What Is the Honeymoon Phase in a Relationship?

If you have ever been in relationships, then you know that usually, the first months of a new relationship feel much better and brighter than another part of your relationships, until you will do something about it. Those few months of “enhances happiness” between you and your significant other are called the “honeymoon phase.”

During this phase, you feel happier than ever, you enjoy every moment with your partner, don’t see any flaws in him or hear, and literary feel that you can fly. This phase feels so good, but, unfortunately, many couples never feel so happy again and break up because of that. No matter how good the honeymoon phase in a relationship is, sooner or later, it will end. But it doesn’t mean that your relationships should end too.

the honeymoon phase in a relationship

Definition of the Honeymoon Phase

Earlier, we said that many couples break up after the honeymoon phase because they don’t feel as happy anymore. Is there something to be done to prevent this from happening? Of course, but, first, you need to know, "What is the honeymoon phase in a relationship?" Let’s read the honeymoon phase definition: it is a phase during which two partners feel like they are on drugs.

A honeymoon begins immediately after your marriage and lasts approximately 6 months. During this phase, you feel that you are the happiest people in the world, and you don’t see any flaws in your partner, and both feel completely unstoppable. You may go through the honeymoon phase without even getting married, in this case, after your marriage, this phase may last even less than one week, just because you have already gone through it before the marriage.

Like everything else in our lives, the honeymoon phase is caused by the hormones. But the production of the hormones in our organisms is highly influenced by our emotions. When you get married, you begin to feel that you have entered the new stage of your life, you are not alone anymore, and your partner has become a very important part of you. Thus, your body begins to produce the famous hormone of happiness, dopamine.

It is very hard to tell how long before the honeymoon phase is over in a relationship. It ends because two people start getting used to each other. In the beginning, you visit some website to meet girls, there you meet your future wife, put your relationships to the test, and dive into the marriage. But when the honeymoon phase ends, the old things that recently felt so good, begin to lose colors and feel less exciting, and it is hard for a couple to create something new. Usually, this phase ends when a couple begins to live together. Thus, they begin to have new things that make them happy or sad.

Signs of the Honeymoon Phase

People are very different. For someone, the honeymoon phase lasts for a couple of weeks, while others can live in it for more than a year. Should you try to prolong this phase? Again, there are no good or bad things regarding human relationships. Some people immediately switch to the next phase of relationships, avoiding the honeymoon at all. And others go through it online on some single ladies dating sites. All those people feel happy, and don’t want to change anything in their lives. To help you understand whether you and your significant one are still in the honeymoon phase of your relationships, we've made a list of 7 signs.

1. Your body acts automatically

Usually, it is you who controls your actions, at least it feels so. But now your body dictates what you are going to do for the next two hours. All those who have been in this phase will confirm that during the honeymoon phase, your body reacts even if your partners just simply enter the room. This happens because, emotionally, you feel very connected to your partner, and subconsciously you command your body to get aroused only by the look at your partner.

honeymoon phase2. You can’t imagine yourself without each other

People, during the honeymoon phase, literary can’t imagine themselves without each other. They not only feel physically or sexually attracted, but they also want to hug, sit on hands, and just be with each other. When your partner is away for too long (longer than a couple of hours), you will feel real withdrawal syndrome. According to psychologists, during this period, you learn to work as a team and closely study each other.

3. You are full of energy

You feel that you are full of energy, and nothing can stop you. Your increased level of energy is a clear sign that you and your significant other are in the honeymoon phase. During the honeymoon period, two people feel full of energy because the level of adrenaline production in their bodies increases significantly. Add here a very big boost in dopamine and serotonin, and you will get two human-robots that feel completely unstoppable.

4. You always smile

Normally, there is a reason why two people always smile at each other. However, two people in love who are in their honeymoon phase, don't need any reason, except for seeing each other. If this is the case with you, then you both will immediately smile as soon as you see each other. This is actually how you can recognize two people in love in a crowd. Your smiles are also contagious and addictive.

5. You always focus your attention on each other

Sometimes it may feel that you are hyper-focused on each other. During this phase, people tend to pay a lot of attention to each other, and it may feel that they don’t see anyone else except for themselves. The reason for this kind of behavior lies in hormones. Male and female bodies begin to produce testosterone and estrogen accordingly.

6. You become smarter

You become smarter and literary feel that your brain has started to work faster. People who know how to focus on special things for a long period and can ignore distractions are much more effective at work. According to scientists, people with a higher level of IQ practically don’t pay attention to what is happening around them. Again the reason for this lies in hormones production. Your concentration explains why you feel smarter. Thus, you know exactly what to do to feel happier in relationships or life in general.

7. Your behavior and emotions change

At the beginning of your relationships, your actions increase hormones productions in your body, and now, the increased level of hormones takes the lead and has an incredible impact on your emotions. Our hormones are very powerful since they make you feel love and happiness. In fact, without them, you would never want to have any relationships.

How Long Does This Period Last?

As we have mentioned before, it is rather hard to say how long does the honeymoon phase last in a relationship. Some couples go through it in a couple of months, while other couples can make it last longer, up to one year. This can be explained by the fact that too many various factors influence the duration of the honeymoon phase.

There are some steps to be taken to make this phase last longer. To do that, some couples try to repeat any special events that took place right after the marriage. For example, they may rent the same hotel room or pay visits to places that they were visiting after the marriage. Again, there are many different options. The most important thing here is to understand the concept of this solution. You must relive your old feelings and emotions.

Later in this article, we will give you 5 tips on how to make your honeymoon period last longer. Don’t worry, the end of this phase doesn’t necessarily mean that you should break up. Your relationships just move to another phase.

What Happens After the Honeymoon Phase?

Often those who are afraid that their honeymoon phase will end too soon, not only have questions like, “How long does the honeymoon period in a relationship last?” but also want to know what usually happens after the honeymoon phase in a relationship. To begin with, your honeymoon phase ends when your storm of hormones stops, and you get comfortable with each other. It feels like you are getting sober after the big party. Does it mean that there is no love between you two anymore? Of course, there is!

As we have mentioned before, when the honeymoon phase is over in a relationship, many people face certain problems because their thrill of passion fades away, and they are forced to put their pink glasses off. This is when the time comes for people to decide whether they truly want to be with each other, and not only enjoy the good things but also deal with flaws. By the way, do you want to know the name of the phase that comes after the honeymoon phase in a relationship? It is called the "Uncertainty phase." Because at this point, you begin to doubt yourself and your partner.

how long before the honeymoon phase is overMost relationships easily survive the end of the honeymoon phase. If you are one of those people, then we can congratulate you because your love is real. After the uncertainty phase, you begin to really understand and love him or her for who they are. This type of love requires a lot of work and emotional dedication. But it has a tremendous potential of growing into something purely magnificent.

Tips on How to Make Your Honeymoon Period Last Longer

Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to deal with various problems in relationships or doesn’t feel confident in their love enough to be sure that they will go through the uncertainty phase together. In fact, if you belong to one of those people, then you definitely should not be afraid of this because if the pure idea of breaking up seems so terrible to you, then there are no real reasons that may cause an end of your relationships. But for those who want to stay in this fairy tale of love longer, we have created 5 tips on how to make your honeymoon period last longer.

1. Become a good friend

Have you ever thought about the best way to create foundations for a long-lasting relationship? This way lies in friendship. Of course, it doesn’t mean that to establish some good romantic relationships, you should become good friends first. This is possible, but you are at risk of getting into a friendzone. This is clearly not the best way to create romantic relationships. But what is the key to success? The key is not to forget to become nice friends after you decided to be lovers. Thus, when your passion fades, you will still feel connected.

2. Remake your first date

What was the most emotionally striking in your life as a couple? You should remake this moment. This is crucial because, in stable relationships, people forget to pay any attention to maintaining the love and passion between them. In this case, reliving old memories and emotions helps a lot.

3. Try to look at your problems from a different angle

Sometimes keeping your emotions fresh may require help from other people. According to psychologists, people tend to doubt their own decisions and actions, especially concerning love. If you feel that there are problems in your relationships or know that your honeymoon stage is going to over soon, ask for advice from other people. Maybe they will give you nice advice on how to organize a perfect romantic date.

4. Don’t stop searching for new things

Routine is the worst enemy of any relationship. If you spend your dates in the same places and tend to do the same things, then you definitely need to do something to change this tendency, or your honeymoon phase will end much faster. By saying “new things,” we mean anything that has never happened between you. The key to success here is your fresh emotions.

5. Focus on each other

If you are focused only on sex, your relationships will burn out very quickly. Instead, try to focus on your partner as a whole. Thus, you will add more intimacy in your life, and you both will begin to feel closer. For example, you may try to spend more time together doing something that pleases you both.

What does the honeymoon phase mean in a relationship?

The honeymoon phase is a very important stage of any relationship. During this phase, two people, by spending and enjoying their time together, get to know each other better. It also creates a shape of the future fundamental basis for the relationships. Don’t be afraid that your honeymoon will end too soon or will last too long. This is an absolutely normal process. After all, the end of the honeymoon phase doesn’t mean a break-up. Your love will grow mature, providing you with new emotions that can withstand everything. Of course, only if you pay enough effort to maintain it.

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The honeymoon phase is usually the happiest and most carefree period in a romantic relationship. All problems begin when this phase ends and people begin to know each other better.
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