Quick Guide to Dating a Russian Girl

Female Russians have already won the status of the most charming and enigmatic women on Earth. Twenty years ago, men from all around the world started to opening new horizons by dating and marrying foreign girls. Today, it becomes even simpler to find a perfect match for you on the Internet. However, a rare westerner knows how to treat a lady from the distant country in the right way. So in this article, we decided to gather some valuable information about dating Russian women. Read on!


1. Work on your self-presentation

The fastest way to find a potential girlfriend is to register at a Russian dating site that will provide you with thousands of single ladies’ profiles. Keep in mind that your own profile should be flawless to attract women. The first impression of you comes from photos you add and items you write about yourself. Try to create an objective and comprehensive self-description that would outline your strongest points and dating goals. Add your best picture free from touch ups and start your searches!

2. Prove your interest in her

Russian women generally look for serious relationships. That’s why they take into account everything you do and say. As you might know, the greatest thing you can give to a woman is your attention to her. Russian girls are no exception. Although they are generally super hot, their main dating goal isn’t just sex but the mutual emotional bond and respect. So if you wanna find the right path to a Russian lady’s heart, take an interest in her inner world and her life and manage to express it. Ask follow-up questions about her hobbies, worldview, life events etc.

3. Take the initiative

There’s a probability you will meet a perfect Russian match with time. Online dating is, by all means, entertaining and fun: you can chat, have live video chats, and send pictures to one another. However, serious relationships base on something more than that. If you and she feel there’s the connection between you two, try to bring that friendship to the next level. Ask her for an in-person meeting! Of course you’d better spend a while online to get to know each other well enough. Russian girls adore initiative guys so this is the certain way to touch her heart.

4. Remember about the cultural differences

Undoubtedly, Russian women are hugely different from their sisters in the West. There are many factors causing that. This dissimilarity may sometimes confuse foreign guys so keep a couple of things in mind. First, Russian girls are far more feminine that, say, American ladies. Not that they don’t want to promote their professional life but such things as family, love relationships, and kids remain their priority no matter what. That’s why Russian girls are more family-oriented than Western women. Next, Russian ladies appreciate courteous wooing. They expect their partners to bring them small gifts, to demonstrate manliness and good manners, and to treat them like gems. Great if you ask your Russian friend to tell you more about her mentality and country – she will definitely value it and be happy to open new horizons for you.

5. Pay her respect

This is actually what every human relationship should be based on. As you already know, Russian ladies wish to date gentlemen. Show your good quality! Even online you may demonstrate your attitude to your potential lover. Despite Russian girls like guys who can take the first steps, they don’t want to play a secondary role. Always be polite and ask her opinion before doing something. One more thing: don’t be intrusive when it comes to revealing any personal data. If she isn’t ready to discuss some intimate topics and send you more information.

6. Remain honest with her

Another wonderful thing about Russian women is their undeniable loyalty. If such a girl builds a relationship with a man she likes, she expects him to be committed. Subconsciously, a Russian lady evaluates whether you are capable of making a compatible lifetime partner or not. And she is willing to pay him in return. Next, Russians are known for their straightforwardness. They like sharing their mind. Unlike westerners, Russians tell you almost everything what’s on their mind. So being sincere with your partner helps you create a harmonious international couple.

7. Express your attitude

We’ve already told you how essential it is to express your interest to a Russian girl. This refers to your feelings and emotions as well. In Russia, people are generally more emotional and spontaneous than in the West. Any Russian girl is aware of her merits and beauty. However, she also needs to hear nice things from you and see your deeds. Don’t forget to pay her compliments and confess your feelings form time to time; include gifts and surprises to show your affection. Think you’ll appear to be overly cheesy? Believe us, that’s just your false impression.

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