Best Ideas to Propose to Your Girlfriend

Proposals should be taken seriously. Especially if you believe in one love for the rest of your life since you’ll have no second chance to replay or repeat. I always believed that your married life relies on how you propose a wedding. If it’s spontaneous and awkward, I don’t think you have a deep understanding of your spouse’s likings. Not to be strict and superstitious, but couples who are meant for each other usually happen to have the cutest and simplest proposals.

If you try to come up with the best proposal ideas, calculating all the options and remembering your girl’s likes, but still don’t understand how to propose marriage, don’t worry, everything happens for the first time.

marriage proposal ideas

Is It Important to Plan Your Proposal?

To begin with, not all the chaps plan their proposal. Some of them just like to show the ring, get on that one knee and be good with it. I mean, it completely minimizes the chances to have a proposal fail, but you won’t get too many memories of it either. That is why I believe if you plan to do something for one time in your life, do it properly. Think over it. Start a new chapter with dignity. Reflect on your couple’s style. Emphasize your quirks and little jokes. Make it unique.

Firstly: how not to propose to a woman

Let’s start with the basics and think about how NOT to propose to a woman. You should minimize factors that can make her upset because, in another way, she might think you don’t know her that well. And we don’t want to start married life with sadness and misunderstandings.

1. Doing it public when she is too shy

Not everyone likes public proposals. According to the bridal poll, conveyed in 2013, 63% of women didn’t like public proposals, and 57% admitted they are against loud celebrations. So, think again before you meet single ladies online. Apparently, not everybody likes a full-blown fiesta. There is a good saying, “Happiness loves silence.” Especially if your girl is a shy spirit! You want to give her good memories, not anxiety.

2. Persuading her to say "Yes"

Manipulative behavior isn’t something you should be up to, even if you really want to propose and get married. Yes, it’s very painful to be rejected, let’s not even talk about that case scenario. But some men are so persuasive, they even think some girls say “no” to tease or because they’re mad. Remember that “no” means “no.”

3. Spending too much money if you can't afford it

Some men think that you need to spend a ton of money just to propose engagement. It doesn’t make sense, and the amount of cash spent to impress your girlfriend doesn’t relate to her love. Especially if she knows you are not a millionaire. That is an unreasonable move you should avoid. Some girls might be impressed, but others will see your cockiness unnecessary, especially if you won’t have money to eat after a wedding ceremony.

engagement proposal ideas4. Doing something she doesn't like

It’s good that you have engagement proposal ideas, your thoughts, and conceptions. But the ultimate goal of the proposal is to impress your spouse-to-be. You need to know how to please a woman. It’s good if you have your vision and want it your way, but imagine how your married life would be if you can’t sacrifice such a small thing as simple proposal ideas. Think about it.

5. Overdoing with stardust

If you are a romantic heart, congratulations, your lady must be very lucky to have such a man. But when is the proposal “too sweet”? You should know where the border of being cheesy is. A good sentimental note won’t hurt anybody during such a touching event but go easy on glitter, music, dancers, bands, colors. Make it tasteful, subtle, and intimate.

What Is the Best Place for a Proposal?

Guys always quarrel when it comes to finding a perfect place for a proposal. I’ve seen thousands of posts and threads on forums. But what’s the point of it? Who knows it better than you and your beautiful girlfriend? Remember that I can only give you marriage proposal ideas, but the choice is yours to make.

At your special place

It may be the place you first met her, a place of her childhood memories, a place you went to during a romantic trip – anything close and relatable for both of you. You might as well write a list of her favorite places of all time (maybe even ones she would always want to go to?)

At home in a cozy atmosphere

I don’t understand why some people are against at-home ceremonies. It’s not lazy and cheap if both of you are comfortable with this way of being. If you date a homely girl who doesn’t like being outside, irritated by strangers, why should you invent something else? Just stick with home décor, put some candles on a table, and cook dinner. And may your life be as cozy as your proposal.

During a romantic trip

An oversea country is a perfect place to propose for marriage. It’s what is depicted as “perfect” in many romantic movies. Think about a country that’s not the most “romantic” but the best for your girlfriend. Choose a destination she always wanted to be in. Fulfill her dream and that will be the best moment of her life.

Fascinating Ideas for a Proposal

If you still are thinking whether those proposal ideas are good enough, let me introduce you to a list of the most mind-blowing places, ways, and tips on how to propose to a girl. Enjoy!

1. At-work proposal

I know it seems a little bizarre but think of the idea of coming to her office to get this surprise. If she goes to a 9 to 5 job and has a boss, ask them to call your girlfriend to a meeting in a rather serious tone. Once she gets confused and probably scared, pop a bottle of champagne and surprise her at her boss’s office (if corporative ethic allows that). I am sure she will be puzzled, amazed, mad, happy – anything but bored. Plus, her co-workers get to see what a smart and inventive boyfriend she has.

2. Radio-station proposal

Make sure you both are listening to the same radio, that it is on, and if you are in the car, make sure she’s not driving because it will be insane. Pay up for a couple of broadcast minutes from your favorite radio station (but only if you listen to it frequently) and let them record your proposal. It will be stunning, especially if you are sitting next to her, and she has no clue.

3. Build a blanket fort

You know how we built little houses made of pillows and blankets when we were kids. Create this atmosphere in your patio, or the house. It’s one of the cutest proposal ideas at home. Once you’ve made a nook from chairs and blankets, decorate the interior of your castle with lights, snacks and her favorite items (but don’t put candles in your fort for impressiveness, that’s too dangerous!).

propose for marriage4. Ask her on a lavish date

If you don’t care about money, make this day special for her, starting with brunch consisting of French desserts and good coffee, then take her to a spa, a Jacuzzi, and go to a restaurant in the evening. Make this a pamper day for both of you and set a good tone for the rest of your married life.

5. Throw a party

If both of you are close with your friends and you have no problem sharing the closest moments with them, make it a surprise party where all of you get to play a part. Ask your pals to bring something tasty, make some of them responsible for musical accompaniment. One group can take care of distracting her from knowing it too soon. Work as a team.

6. Propose by the beach

If you live near water or are planning to go on a trip soon, ask the nearest restaurant to arrange a beautiful table by the sea/ocean. If it is not an option, you know what to do. You’ll need a blanket, some wine glasses, fruits, and fancy snacks. Invite her to a picnic or just drop her coordinates, so that she could find this surprise. Or go further and do a blindfold trick just like in the movies.

7. Create a personal gift-box with her favorite stuff

You’ll need a huge gift box where you can put whatever she likes: plush toys, cupcakes, notebooks, snacks. Just stuff this box with cute presents, and when she digs through them, the bottom of a box should reveal a text saying, “Will you marry me?” and a ring by the side.

8. Bake her a custom cake

If you don’t live in the same city, just order a custom cake that will say, “Will you marry me?” (or DIY it) and ask the courier to get it to her door. You may also attach the letter and, maybe, some flowers? Imagine her surprise.

9. Team up with a publishing house

If she likes reading magazines, that would also be a very original plan. Just make sure you do this beforehand, and that she has this month issue. Also, make sure the proposal is not published on the last pages and that it’s visible to a human eye.

10. Be funny about it

It’s one of the greatest proposal ideas for her I read a long time ago. Just be silly about it and try to hint that you want to buy her a ring, but don’t know her size. You can also bring a ring chart and make her try it. When she gets confused or relaxed, say, “Will this fit you?” while showing THE ACTUAL ring. I am sure she will be mind-blown.

See, proposal shouldn’t be an intimidating procedure, you just need to really think about it. What is that she likes the most? Are there are sacred places, movies, items, foods of hers? Does she have a dream? Take any idea and make it personal. And may God assist you with that!

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In my opinion, a wedding proposal should be romantic and remembered for a lifetime. I would like a man to propose to me by the beach.
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