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A true relationship is a rarity in our time. The real relationship is when two people fall in love and completely devote themselves to each other. They express their tenderness, consult each other before making important decisions, and are not afraid to show the world how they are in love and devoted to each other. You are either together or not. You are either friends or lovers or no one.

However, many people are inclined to believe that the relationshipі between people have changed: they have become more difficult. It’s time for experiments, an NSA casual relationship, and fleeting romances. But if two people can’t completely devote themselves to each other, can they be called a couple? They are just two partners that spend time together. And many of them are satisfied with it. But let’s deal with this issue.

NSA relationship definition

What is an NSA relationship?

Nowadays it is considered that NSA\FWB type of relationship is nice and interesting. But is it really so? What are such relationships?

We can give you such an NSA relationship definition: free love without responsibility and blame. Most often men who don’t want to have a family and like their bachelor status choose it. Modern women also don’t want to limit themselves to a family life. They need a career and men with whom they can have fun. Divorced people also get on this list. They are already bored with family responsibilities and obligations so they want to stay free. So, why do people choose it? This is due to boredom, loneliness, rejection of the traditional concept of the family, or they just want to have a healthy and regular sex life.

What are the advantages of such a relationship?

Like any other relationship of two loving people, an NSA type relationship has two sides of the coin. We will talk only about the undoubted advantages:

Unlimited freedom

Such love is imbued with ease, independence, and comfort.

A couple is not bound by the generally accepted framework

Relationships are not spoiled by formal deadlines, there is no need to rush things, rush with a wedding and children. Everything goes on as usual, without tearing. A couple enjoys each other.

The intrigue remains

Every meeting is special because it is not planned. Uncertainty and unconventionality of such relations warm up interest between partners.

Sexuality is off the scale

Perhaps the intimate relationship is not as regular as in a classical couple, but, as a rule, much more vivid and original. Sexual life is unpredictable (you never know where it will happen next time), passionate, and diverse.

NSA casual relationshipPeople don’t need to adjust and change themselves

Relationships are built without losing people’s own individuality and renouncing their way of life, habits.

Lovers that prefer an NSA relationship don’t burden themselves with domestic chores

As a consequence, many romantic relationships don’t undergo a test of establishing common life and housekeeping.

There is no ground for claims

An easy relationship format helps avoid the usual difficulties and problems faced by classical couples.

There is comprehensive support

In any situation, lovers can rely on their partners.

NSA relationships are based on mutual respect

If both lovers knowingly agreed to such a relationship and remain devoted to each other, this confirms the decency and respect prevailing in such a couple.

Free relationships will allow people to check each other

If one of the lovers is thinking about breaking up for any reason, then such a form of a union can be offered in order to check the true feelings of a partner. If a partner is happy to agree to this and starts cheating, it’s easy to understand that a relationship is not so strong.

Cheating is not regarded as a betrayal

The reaction to cheating in an NSA relationship can be different. But an affair on the side is not the reason for scandals. This is a juicy adventure that takes place in such a relationship.

There is an opportunity to communicate with several partners simultaneously

Usually, in NSA relationships, it is not forbidden to flirt and meet other people, which can bring even more acuity and drive into life. Sometimes this even develops a relationship of a couple.

People don’t show their feelings to each other every day

This makes such relationships very simple and easy.

NSA relationships raise your self-esteem

Who hasn't dreamed about having many partners? There is even a stereotype in our society saying that a successful person should be popular, and must have many sexual partners. An NSA relationship is your key to high self-esteem.

You can forget about boredom

Maybe boredom even killed your previous relationship, or you have suffered in some other way because of it. Now, you can forget about it once and for all. Every new day, you can meet someone new and find many interesting ways to spend time together.

It benefits your health

Nope, you still will have to attend your favorite gym or do the workout at home, but doctors claim that regular sex improves the cardiovascular system and general physical conditions.

You will become more intelligent and wit

Meeting people, even for an NSA relationship, is pretty hard. You still have to impress your future partners with your charm and wit. Thus, the more often you use your skills, the better you become.

You will find new connections

Have you ever heard about the Casting Couch Statue in Hollywood? It is very hard to overestimate how many things are done trough bed in our world. In our case, this means only pleasant bonuses from an NSA relationship. Who knows whom you can meet on your next date.

There is always excitation

You can never be sure about your partner and her/his actions. This excites the blood and doesn’t allow you to completely relax, your feelings are sometimes at the limit, but you feel good and interesting.

NSA relationships teach compromising

Mutual concessions and the ability to “share” a partner with others will not only save a couple but also form a persistent character. Ability to negotiate with oneself, close eyes to certain things – such qualities can be useful in other spheres of life!

NSA relationship rules

Such relationships just seem to be simple, but in fact, people subconsciously attach to each other. Therefore, it is worth sticking to the NSA relationship rules that will help you fully control the process.

Each person has own psychology, own rules of the game and the model of a relationship. Someone chooses a family at nineteen; someone builds a career up to thirty; someone is just satisfied with freedom and not in a hurry to put the ring on the ring finger. If you are one of such people, you have to know the NSA relationship rules in order not to spoil everything.

1. Forget about jealousy and control

This is the most important rule that should be strictly observed. You shouldn’t control your partner and ask questions: “Where were you?”, “Who were you with?”, “Why didn’t you call for three days?”, etc. Of course, this is not always easy. However, if you choose such relationships, you should understand that the partner’s personal life is open to other people. And if this fact is difficult to accept, then an NSA relationship is not for you.

2. Respect each other’s freedom

The most important rule of NSA relationships is freedom. Don’t limit your communication with other people: get acquainted, smile, and be interesting to yourself and others. The same rule applies to your partner – complete freedom of action and preferences.

3. Don’t start talking about everyday topics

“Can you imagine, today I called the plumber, but he didn’t come!”, “I went to the market, but I couldn’t find good apples”. For many, this is a direct bell that you try to attach her or him to family problems, even if you don’t have it in mind.

4. Don’t forget about contraception

NSA relationships should be safe. Even if a partner insists on closer contact, it is better not to take risks. In addition, it is better to choose contraception together, thus you can determine the necessary level of protection and avoid an unpleasant incident.

5. Don’t introduce a partner to friends and relatives

The most frivolous act of a person in NSA relationships is to invite a partner to a family celebration or a party with friends. Such an offer may not please a partner, and relatives may think that if you introduce your friend – then a wedding will be soon. Not everyone is able to understand such a relationship. Today you tell your friend about a passionate night and tomorrow all your acquaintances look suspiciously at you.

6. Be spontaneous and unpredictable

If a partner suits you and you don’t want to end flirting quickly, then be different and unpredictable. However, it is not necessary to fulfill the whims of a partner.

7. Don’t spend too much time with a partner

Plan meetings with your partner in advance and don’t spend too much time together. If you were planning to go to a concert of your favorite singer today and your partner called a couple of hours before it and offered to spend the evening together – don’t agree. Thus you show that this person is not the number one in your life.

looking for NSA relationship 8. Control your feelings

It is very easy to fall in love, but if you don’t plan to turn a temporary affair into a stable relationship, then it is better to keep emotions under control. Let’s be honest: when we already suffer and feelings overwhelm the mind – we can no longer assess the situation objectively. Therefore, it is important to be adequate and not to do anything stupid. This is really one of the most important NSA relationship rules.

9. Discuss everything

It is important to discuss all the details of your relationships in advance. Discuss each point and clarify the degree of possession of each other, in order to clearly understand what can and can’t be done.

10. Enjoy

If you have decided to try such relationships, then do everything to feel absolutely comfortable.

NSA relationship websites

Over the past decade, the global online dating market has grown almost sixfold. At the same time, the user’s views on online dating have changed. It is no longer perceived as a desperate destiny, and the number of loving couples is growing every year. But there are types of websites and apps that help find the NSA relationship for people that don’t want to oblige themselves to something serious. And here is the list of such places where you can find what you want:


Looking for an NSA relationship, you probably have already heard about Pure. The mission of the app is to sexually satisfy this world. There are only photos and readiness to have sex with someone. You can’t chat more than an hour. During this time, you need to specify whether you will wait for a partner at home or are ready to make a visit. The application shows those who are near you.

Down (previously Bang with Friends)

According to a legend, the sex application was developed in 2 hours by three 20-year-old guys with Red Bull and vodka. According to another legend, they searched for a business idea for a long time and, having analyzed the trends, came up with Down. The principle is simple and you probably already tested it. The application shows your Facebook friends and you mark those with whom you don’t mind having sex. And if she/he also doesn’t mind, then you receive a notification. And then you decide what to do with this notification.


Tinder is looking for all the nearest applicants who are set up for an acquaintance (and a relationship, of course). You need to register through your Facebook account and enter the search parameters (age, sex, and distance to the “object”). Then Tinder scans the nearest territory and you should “swipe” the proposed options. In the profiles of applicants several photos are displayed, as well as your common interests and friends.


This is another application that uses your social networks for login and profile creation. It also finds people with similar interests within the nearest geolocation and you, in theory, can find a new friend on the map and get to know each other in life. Try to use it and start looking for an NSA relationship if it is still interesting for you.

Trying NSA relationships is a very nice way to refresh your life and fill it with new emotions, feelings, and impressions. It may also help you to find a long-term partner. According to statistics, NSA relationships often turn into standard ones when both partners feel tired of changing partners. Therefore, you can forget about cheating in a relationship, because you both will know what you want when deciding to be committed to each other.

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Thanks for the list of NSA relationship websites. One of them will surely help me to find a pretty lady for a casual relationship.
13.03.2020 15:54
Laura Smith
When it comes to NSA relationships, I believe that the only way how it all may work is when both partners respect each other. Sex is a too personal thing to be comfortable with a person who doesn't want to listen to your needs. Thank you for this article! I think that I will finally try to find an NSA partner
04.05.2020 12:55
Jack Harper
NSA's relationship is about freedom and the ability to express yourself in many different ways. I believe that People should never limit themselves by having just one partner. Thank you for the list of dating apps. To be honest, I still struggle to find a nice one. I hope that more one app from your list will suit my needs.
04.05.2020 12:56
Darron Brown
It seems to me that I have always been concerned about my health and safety more than other people. Probably, this is the only factor why I am so picky. Thank you for the list of rules of having an NSA relationship. I wish more people were concerned with safety.
04.05.2020 12:56
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