops bothering you.

What Is Better Not to Do?

It is a pity that many couples in the process of divorce neither have common sense nor understand that their normal relationship is the key to their own happy future life and psychological health of children. And that is why when breaking up, men often make the same mistakes that should be avoided.

Ignoring problems

How to handle an ex-wife? Explain everything to the woman calmly, without aggression. Tell her that now you and your ex-spouse have your own life, in which outsiders shouldn’t interfere. Don’t show aggression and hostility even if a person is deeply unpleasant to you. But never leave everything as it is. Such bitter ex-wife problems should be discussed and resolved.

Rebuild your interests

You can move towards building a career, self-education, and self-development, you can try to find additional income, find a hobby, and so on. You have many options where you can go, or you can take time for yourself, and go in for sports to get in shape. You can also make new acquaintances, expand the circle of your friends, or even just meet with relatives and friends more often.

Respond with toxicity to toxicity

Don’t be manipulated with an ex-wife causing problems. You don’t owe her anything, so if she continues to be jealous or spreads rumors, behaves inappropriately, attracts your attention, then ignore her. Don’t let yourself get involved in any games. You should neither respond with aggression to aggression nor respond to criticism nor get involved in discussions nor make excuses. Perhaps she is just so painfully going through the stage of anger.

These rules on how to deal with a manipulative ex-wife will help you. Even with all the visible pluses of communication with an ex-wife, psychologists recommend avoiding such relationships, so as neither to injure anyone’s soul, nor to destroy families, and to give everyone the opportunity to realize themselves. Friendship after divorce can harm both the woman and the man. And even if one of your friends has a similar experience, don’t immediately repeat it on yourself.

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