Top 10 Signs She Is Cheating in a Long-Distance Relationship

No matter how banal it sounds, but building a relationship at a distance is insanely difficult. There’s nowhere to hide from jealousy, and quarrels are a common thing. You get mad over small problems. A long-distance relationship is a true test for your feelings. There are two possible outcomes: the challenges may either bring you closer or kill your couple. Trust here is the main aspect if you’re counting on a happy outcome. Partners who have lived together long enough often feel when they’re betrayed. However, you need to be careful with such matters: if your fears turn out to be groundless, you risk making a serious mistake and ruining the relationship. If you suddenly find yourself thinking that you’ve become suspicious recently, and your girlfriend’s behavior has changed, there’s no need to panic right away. Pay attention to the following signs of long-distance relationship cheating. So, here’s how to understand that a girl is cheating when you’re away.

long distance relationship cheating signs

Is long-distance relationship cheating common?

When you’re dating at a distance, sooner or later, you’ll start thinking whether your partner is honest with you. We have some bad news and good news for you. The good one is that several studies have shown that long distances don’t affect the rate of cheating much. According to long-distance relationship cheating statistics, the risk of being cheated on depends more on the personalities of partners. But there’s bad news.

We hate to think that our loved ones may be cheating on us. But long-distance relationship cheating is a thing and being away from your partner, you’re unlikely to discover the truth.

Besides, cheating is more about violated expectations than certain actions. This makes the matter individual; for instance, some guys don’t mind when their girlfriends flirt with other guys, while others feel betrayed even when they see someone else near their loved ones. In other words, it’s up to you to decide what’s cheating for you, and the higher your expectations are, the higher the chance of being cheated on. In case you haven’t made up your mind on the matter, here are the main types of cheating to consider.

Top reasons why women cheat in relationships at distance?

It’s hard to tell what’s going on inside a woman’s head when she cheats, but we can single out three most common reasons.

Lack of care

We’re talking about your care. You conquered her heart with your charm, gifts, or perhaps something else. You were glad she was by your side. And then the excitement began to fade away. You conquered her and lost interest. You take her for granted, as someone who comforts you and maybe does some house chores. You’re OK with this, so why put more effort into the relationship? This is the main mistake a lot of men make. They believe that since a woman is already with them, they can relax and do nothing. But this is far from the case, and the distance is only making things worse. The majority of young women seeking older men just want care and attention. If you want to build a strong and long-term relationship once you’re together again, you must conquer your girlfriend every day. So she always feels needed and desired.

She just wants fun

In a long-distance relationship, cheating isn’t always a result of mistreatment. Some girls remain in their teens even when they grow up. This is what pushes some ladies to start an affair. A girl may be satisfied with her partner and have no intention of ruining a relationship; she might just think her co-worker is hot. And at one point, she starts going on dates when you’re not around, coming up with a silly excuse for missing your Skype calls. This reason is quite infantile. Every time she returns home from a secret date, she blames herself for cheating, but she quickly comforts herself with thoughts like, “Well, if he wasn’t a million miles away, I wouldn’t have to date another guy.

You’re always not around

That’s the main reason why long-distance relationships and cheating go hand in hand. If you have dozens of things to do every day besides talking to her, like meetings, calls, or work, things aren’t looking bright for you. It’s crucial for a woman to feel her loved one’s presence. She needs to know you’re always nearby and that she can rely on you at a difficult moment. And if you’re always absent (not only literally), then she begins to feel alone. Devote as much time as possible to your girlfriend. You don’t have to stay in touch 24/7; a few times a day would be fine. Even if you physically can’t be near her, make up for this loss. She’ll think twice before having any smart ideas.

What are the signs of long-distance relationship cheating?

When a girl starts an affair when her partner is away, she often feels safe and untouchable. After all, how can you find out unless she tells herself? But if you’re in doubt, look for these long-distance girlfriend cheating signs and try to uncover the truth.long distance relationship cheating signs girlfriend

She alienated from your family

Let's say your girlfriend has a very good relationship with your family. But you began to notice that everything has changed lately. She always happily called up your mom or went shopping with your younger sister, but she hasn’t been doing either of these for a long time. When you offer her to call and pay a visit to your family, she does it reluctantly or even looks for excuses not to. This strange behavior can be explained by the feeling of guilt.

She began to disappear for a long time

“She’s always busy when I call her. I think my long-distance girlfriend is cheating on me.” Well, that’s not far from the truth. If you began to notice that she goes off the radar for a rather long time, then this is a sure sign. If you call or text her, and she answers after several hours, saying that the battery was dead or something like that, she might be hiding something from you. This is especially alarming if you usually call each other at a certain time. You turn a blind eye once or twice, but if this happens regularly, don’t expect anything good. The next time you meet, be sure to ask her why she was so busy that she couldn’t answer your call. And pay close attention to her answers. If she suddenly changes her expression or appears embarrassed, then she gave herself away.

You began fighting more

Sure, you’ve had conflicts and quarrels before. But now you get the impression that every step you take or a word you say annoys her. She can argue with you ten times a day, without really giving a reason. There’s also a high probability that you’ll eventually stop quarreling. Why? She doesn’t care about you anymore. She doesn’t care what you’re doing wrong. Her attention is taken by her new lover. She’s just indifferent, and quarrels no longer interest her.

She keeps talking about that new guy

She could’ve accidentally dropped someone’s name. And this might be the man you don’t know, the man she never told you about before. It could be her new colleague, a friend of her acquaintances, or just a guy she met online. Here’s a piece of cheating in long-distance relationship advice: ask a few questions about him, ask who he is. If she begins to lose her temper, become too nervous, or even quarrel, this means she has something to hide. Perhaps this is the guy she cheats on you with. You should also pay attention to her facial expressions the next time you talk about this person. If her face expresses guilt or embarrassment, you can be sure something is going on between them.

She gets confused in her daily routine

Let’s say she tells you she went to a movie with her friend. And when you ask what the film was about, she wonders what you’re talking about. Or do you offer to have a video chat after work, and she says she’s busy. But she can’t answer what exactly she’s doing. As soon as your girlfriend begins to get confused in what she says, it’s clear that she’s hiding from you. You just have to find out what exactly. Of course, she may be busy arranging a surprise for you on your birthday or something. And then you’ll probably feel like an idiot, but it’s quite possible she’s just got another man.

She alienated from your friends

Almost the same as with your family. If your girlfriend always gladly hung out with your friends, and then suddenly stopped doing it, this may be one of the long-distance relationship cheating signs. Either she wants to break up with you, or she cheats on you and feels guilty. It’s also possible that she has her own reasons she doesn’t want or too embarrassed to tell long distance relationship cheating

She’s been overly positive lately

Her mood became so cheerful that it started to annoy you? Why is she so happy if you haven’t seen each other for a few months? How can she say she misses you so much and be such positive at the same time? This is a cause for concern.

She became too jealous

If she hasn’t been that suspicious and jealous before, but now she acts like a detective every time you have a chat, then this should make you think. If there are no reasons for jealousy, but she continues to act like that, it’s probably her who’s hiding something. The thing is that we all evaluate the behavior of others based on our own actions. If she knows that she herself can’t be trusted, she begins to look for long-distance cheating signs.

She’s colder than before

If she used to share her emotions and thoughts, make some plans and discuss something together, now she absolutely doesn’t need it. She began to hide stuff from you; moreover, she’s got new hobbies, like clubs, parties. etc. She’s not interested in what you’re doing out there. It’s time for you to get suspicious, friend.

She’s way too secretive

One of the most common signs she is cheating in a long-distance relationship is when the partner becomes secretive. If she no longer appreciates when you ask about her day, her friends, and all that, beware.

What to do with the person who cheated on you?

You thought that this would never happen, but now you found out the bitter truth – your girlfriend cheated on you. What to do?

Share this with someone

Maybe you don’t want to bother anyone with your problems, but it’ll be much easier to overcome this if you talk with someone about your cheating partner. Getting things off your chest always helps a lot, speeding up the recovery.

Know it’s not your fault

The fact that your girlfriend cheated on you has nothing to do with your actions or words. You can be funniest, smartest, and richest, and there’s still a chance you’ll end up with your heartbroken.

Talk with your partner and make up your mind

After listening to your partner, say that you need to be alone to think things through. Ask not to contact you until you get in touch. You can set a specific time frame or just say that you’ll let her know when you’re ready for another talk.

Despite showing the common long-distance relationship cheating signs, your girlfriend may not be a cheater. Each woman has her own peculiarities; therefore, some exceptions are possible. In this case, one of the signs described above may simply turn out to be faulty. For example, your girlfriend is simply in a bad mood, or, say, she has changed her attitude towards life, etc. This article offers recommendations and advice, but they shouldn’t be treated as the only truth. Make your decision thoughtfully because it can fundamentally change your life.

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