Best Ways to Please a Woman: Make Her Scream!

It is necessary to recognize that the male tribe is too arrogant. Men overestimate their abilities, although, in fact, they don’t do that much. Especially in terms of relationships with girls. Guys mess things up and complain, they believe that they are the best lovers ever while girls come crying to their women friends that they have never had an orgasm. This is a very complex and delicate question that needs your time and efforts because when our ideas meet reality, both sides suffer.

The erogenous zones of 999 girls out of 1000 will be genitals, buttocks, the inner side of the thighs, neck, lips, and the inner side of the forearms. Only one of 1000 will not experience any emotions, touching these places. Nevertheless, everything isn’t as simple as we would like. It is always necessary to consider the fact that the sensitivity of a particular zone strongly depends on the woman's psycho-emotional state, her mood, foreplay, a day of the menstrual cycle, as well as on the “training” of the nerve receptors in a particular zone.

how to please a woman sexually

Why Pleasing a Woman Can Be So Hard?

Before you find out how to please a woman sexually in bed, you should know that women’s orgasm is very dependent on the psychological state. However, this may be a weak consolation against the background of the fact that most often, the problem is in men’s incompetence. And the root cause of this problem lies in men’s cowardly pride. It’s cowardly because not every man is ready to accept the fact that sex needs efforts and development. After all, it is easier to console yourself with self-hypnosis, that it’s her problem, not yours. And your woman can be unsatisfied for years, regularly imitating orgasms and trying to please you. There are high chances that such relationships of asymmetric satisfaction can end in the most unpleasant way. Every man should know how to please a woman sexually and help her relax before the penetration. Psychologists emphasize several reasons that prevent women from getting an orgasm.

1. Discomfort due to an unattractive appearance

Best of all, if a girl will wear beautiful underwear not occasionally but constantly. This will make her feel more confident. So, if you want to help her with this point, don’t forget to pay her compliments and present beautiful lingerie. Knowing that you consider her attractive and hot will help a woman relax and be ready for sex at any time. Do you remember the notorious statement that women love with their ears? So, if you ask yourself, “How to please your woman?” try your best to make her believe she is the hottest baby for you.

2. Stress

The girl will not be able to experience the pleasure of intimacy if she is in a stressful situation. A woman who is fixated on problems cannot relax and enjoy the process, listening to her feelings. Sexual intercourse, which ended in an orgasm, has a beneficial effect on psychological and physical health. Sex allows gaining peace of mind and self-confidence. Therefore, psychologists advise to abstract from negative thoughts and, concentrate on the positive aspects as well as distract from the problems. Try to relax her with your hands, run her a bath with lavender or pine oil, this will allow her to calm down and tune in to the desired mood.

best way to please a woman3. The inability to completely relax

Sometimes women find it difficult to stop thinking about some trifles and focus on her physical sensations. Often the reason is distrust of the partner. The girl needs to learn to trust you and fully indulge in your caresses, without thinking about unnecessary things. You can help her cope with trust issues, applying different technics.

4. Inferiority complex

Some women suffer from an inferiority complex. They cannot feel pleasure in bed with their husbands, and they constantly think about the imperfections of their bodies. If you don’t know how to please a woman, and you are sure that she suffers from inferiority complex, then you should make her understand that there are no ideal people. Make it clear that if you are in a relationship with her, then it is she who is most attractive to you. She must accept that everybody has flaws. Awareness of this fact will help her relax during sexual intercourse and enjoy the process.

How Many Inches Can Please a Woman?

Probably every man at least once in his life thought about the size of his penis. Massive sexual ignorance and the development of the porn industry greatly reinforce the already strong concerns about this issue. There is a firm conviction that the size of the genitalia affects the success in bed, and if there is the slightest inconsistency with the "standard," a man can get a lot of complexes. Do you know that the average penis size is 4 -6 inches, and the “giants” of the porn industry, who have more than 8 inches, are rare exceptions? Even most porn actors have standard genitals, but thanks to a properly chosen angle and tricks of editing, the "caliber" looks more impressive on the screen.

In addition, you must understand that there is no single standard for women because each girl has a different structure of the pelvis, not to mention the features and preferences of the ladies. Your experience and desire to please a woman plays a much bigger role. Therefore, it makes no sense to worry about inches if you know how to please a woman in bed.

How to Please a Woman Sexually Step-By-Step

Usually, caresses are a must-have before sex, so a man needs to be creative. He should not hesitate to show his arousal because every woman wants to be desired by her lover. If she feels the power of the partner's desire, then she can get more excited herself.

How to please a woman with your hands?

The female body is very sensitive, much more sensitive than the male one, so when you touch her with your hands or soft objects, tongue, when you stroke her and light slap (if you do that correctly), your actions will bring her an unforgettable pleasure. The most important thing in caresses is to listen to your partner, study her and not be afraid to ask. A woman should be allowed to open, reject the embarrassment and trust her man. It is necessary to start pleasing her lightly, gradually going lower and lower.

  • You can start with gentle touches to the neck, collarbone, hair. Some girls like when men touch their cheekbones and chins. Touch must be light, barely perceptible. Such physical contact will help a woman relax and get used to her partner's hands.
  • Caressing the face, you need to maintain eye contact. In this case, you can run your thumb on the lips and cheeks of the partner as well as gently touch the cheekbones. Don’t forget about kisses. This is the easiest, but most effective way to excite a girl. You can start with a light touch of the lips, and then deepen the kiss. Passionate French kiss can turn on any girl.
  • A lot of erogenous zones are located on the back. Here, during the caresses, you can use aromatic oils. How to sexually please a woman? It is worth starting erotic massage with circular movements of the arms along the shoulders, and then descending lower along the spine. Particular attention should be paid to the space between the shoulder blades and lower back, covering these places with kisses.
  • After the back massage, you can go to the caress of the abdomen. To understand the mood of your partner, you must first gently stroke the stomach, without touching the navel. After that, kisses will be the best continuation of the process.
  • Many nerve endings are concentrated on the inner side of the thigh. But you should move to this area only when the woman is quite excited. Her rapid breathing, the dilated pupils and moaning will tell you about it. Stroking and touching the inner side of the thigh with the tongue helps the girl bring pleasure closer.
  • When you see that the partner is ready to move on, it is worth going over to the caressing of the chest and the genitals. Here, you should listen to the woman because at this stage it is very easy to make a mistake. If she is ready, then it’s time to find out how to orally please a woman.

How to Please a Woman Orally?

best ways to please a woman in bedOral sex is one of the best ways to please a woman in bed since it helps her get excited before sexual intercourse. Some women like when men caress them with fingers, while some other ones are crazy about touches of the tongue. In the first case, you should pay attention to the length of the nails and the purity of the fingers. Shortly cropped nails and washed hands will save your partner from damage to the vaginal walls and infection. If you are satisfied with your hands, your movements should be careful so as not to hurt the girl or cause any discomfort.

If you make slow rhythmic movements, you will allow your girlfriend to enjoy every touch of your tongue and mouth to her vagina. The rhythm is one of the key ways to please a woman. You should periodically change the cunnilingus technique. The are many combinations of techniques, but the best way to please a woman is about circular movements around the clitoris. It's all clear, isn’t it? Wrap your lips around her clitoris and suck it. Do not worry, it's not as scary as you think. It is almost the same as sucking a nipple. Then run the tongue from side to side, slightly touching the clitoris with the tip of the tongue. Up and down. Imagine that there is a light switch in front of you, and you need to turn it on and off several times. Do it with your tongue.

How to Please a Woman During Sex?

If you don’t know how to please your woman sexually, then it’s necessary to start with a key moment.

Don’t make the mistake of many men, don't deeply insert the penis into your girl’s vagina with a sharp movement. The fact is that most women are extremely sensitive in the upper area of the vagina, the one closest to the clitoris. If you insert the penis gently and at the right angle, the girl will subconsciously show her pleasure, swaying her hips.

Sometimes it happens that a woman after the penetration begins to be less passionate and as if cools down. In this case, you need to caress the sensitive area near the clitoris, but you should do it very gently, otherwise, you can only worsen the situation. The fact is that if your movements of the fingers are rough and the pressure is too strong, then the girl may become hurt.

A woman gets pleasure thanks to stimulating of the inner erogenous zones. Most often, in the early stages of sexual activity, girls do not experience vaginal orgasm. Over time, the sensitivity of erogenous zones increases, and the woman begins to enjoy the process to the fullest. Sometimes this can happen only after the birth of the child (the exception is cesarean section).

Nevertheless, most women are capable to get the vaginal orgasm. So, you can please your girlfriend by alternating slow and fast frictions. For brighter sensations, it will be great to use special lubricants. It is believed that there is a G point in the vagina, the stimulation of which leads to jet and multiple orgasms that make her scream.

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