What Are the Main Types of Cheating and How to Cope with Them?

Cheating can be a decisive factor in breaking up a relationship. So, the psychotherapist John Howard, who specializes in behavior, speaks of disappointing statistics: about 50% of people in relationships cheat on their partners. At the same time, the percentage of divorces is also about 50%. Infidelity, in turn, is considered the main reason for divorce. So why do people cheat and get divorced? Many sociologists and relationship consultants have argued that the idea of monogamy goes against evolution. Today we will talk about everything that has to do with cheating, cover such issues as micro-cheating, find the definition of cheating in a relationship, define different types of cheating in a relationship, figure out how to move forward in a relationship after cheating, and much more.

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Is Cheating a Big Problem in Modern Society?

What is considered cheating in a relationship? Specialists have their own opinion on this matter. What is considered cheating, according to scientists? Everyone has a genetic predisposition to flirting on the side. Everyone at least once looked at a person of the opposite sex with interest, while being in a relationship or marriage. But only some allow themselves to “cross the line” to experience new sensations, while others do not. According to experts, the restraining factor is public morality. There are certain rules in society that must be respected. Infidelity is considered to be bad; it is wrong for people in official relationships. Firstly, such an act is condemned by society, and secondly, it causes mental pain to one of the spouses. If infidelity was allowed at the official level, public morality could change a lot. And, therefore, the attitude of men and women to the concept of “marital infidelity” would change.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s find out the main reasons for cheating in a relationship.

Main Reasons Why Partners Cheat on Each Other

Infidelity is the most unforgivable act for many people. It can easily destroy the relationships that have been created over the years. Even the person who thought they were not capable of such things could succumb to infidelity.

1. Social network

Some people often secretly check the correspondence of their lover on social networks. They pay attention to the likes that their partner gave to other users and whom they added as friends. Women scroll through single women photos that their partners found to be interesting or attractive. No matter how ridiculous it may sound, such a strategy can really reveal infidelity at an early stage. As practice shows, most cheating begins with harmless correspondence or mutual “like” under the photo. A little later, there is sympathy, which is very difficult to control. Moreover, beautiful photographs only make your partner more intrigued by another person. Social networks are a great way to get to know each other better. If your partner hides their correspondence from you, likes people of the opposite sex, then they subconsciously want a relationship on the side. If your partner ends up betraying your trust and cheating on you, then you should not try to save such relationships if you are not sure of them. You can always find single women online and start a new relationship from the comfort of your own home.

2. Exes

According to family psychologists, many people after parting continue to have sex with their ex-partners. That is why it is very important to be interested in your partner and their past love affairs. Unobtrusively specify what kind of relationship they are currently in and whether they communicate. There can be no friendship between former partners: these are either unremitting feelings or an ongoing relationship. After parting, people still follow their former lovers. Often this comes from banal curiosity. However, if the other person is doing great, then the second person may fall in love again.

3. Emotional infidelity

There is a category of people who considers only sexual intercourse to be cheating. This belief allows them to date other partners, chat, flirt, and date. Consider this fact. Check with your partner in advance what they consider to be “infidelity” and whether they are capable of this act. Remember that all people have different ideas about love. That is why to find out what awaits you in the future is possible only through dialogue, as well as analyzing the actions of your partner.

4. “The victim complex”

According to statistics, men cheat more often than women. This is because they are not afraid to lose their partners. That woman who theoretically can forgive infidelity will automatically fall into the category of those whose partner can end up cheating. This is based on psychology. As a rule, if a person forgives infidelity once, then sooner or later the partner will do it again. Of course, there are exceptions. However, it is not a fact that out of hundreds of people it is you who will prove to be this lucky one.is sexting cheating if you are in a relationship

5. A game

Infidelity is a fun game for many. When people meet with several partners at the same time, it amuses them. In addition to increasing self-esteem, double attention, they receive a large dose of adrenaline. As a rule, it is precisely those people who are considered “ideal partners” who are prone to infidelity.

And now let’s talk about the main types of cheating.

Main Types of Cheating

Infidelity, as a rule, occurs for various reasons and come in several varieties. There are different types of cheating.

The most common form is random communication. It occurs through negligence, often under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances. A person loses control of themselves, and natural instincts begin to take over the mind. As a rule, such relationships are one-time in nature and cause an acute sense of guilt towards the partner.

Physical adultery on a voluntary basis is also a fairly common form of infidelity. As a rule, the reason is a lack of sexual satisfaction. Even a person who sincerely loves their partner and values their family can deliberately start a relationship with another person to make up for the missing emotions. A similar problem should be resolved immediately. You should understand the reason for dissatisfaction and talk with your partner on this topic. Perhaps seek the help of a sexologist. After all, if earlier your sex life was regular and diverse, you need to understand the reasons for the cooling between partners, and the need to look for someone on the side will disappear by itself. Ask them some questions like, “Is sexting cheating if you are in a relationship?” “What does cheating in a relationship mean?”

Spiritual infidelity is perhaps the most painful type of infidelity. Such a case is much less common, but nevertheless, it can completely and irrevocably destroy the relationship. When one of the partners falls in love with another person, all thoughts, love, and fantasies will be directed only at that person. In such cases, you need to figure out whether you are ready to part with your constant companion and give your love to a new person. This decision is quite complicated considering all the shared years together and, therefore, it must be very well thought out.

There is such a variety of infidelity as an emotional one. Although many do not consider it to be infidelity, it is quite dangerous. This is a close relationship with a person that involves friendship. It all starts with communication, complete mutual understanding and similarity of interests. Gradually, a person in such communication can end up talking bad things about their current partner. In the future, such a connection is likely to turn into a sexual one, therefore, despite the fact that it begins with normal and harmless communication, it causes danger.

Behind any infidelity, as a rule, lies a significant reason. Perhaps this is a lack of attention from a partner or a monotonous sexual life. If your relationship is dear to you, but you've started looking for someone else, try to figure out and fix all the flaws with your partner so as not to make a mistake you can regret very much.

Now that we know there are different types of cheating in a relationship, let’s talk about some ways in which you can recognize a cheater.

How to Recognize a Cheater?

Here are the signs of a cheating partner in a relationship.

An affair on the side can last long enough, but as a rule, it is always hidden, however, women always feel such changes. What are the signs of this?

A clear sign is when your partner begins to act more secretly, evading all sorts of conversations between you two. Leading a double life is very difficult, and you can easily give yourself away.

The cheater suddenly begins to pay several times more attention to their appearance. New perfumes and a long time spent in front of a mirror should alert you.

Your sexual relationship is cracking. Especially when there is moral infidelity. The partner no longer wants an intimate relationship with you, as they receive it on the side.

Pay attention to your spouse’s mobile phone. If they constantly hide it or keeps it to themselves, then there is something to hide. Find a way to test this. Perhaps there is not only correspondence but also a photo with their new friend. This will help you find the answers to your questions.

Spiritual infidelity leads to nit-picking by the traitor. They will humiliate you in every possible way, show discontent in everyday matters, treat you rudely for no reason.

micro cheatingThe financial aspect of relationships is also important. If the spouse begins to bring a smaller part of the salary back home, this means that they can spend it on somebody else.

The above signs are indisputable evidence. But don't panic if you find one match. Most likely this will be nothing more than an accident. Try to surround your chosen one with affection and spend more time together.

Major Advice to Cope with a Cheating

Is it worth it to forgive?

Any kind of adultery is a manifestation of weakness. A person who has cheated once can do it again. This thought will visit you from time to time. Can you live with this? And do you need a spouse you cannot rely on? It happens that repentance comes after infidelity, the desire to return everything back to where it was. If love has not died out, and both partners unite in reconciliation, it is worth a try. An experienced psychologist will help cope with this situation for both partners.

However, adultery is the most terrible infidelity. If a person fell in love with someone other than you, the only right decision would be a divorce. How can you live next to someone who thinks of someone else? Do you want to stay together for the sake of children? Run, don’t look back. If you don’t, you will feel a sense of infidelity throughout your life, feel pain every day, looking at your spouse. Children will grow up in terrible tension, and they will certainly repeat the same mistakes in their lives. Spiritual infidelity can end up ruining one’s life. Is this what you want for your children?

Having overpowered yourself, you need to go further. Only letting go of the situation will you forget what moral infidelity is. You will learn to live without it. As soon as this happens, your life will be filled with meaning, the mind will be healed. Soon you will find your soul mate with whom you will be able to forget about the very idea of infidelity.

What should you do in this situation?

Psychologists advise not to take what happened seriously because each person is an individual. What seems unacceptable to some is perceived by others as friendship. Therefore, it is worthwhile to find out everything, talk, and then draw conclusions and decide what to do. Even the most experienced psychologists cannot give an exact answer to why it happens, but there are several most important factors here.

  • Love for independence is inherent in us since childhood, so the fear of losing freedom takes precedence over common sense and thus makes it clear who is in charge.
  • Career problems and low self-esteem lead to self-doubt. It is important for such people to constantly feel love for themselves. Not surprisingly, its shortage is sought after on the side.

If you don't want to doubt your significance, you should show your wisdom. Create the illusion of what they lack. Most importantly, do not lose faith in love and fidelity! Remember that everything is up to you. As long as you sincerely wish to save the family and love your partner, it will exist.

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I think if a loved one has cheated on you, this person doesn’t deserve your love and forgiveness. It is better to look for someone who will be faithful to you.
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