Russian Women in Bed: What They Prefer

Russian girls are amazing. They are smart, beautiful and they take care of their appearances. They are really good wives. This is a small part of the reasons that made Russian women so desirable. But there is one more important moment all men know about. Russian women and sex are the best friends. All thanks to a hot temperament and tenderness of Russian people! This combination of character traits guarantees a man a higher pleasure in bed. In the case when a man knows how to succeed and convince a Russian girl that he is worth her attention, of course. We will gladly help you with this task.


How to Get a Russian Girl Sexually Excited

First, read this axiom: It's not so important that you want sex. It is important that she wants sex. Your sexual desire (or sexual energy, call it whatever you want) is always weaker than the sexual desire of a Russian girl. Therefore, your task is to direct it to yourself. Now, read about how to have sex with Russian women:

1. Show yourself. Step number one, if you're at a party and you liked the Russian girl (by the way, it works with all the girls in principle). It's easier than it seems. 80% of sexual contacts are provoked by women through giving silent signals to the world. When you come to the party, try to stand in the center of the room for a while: it's purely psychological trick for women. They like to rotate around the central point, besides, you can be examined from all sides. If you see the familiar girl in the crowd, smile at her: women are more friendly to casual acquaintances than to suspicious strangers.

2. Look into her eyes. There is one small trick that the Doctor of Psychology, Buffington, shared with us: start the conversation with beautiful Russian women when their pupils are dilated. This means that now they are the most susceptible. Watch the girl’s reaction to your words and react accordingly to it.

3. Say compliments. Beautiful words have a special effect on the Russian girls. They not only make their sweet faces blush, but also cause sexual desire. So, do not skimp on compliments. It is important not only to be able to choose words but also to say them correctly. Say compliments with a smile on your face and the most natural tone.

4. Do not agree with everything she says. Yes, this is the golden rule that you should remember. Constantly assenting man, however charming he may be, will not be able to seduce a Russian girl. The thing is that they are accustomed to seeing in men the firmness of character and principles. This is what really turns sexy Russian women on.

Hot-coupleWhat Russian Girls Prefer in Bed

So, our lessons were not in vain and you caused a sexual desire in your Russian girlfriend. But do not rush into the battle without weapons. Remember that your women are very different from the Russians in temperament. Therefore, all your previous sexual experience is only partially applicable. Let's see what the Russian women having sex are fond of:

1. Be the boss. The first rule of dating Russian women. Most Russian ladies love when men show leadership qualities, including during sex. This does not mean that you have to become a tyrant and an egoist, not at all. But it is you who must set the rhythm and tone of your sex. According to the wishes of your lover, of course. A whole science, but it is really easy to learn if you really want to reach your goal.

2. Do not insist on unconventional types of sex. At first, you should not even start talking about it. We do not want to say that Russian women are extremely conservative in bed, but most of them believe that the main thing in a good intimate life is romance. If your girlfriend is not against sexual "tweaks", she will tell you about it.

3. Regularly make variety in sex. Monotony kills love and even the hottest sex. Russian girls know this very well. They are very fond of the new experiences including in the intimate life. Offer something within the bounds of decency (for example, role-playing sexual games) and if your venture is successful, you can include fantasy and continue with something more “special”...Russian girls can be really crazy in bed!

What Russian Girls Don't Appreciate in Sex

In conclusion, let's talk a little about the taboos:

1. Do not always be silent. As you know, the man loves with the eyes and the woman with the ears. And she wants to hear gentle words with these ears. Or at least moaning, testifying to the strength of your passion. This is the best gift for hot Russian women.

2. Do not undress with the speed of light. Women do not like to look foolish more than anything in the world. And if she is still in a fur coat and boots, and there is nothing on you already (except condom), you both will look absurd.

3. Do not ignore the shower before sex. Russian girls are very neat. They always take care of themselves, smell pleasantly, and expect the same from their men. Although Ernest Hemingway said that a man should smell like a man, many ladies disagree with him. And your reference to the words of a famous writer is unlikely to be a worthy argument against the shower. Russian women are sexy, so you should try to be the same.

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Also, Russian girls prefer to have sex with the lights off. They argue that this creates a more intimate atmosphere.
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