How to Dress for a Date Night (and Many More): a Guide for Men

Today we will talk about how to dress for a date so that this event will not be the last one. After all, men often want to change the convenience and practicality in clothing for a nice style and follow fashion trends. Therefore, choosing clothes for a first date becomes problematic for some men. However, such an occasion is very important and it’s an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better. And if you show your feelings for some girl, nothing should be an obstacle on the way to your relationship with her. Correctly composed set of clothes plus the appropriate accessories in balance with good manners is the best way to the heart of a chosen one. Therefore, the choice of clothing for this event should be taken with all seriousness. It is unlikely that your companion will want to spend her evening on you if, for example, you wear a tracksuit on a date in a cafe. So, let’s figure out what to wear on a date so that it doesn’t shock your companion?

how to dress for a date

What to wear on a casual first date

Some believe that they must dress very, very well on the first date so that a girl is stunned by how cool they look. But a lot depends on a girl and where you go. Some girls can perceive your super image as something that you strongly show off. And this will serve you not very well. Also, if your first date takes place not in a cafe but in a more active environment, for example, you decide to walk in the park, then you don’t need to wear a tuxedo. Your outfit will simply be out of place in this situation. Wherever you invite a girl, take the preparation process and your appearance seriously. This will tell your chosen one that you have made some effort and want the meetings to continue. Don’t wear your favorite beach shorts and flip-flops. These things look careless and are not suitable for a first date. A woman may be disappointed to see you in such clothes and think that a date is not so important to you. They can be worn when a relationship becomes more trusting.

How to dress for a date in the fresh air

The perfect combination: a shirt, a pullover with a V-neck, pants from a dense fabric (not from a suit and without arrows), and sneakers or “lightweight” shoes – loafers or derby. An alternative ideal combination: an informal jacket made of soft fabric, a shirt, a tie, jeans, suede shoes or derby shoes. In general, the ensemble shouldn’t be pretentious, but not too sloppy. A girl should realize that you were preparing for a date – thus, you immediately attract her yourself. And, most importantly, you make her understand that you’re not crazy. These clothes will perfectly solve the problem – what to wear on a date.

how to dress for a dateWhat to wear on a first date to dinner

Yes, “sloppy” style is a big trend now. But, believe me, no girl will like that you treat her with a sloppy attitude. So, you can put aside knitted sports pants, hoodies, and sneakers. Even if these are the clothes for which you flew to Milan. We can say that not every girl will distinguish brand clothes from ordinary ones. A girl will think like this: “Yeah, he comes on a date in sneakers, that is, wearing everything that he saw in the wardrobe. He is not interested in making an impression on me. I don’t like it!” Bear in mind, casual date clothes are not the same as sports ones! You can wear such clothes only if they are perfect for other places, for example, a nightclub.

How to dress for a dinner date in a restaurant

Of course, if you have a date once a year, you want to celebrate this event with all the proper pomp, for example, wearing a tuxedo (especially since you have washed it recently). But don’t do it. By choosing date night clothes that are uncomfortable to you, first of all, you will harm yourself – you will feel constrained. Then, you will spoil a date: a girl will feel your tension and will hardly want anything, except for another cappuccino. But even if you feel more comfortable in a tuxedo, leave it at home. Too solemn outfit kills all sexual fluids.

Also, there is something in a man with a tie around his neck. But a tie must be loosened, as if after a hard day. Especially this method works after a real day’s work: there are not so many things that excite a woman like a man who can go to work (and if he still loves his work, then it is just bingo). Well, it would be nice if a tie was worn with a suit (our society has not yet grown for a tie-shirt combination). A suit doesn’t have to be expensive. Its role can be fulfilled by a soft jacket in casual style and trousers (from dense fabric, without obligatory arrows) several shades lighter than a jacket.

What to wear on a first date at the cinema

This is perhaps the most democratic place for meetings. If a film is uninteresting, you can just have fun together. For the cinema, good shoes, clean jeans, a shirt or a sweater will be good. In such clothes, it will be convenient if you want to continue a date in a nightspot after a movie. Some like to wear a classic jacket with jeans – recently it is becoming popular. But be careful: some ladies hate such combinations. For them, it looks like fashion from the last century.

What to wear in a nightspot

Yes, sometimes the first date is appointed even in such places. Needless to say, a nightclub and a first date are slightly incompatible things, but if the choice is already made, then think about how you can amaze a girl, except for the crazy dances. Going to the club, you can wear the same casual date clothes like jeans and a non-standard blazer. By the way, if you are going to an elite nightclub, it’s better to wear a jacket from a well-known brand because a 5-dollar T-shirt and old jeans may look somehow out of place (even if your wallet will burst a solid bundle of money). At the same time, clothes for the club should be as free as possible, allow you to move, and, among other things, it should be comfortable. Otherwise, dances will turn into the torture of a temperature collapse.

What to wear on a first date in winter

An ice rink is a very popular place for dates. You do a sport and rest in the fresh air. Music is pleasant and people are happy. In a three-piece suit from Tom Ford, you will look ridiculous in such a place. Buy a good sports suit and that is all. As an alternative, your favorite sweater and jeans will also be appropriate. Be sure to take a dry T-shirt to change then.

How to dress for a date at the opera house or theater

Here you can’t experiment with clothes. In order to go to the theater or opera and look great, a man needs to purchase (if he hadn’t done it yet) a black tuxedo, shoes of the same color and a light shirt. Such a place as a theater excellently demonstrates how a man should look on a date. Correctly created style increases your chances to conquer your loved one.

What to wear for a car/motorbike/yacht ride

Here the main criterion is that it should be convenient for you to drive a selected vehicle. For example, for a car, casual clothes with a slight touch of negligence – an unbuttoned shirt collar, slightly tucked sleeves, and expensive watches would be the most successful option.

how to dress for a dateImportance of shoes

No matter how relaxed the environment is, your shoes must be in good condition. Whichever shoes you put on, you can be sure that a girl will necessarily pay attention to them. This part of a wardrobe says a lot about a person and is one of those signals that help make an idea of your personality. Going on a date, make sure that your shoes are clean, comfortable and, if possible, stylish.

What clothes to wear on a date and not to screw up

  • Don’t wear total black: this can create an unpleasant situation as if something bad happened. It is better to wear clothes of dim colors, but not black. Choose the following colors as a basis: maroon, green with emerald shade, blue. If you are not afraid of experimenting, put on a dark purple shirt. And don’t choose clothes with bright inserts or screaming slogans for the first date.
  • Don’t wear new clothes. For example, clothes that you bought yesterday. But if you still want to wear some new shirt or suit, then you shouldn’t forget to cut all the unnecessary things like labels and price tags.
  • Follow the rules for combining colors. Hope you remember that your clothes shouldn’t be variegated if you are going somewhere with a girl. Adhere to a color solution with a maximum of four colors. If you wear jeans of delicate shades of gray and blue, then combine them with brown shoes. The same can be said to suits.
  • Choose colors that suit the shades of your eyes and skin. Warm colors will help you emphasize the eyes of brown and dark colors. To emphasize green and blue eyes, choose cool shades: blue, gray. Are you nervous that the skin on your face is in a bad state? Forget the red and white shades. They emphasize redness and imperfection.
  • Don’t combine brown shoes and a black suit. The general scheme of the color combination of clothes and shoes is as follows: black shoes can be worn with black, dark gray or dark blue suits only. Brown shoes should be worn only with a light-colored suit or jeans. For example, such shoes can be worn with a light gray or light blue classic suit, as well as light blue or gray jeans. It’s easy to remember and the knowledge of these rules will bring a tangible benefit. Girls are very well versed in the issues of color compatibility, so it’s better to keep that in mind in order not to disappoint them.
  • Don’t forget about accessories. A tie must be carefully tied and combined with the rest of the image. A cute white handkerchief in your pocket is a very functional element, which is appreciated by women very much. To classic trousers, it is necessary to get a belt made from high-quality materials, preferably from leather.
  • Forget the T-shirts with “cool” prints. They definitely don’t fit for the first date. What girl will appreciate a shirt with a print like “I love sex” or “Real boy”?
  • Try it on and see how it sits. Avoid too loose and too narrow cut. Tight pants look inappropriate on men and too wide pants look carelessly. They give the impression that you don’t care how to dress. If you are unhappy how clothes look, contact an atelier to adjust clothes to your body type.
  • You must look great. Clothes of a man who is going on the date should look great; shoes should be polished. Should we remind men that they need to shave their stubble and cut their nails? Before going out, don’t forget to use perfume with a pleasant aroma.
  • Wear clean underwear and new socks. Before a date, it is better to put on clean underwear and socks. You don’t know how your date may end. You don’t want to screw up, right? As you can see, dear men, getting dressed properly doesn’t mean spending a lot of time thinking about images carefully. To create simple and stylish sets of clothes, you can safely use these useful tips.
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