Best Ways to Compliment a Girl

Finding the right ways to compliment a girl you happened to be romantically interested in may sometimes be a tricky business. The point is, you certainly don’t want your praises to ring hollow or even come across as hypocritical – or as just another lost attempt to get in her panties – yet, at the same time, as you are simply trying to strike up a chat with the girl, leaving her starving for affection and affirmation is quite unlikely to work out, either.

The whole trick is to get focused on less-obvious things to compliment a girl on in order to impress her. In this case, praises like “You’re the most wonderful woman in the world” are pretty thoroughly clichéd and are highly unlikely to cut the deal, so you will definitely need to be way more creative. In this article, you’ll find the very best ideas for compliments to give a girl that she can’t resist!

best way to compliment a girl

Do girls really like compliments?

Compliments, compliments, compliments. All of us make them. All of us adore them. However, some people may withhold them. The question is, do females even like praises to begin the conversation with? Can complimenting a girl help her become a little closer to you? We all know how unbelievably confusing such question of whether to give compliments for women or to withhold those really is.

Now, if there is the slightest reason why most women do enjoy compliments, it would certainly be because they temporarily build or re-enforce women’s ego. For a typical girl, compliments may serve as some kind of mechanisms helping her feel much better about herself. And for a super hot woman, they tend to have no other purpose rather than re-enforcing everything she already knows. At the same time, the most important thing most of us want to realize is that praises and sweet words serve as the main ways for females to meet their image of themselves. This is exactly why most women will surely say they absolutely adore compliments and then just proceed to give guys blank totally uninterested stares once they are approached or showered with those compliments.

How to compliment a woman without being creepy

Some men might believe that a particular far-fetched comment will sound incredible in their own heads. And as soon as they spoke it out loud, a fairly innocent situation starts to go horribly wrong in just a matter of seconds. So, with all those hassles along the long and tough way to woo or impress some lady, there has to be some escape route to figure out how a proper compliment should be given. As you proceed to the article itself, you will encounter 5 entirely different scenarios that will eventually help you develop the best compliments for a girl.

1. Creepy: “Your eyes are hypnotizing.”

Cute: “You got a freckle on your nose tip. Did you know that? Cause it’s really sweet!”

It is not always the words or particular compliment that would decide whether you sound creepy or not. As a matter of fact, not many guys do understand that it is a situation in general and the way you choose to state your particular comment that matters as well. You bump into a nice girl outside the elevator, at a party, official meeting, or a common project. All those scenarios should definitely be used for the purpose to get to know a girl well and not be feeling that you are coming on to her.

2. Creepy: “Don’t take it too seriously, but you actually look way better with no makeup.”

Cute: “You certainly haven’t worn makeup this week. And you are so gorgeous!”

compliments to give a girl The first statement not just sounds awkward to a girl, but quite insulting as well. A girl knows where she can be strong along with her flaws. And you don’t always resort to admitting she’s beautiful because, well, she actually knows that. Instead, transfer your attention to the little things she might be doing because she’s a kind person, or entirely about the girl and how well she can paint/sing/dance. The main point here is to notice the smallest things in her and make them totally apparent to the girl that you have certainly noticed them.

3. Creepy: “Wow, you seem really smart for a girl!”

Cute: “I truly like the way you think/your mind works.”

She is your good friend. Of course, you can do much better than the first comment above. Plus you got the inside advantage of knowing what kind of person she is on the inside. So, as you learn to utilize the right words and phrases, there will be much better chances of becoming something more than friends with a girl.

4. Creepy: “I have no library card on me now, or I would check you out at this very moment.”

Cute: “I bet your smile makes everyone’s day, just the way it made mine.”

Alright, this example may not be working perfectly on every woman. Better yet, the bravest of all your moves in such situation would be to give the girl your phone number having wrapped it up with a nice opening line and be hoping for the best. Technically speaking, you have absolutely nothing to lose. If she does not call you back, you might not happen to see her again, like, ever. However, if your compliment manages to strike a cord, then hooray! You nailed it!

5. Creepy: “I truly wonder why (her/your friend’s name) would never introduce us before? We could look perfect together.”

Cute: “You have very loyal friends of yours, so you must be a great company.”

Talking to a friend’s friend (especially if it’s a girl) can be tricky enough. So, the first lesson for you will definitely be not to act overly self-confident. The best way to compliment a girl supposes you to stay concentrated on the other person (in our case, a girl) and not entirely on you. Still, if you do want to include some of your feelings in there somewhere, make sure you don’t reveal something too personal, still enough relevant to the general topic, from your personal life into the conversation. And the second lesson will be to hang out with her in a small group of friends until she feels absolutely comfortable with just the two of you. The more your girl sees you being about yourself, outgoing and friendly towards her and her friends, your compliments will always be well-received.

How to compliment a girl on her looks

So, we’ve given an answer to “why do people give compliments?” and how to sound appealing when giving a compliment. Lately, we have seen several replies from those guys ended up pretty much confused regarding how to compliment a girl on her hair and even how to compliment a girl picture on Facebook. Every person is special and you simply can’t be expecting something working fine with one girl will work that well with another.

And though it might depend entirely on the type of person, we are convinced there are particular things you should pay attention to when you need to define whether it would be appropriate to compliment particular girl’s looks, so we genuinely hope the following tips will help you.

1. Praise her choices. For instance: appreciate her new outfit, trendy hairstyle, stylish accessories, and the way those look so well on her.

2. If you are trying hard to flirt, you could try complimenting a specific (but, most importantly, non-sexual) part of girl’s body really sticking out to your eye. For instance: her eyes (pretty clichéd but sometimes tends to work just fine), eyebrows, cheeks, girl’s glowing complexion, or, if you like, definite elements of her makeup such as her glossy highlight.

3. Consider steering away from telling a girl she’s hot, sexy, and so on unless you are 100% confident she is totally fine with that. Avoid looking up and down the girl’s entire body while praising her like you are just assessing the stuff. Such step of yours would probably make a girl feel like you are simply objectifying the girl. At the same time, probably the best compliments for girls must go towards her personality rather than her exterior.

how to compliment a girl on her hair4. Avoid adding a non-compliment statement to a compliment. For instance: “She would be a whole much prettier if…” or even “You are actually attractive for a…”

5. Don’t be recycling the same compliment on every single girl, especially if the first try was not well-received by a girl. For example: “You are so attractive and I don’t usually say this to any girl.”

6. Why do people give compliments? You say because oftentimes they want to claim something valuable from their praises. So, when you’re about to compliment someone, remember that the person does not owe you anything. Have you ever heard of a dude trying to hit on some girl, and when she starts to ignore his effort, he fires back with, “Whatever, you ugly anyway!” In this way, if a girl is not comfortable with what you say to her, it’d be better (and wiser) to apologize.

How to compliment a girl through text

1. Don’t be all too boring and predictable

First and foremost, each and every text message you send should be fun and interesting. For example, you should not start a talk with texts as boring as “Hi,” “Hey,” or “How you doing?” That’s just total snore fest. Instead, type something more unique, what will give her an incentive to write back, just like, “You absolutely cheated at … (any activity) last night. So now I call for a rematch!”

2. Go personal

Text messages may feel a bit impersonal sometimes, so do your very best in order to make those as personal as possible, where you can. Such method will certainly create something like a rapport between you two. Use the girl’s name in your messages – there’s just something super intimate about it. In addition, use such terms as “we” and “us” in texts as this will create an “us against the world” type of vibe all girls adore.

3. Tease her just a little

Teasing is an awesome flirting method – it can create intimacy between the two of you without getting too serious. Try teasing her about something she said or did last time you were chilling together. For instance, if she tells you she’ll go grab a Coke, you could say “just don’t spray it all over your pretty face like you did last time!” This is a decent example of call-back humor, aimed at drawing attention to that time when you used to hang out together, making the girl think positively about you and your relationship in general.

4. Pay your crush a genuine compliment

Try an old-but-gold compliment idea like “I just can’t stop thinking about you in that stunning black evening dress you wore last night” or opt for something more off-the-beaten-track, like “Hey, you got the weirdest sense of humor in the world, but I love it!”

5. Be suggestive

Probably no flirting text message would be absolutely complete without a slightly naughty suggestiveness keeping things on the edge.

This technique involves you taking a totally innocent comment of the girl and deliberately misinterpreting it as something more sexual. For instance, if she ever says something like “I would never expect it to be that long!” (referring to a book or movie), you could go ahead and reply with “that’s what you say!”

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