How to Use Sexting to Your Advantage

You may wonder, what is sexting? Sexting is texting about sex. It is one of the ways to have virtual sex. Any conversation about sex for flirting in a textual form can be called texting. Sending each other sexting messages is a quite popular thing nowadays. Many people around the world do it in order to encourage themselves. People also have many questions about sexting because it is a relatively new thing. Read the following info to know the best sexting tips that might help you in your virtual adventures.

what is sexting

What is Sexting and How to Take Advantage of It

So, sexting is chatting about sex for the purpose of mutual excitement and flirting. Internet and mobile applications allow you to connect with anybody anytime and anywhere. Like any conversation about sex, sexting can be quite interesting because people reveal their desires and sexual intentions in the process of sexting. It is not real sex, it is virtual sex but it has some healthy psychological effect because you actually say out loud what you otherwise wouldn’t be able to say.

Getting to Know Each Other’s Preferences

Sexting conversations can provide you with many different advantages. First of all, you get to know what the person you’re chatting with is into sexually. Just like you open your secrets and hidden sexual triggers to your sexting partner, so does he or she. Thus, it helps to establish some kind of personal contact because individual’s sexual life is the most personal thing one can have.

Therefore, sexting conversations can show you the inner side of a person’s character and reveal to you his or her sexual desires. This is one of the best ways to quickly establish personal contact. So, even though you shouldn’t expect much from a person you’re sexting with, still you have a chance to make something bigger out of it.


The main reason why people do sexting is because they don’t actually have physical contact and might not even know each other personally. Therefore, it gives them a carte blanche. They can say anything they want to say. You too can say anything you like as long as it doesn’t offend your sexting partner. This is why sexting is so exciting. It really gives freedom in stating your opinions and thoughts on sex out loud without being shy. There are no restrictions in sexting and there’s nothing to be afraid of because there are no consequences. This is impossible to do in real world during a live conversation with a person in front of you. Moral, ethical, and social restrains simply disallow you to say whatever you like to say without consequences. In other words, real world is censored while sexting on the internet is uncensored.

How It Works

Snapchat sexting is quite popular today. People usually send each other some intimate photos of themselves with or without clothes and mostly without a face to remain anonymous. Snapchat sexting is very convenient, fast, and accessible.

emoji sextingSkype sexting is also popular. You can even use a microphone and webcamera, although it won’t be sexting anymore. Sexting with camera is closer to actual virtual sex. Still, it is sexting because many people prefer using text seeing as how microphones can distort a voice and make it less sexy. Sexting becomes even better if you receive a video footage instead of just seeing pictures. They make the participants more encouraged. Also, it gives you a confirmation that a person you’re chatting with is real.

Emoji sexting is the most complex and, speaking honestly, pointless one. It is best used as an addition to real sexting with words, pictures, and video. In itself and by itself alone emoji cannot give enough to have a good sexting experience.

Some Issues Regarding Sexting

Sexting is fun but it cannot substitute real sex or live relationships with other people. Some individuals don’t understand that and become addicted to sexting in the same way some other people are addicted to porn. The best way to look at sexting is to consider it an addition to your sex life, not a substitute of it. People who use sexting right see it this way.

Is sexting cheating? This is the most serious and complex problem regarding all kinds of virtual sex. There is no definite answer to this question. Each couple should come up with an answer on their own. Here’s what you need to consider while thinking about that. First of all, there is no actual physical contact. You might not even know the real name of a person you’re sexting with. He or she may be a complete stranger to you. So, nothing but sexting connects you to each other.

Then, the very fact that you need sexting being in relationship can cause troubles. Your partner might think that he or she does not satisfy you fully. So, sexting is not really cheating but it can indicate some problems in relationships. Other than that, it is completely harmless. But why have sexting at all if you have somebody to have real sex with? That is the question. It may not be cheating in itself but it can lead to cheating. So far, this is what experts say about sexting and cheating. Going further, you need to think for yourself.

Tips & Examples for Sexting Her

Reading this, you probably have somebody to have sexting with. First, second, and even third time can be confusing for anybody. You cannot jump right ahead to your most hidden desires. What you should do is to take some distance and start from afar. This way you’re going to gain trust of your sexting partner and make everything easier and better for the both of you. Read the following sexting ideas to know what to do and how.

Introduce Yourself

First thing you need to do is to introduce yourself. Don’t be rude or impolite thinking there are thousands of people you can have sexting with. Even though you remain anonymous through the Internet, you need to respect your sexting partner. This will only make things better in the long perspective. It is better to develop sexting relationships with one partner than start all over again with new partners each time. Make sure your sexting partner comes back and try to show your good side.


Sexting conversation depends a lot on how you choose your sexting partner. You need to choose him or her right. Usually, all it takes is just a couple of questions to know what your partner is up to. For example, you might start sexting a woman who likes to dominate guys. And you may not be into it. So, you just need to quit and find yourself a more suitable partner. You also can be unsuited for your sexting partner. In case you see some dissatisfaction you also need to consider finding somebody else. Always remember that choosing your partner right is very important for the whole process.

Sex Preferences

You can state your sex preferences right ahead in the form of a list. This way they won’t come as a surprise for your sexting partner. For example, tell in the beginning that you like anal sex or BDSM, maybe using wax, sex toys, unusual locations, etc. People who do sexting are usually very liberal, so they most probably won’t be surprised by anything. Still, show what you want from sexting and also be ready to give what is asked from you. Anyway, it is all virtual, so don’t be afraid. Remember that you can do anything without any consequences. That is the best part of sexting.

sexting ideasDetails

One of the greatest sexting tips for guys is to be attentive to details. Sexting is like art. The more details you use, the better. Use a diverse vocabulary. Imagine you’re a writer and write as much information as you can. Tell about the room you imagine you have sex in. Be attentive to clothes, set the atmosphere, provide a background, and carefully depict your every move. Tell what you feel or want to feel. Share your emotional response and just try to think of everything as if it was happening for real.

A Story

Making a story is the heart of sexting. You don’t just have sex. You need to come up with a story. Think about where you have sex and why you have sex. Think even harder about how you have sex. You need to use your imagination because imagination decides everything in sexting. In fact, sexting is all about imagination. Use your imagination to the fullest. Try to come up with new ideas every minute. Do everything you’ve always dreamt of but have never done in real life. Liberate yourself from judgments, restrains, and limitations. Allow your imagination to free fall in the depth of pleasure, excitement, and sexual encouragement. You should use pictures and think of things you write about.

How to Initiate Sexting

Initiate sexting with a stranger on the Internet is quite easy. There are many ways to find partners using different sites and applications. It is not that easy if you want to have sexting with somebody you know or have met even once. First of all you need to clearly state your intentions. You need to have some contact established beforehand to do that. It is not that you can have sexting only with your ex-girlfriends. It can be your friends, close ones or even acquaintances.

There’s no right way to initiate it to expect a 100% success. Everything depends on what kind of person you’re asking to do that. The best way to start it is to start not from it. In other ways, talk about something else for some time and only then state your intention. Be prepared for a no and don’t be offended by it. If a person is not into it, then there’s really nothing you can do about it. The best classic line to start sexting is to ask “what are you wearing right now?”. Everybody understands right ahead what it means when they’re asked that.

Here are some sexting examples with stories and background

You two happened to be in an elevator when it stopped working. The lights went out and you have already spent hours there. You start to approach her because you two are bored. You wear a black suit with a necktie and blue shirt. She has a skirt with a jacket. You first noticed her at the office and you shared a long look in the eyes. You say you like her and she answers that the feeling is mutual. You take her hand and start to kiss her. She kisses you back. What goes then is totally up to you. Nobody watches, nobody listens but you two are scared that the lift will be fixed any minute. You want it to work again and you don’t want it at the same time. You are in a tricky position and it is totally up to you how you’re going to spend your time. Take your time to remove the clothes and put them on the floor instead of sheets. Then, proceed to what you want most.

You two are alone in the cinema watching a movie late at night. You wear shorts and a T-shirt. She’s in jeans, yellow T-shirt, and a pink bra. The whole movie hall is empty. You’ve seen her before and she saw you too. You change your seat and sit next to her. Then, you place your hand on her breast and kiss her. She kisses you back. To be continued.

Now you know everything there is to know about sexting. Remember to be attentive to details and don’t get addicted to sexting. Use Skype or Snapchat for a better experience. Choose your partners right and have a good time. Good luck!

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Sexting is a great way to maintain and even strengthen long-distance relationships. My girlfriend and I tried this and we really liked it.
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