How to have a perfect first date with a Russian girl?

Maybe your disappointment with the emancipated western women or maybe the sheer interest have brought you to dating sites, where you got acquainted with the Russian girl.

You've spent few months corresponding with her and all of a sudden found yourself deeply attracted to her.

Whether it is love or just a mere infatuation, you feel the urge to go to Russian for your relationships to step out from the online to the material world. But, dating Russian girls has its own peculiarities and first date tips are inevitable for you.

How to have a perfect first date with a Russian girl?

Of course you want your first date to be perfect and it makes you nervous. That why you need to prepare yourself for it.

You were picturing your date for months, but when it is already about to happen, first date ideas are not popping up in your head, and that frustrates you greatly.

First you must plan where your first date with a Russian woman will take place. No matter how funny it may seem, but when dating Russian women a small cafe or restaurant is a perfect place for your first date.

Russian girls are not visiting restaurants as often as women in Europe or America. So, romantic dinner is one of the perfect first date ideas.

It is great if you've discussed her favorite cuisine while chatting. If you haven't, it is better to ask her about it, 'cause otherwise, you first date can be spoiled. But, you choose the place, because Russian women like self-assured men.

Show her that you can take control over the things.

Also, when choosing a cafe or restaurant, get sure that it has a relaxed setting with no loud music. The place mustn't be overcrowded with people, because nothing should distract both of you from your conversation.

Another important thing is how to dress for your first date with a Russian girl. Russian women are obsessed with good clothes, thus they prefer well dressed men. So, you must look your best.

But, don't overdo it, just stick with reasonably fashioned clothes. Also, make sure that you have a good haircut and don't forget to put some cologne.

Don't forget to bring flowers or a nice present for the first date with a Russian lady. Russian women are rarely pampered by Russian men, so your gift will help in making a good impression on her.

Another important point, you must act as a gentleman. Don't forget to open the door in front of her and let her in first. You should pull out the chair for her and to stand up if she leaves the table.

You must also be careful with questions to ask on your first date. Starting you're conversation with asking her to marry you is not one of the good first date ideas, as it may easily scare her off.

She would think that you're too fast in making decisions, which is strange, because you don't know each other that well.

Also, you must be ready for intellectual conversation, as your date mate, probably has a university degree, just like the vast majority of Russian girls. Be ready to discuss Russian culture and culture of your country.

Last, but not the least, you should pay for the dinner.

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I’m from Russia and I can say that our men really arrange dates in restaurants very rarely because they are greedy. Although I think it is a very good idea for the first date.
13.03.2020 15:21
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