Dating a Gemini Woman: Everything You Wanted to Know

La femme fatale (Fr.), Gemini woman in love is extremely spontaneous and confident. Two beginnings are alternately strong in her, the desire for spiritual and material well-being. She loves to be independent; she needs freedom and concern for her financial well-being. She loves everything luxury, so it's possible to say that a Gemini girl is a real fashionista. She is caring, not indifferent to other people's problems, a good friend in difficult situations. Gemini girls are often mothers of many children who will teach their children how to make a lot of practical and necessary things. They raise independence in children. The Gemini woman is not obsessed with orders, easy-going, cheerful and childlike, extremely spontaneous. Full of her youth to old age. And today we will talk more about dating a Gemini woman.

how to seduce a Gemini woman

Gemini Woman Traits

Each zodiac sign has its striking feature that causes sympathy. Only one feature. And when talking about Gemini woman personality, we will name 8 more of them. The time has come to reveal the secrets of Gemini’s universal attraction and beauty.

1. Avoids conflicts. The Gemini woman will never get involved in someone else's fight or start a quarrel. She is sensitive to the environment: when it becomes too hot and explosive, she quietly disappears from home, office or relationships. If she decides to return, she will pretend that she has forgotten everything. However, you should not consider her weak-willed: if you drive her angry and bring her into a rage, she will remember all her karate knowledge and worst offensive memories, causing you more mental pain you could even imagine.

2. Shows independence. She neither asks anyone to be friends nor pursues men, nor take care of children: she respects herself and the freedom of others too much to bother someone. And since she behaves rather like a goddess, people usually look at her with admiring eyes. And she is not intimidated by solitude, although she prefers noisy companies.

3. Lives in multitasking mode. If you want to see an attraction, when a magician deftly juggles with a frying pan, speaks on the phone, checks her son's homework and also answers questions in the game “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” correctly, then marry a Gemini woman and get tickets in the first row.

4. Surprising knowledge. In addition to other traits of a Gemini woman and her ability to solve several problems at the same time, the representative of this sign has a broad, almost endless outlook. She is ready to discuss both the latest star gossip and Spinoza's philosophy. In general, it looks like a gift edition of “I want to know everything” encyclopedia, so you will never get bored with her.

5. Ready for adventure. The Gemini woman will not hesitate if you offer her to jump with a parachute tomorrow or go hiking. When she arrives in an unfamiliar city, she walks through it without maps and navigators to explore the paths untrodden by tourists. And, of course, if there is a chance to fall in love, start a career or move to another city, then fears, and reflections about age will not stop her.

6. Knows how to flirt. Have you ever wondered why a Gemini woman passes out of turn in clinics, and the crowd does not lynch her for it? How does she manage to be late for work with impunity? The point is in her carnage charm and talent to flirt with anyone anywhere. She smiles at everyone, even concierges and cleaners, distributes compliments without the shadow of flattery and is fascinated by new friends at first sight.

Gemini woman personality7. Loyal. She, of course, needs time to check a person's mind, honor, conscience, and sense of humor. But if once you proved your value to her, then you have forever gained a true friend or a beloved in her face. And neither years, nor distances, nor conflicts are capable to weaken her devotion.

8. Tells the truth. Not only a female Gemini can boast of this personal attribute, but it is her who manages to be honest, without offending the feelings of others. She hints so carefully at the stain on your shirt that you don’t even get upset. She will give you advice, and you will not want to argue with her. She will tell in social networks about the problem with the child, and members of the hidden group “You are a bad mother” will not attack her. The reason is that she is sensitive to words and knows how to use them carefully.

How to Seduce a Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman is unlikely to fall in love with a boring partner. He must constantly surprise, delight and amuse her. But you should not think that in the process of conquering, this woman you will not have to give everything completely. How to attract a Gemini woman? She needs surprises. For example, you can cook an exotic dinner and buy sparkling wine, and you need to choose some unusual place for a date because such a dinner in an apartment or restaurant will seem boring to her.

Gemini girl does not like monotony, it is destructive for her. To seduce a Gemini woman, you need to remember that she needs novelty. To win a Gemini woman, offer her a trip, hikes, fun activities, museums, exhibitions, regular walks, fashion shows. Anything, the main thing is that she feels the dynamics of life and change, it is the only way you can, at least, get a little closer to her heart. Also, remember that loneliness is unbearable for her, so be always there, otherwise, she will quickly find a replacement. How to make a Gemini woman miss you? Unfortunately, it is very hard as she will not sit alone crying over you. If you are gone, your relationships and all connections between you are done as well.

How to seduce a Gemini woman? This woman will be with you as long as you are interesting and satisfy her intellectual, spiritual and sexual needs.

Gemini Woman Compatibility

Aquarius men are the best match for Gemini women. They communicate on the same wavelength and understand each other from a half-look and a half-breath. Despite the fact that both signs are prone to cheating, they rarely do it when dating each other. In their romance, there is everything you could want - true, deep feelings, passion and mutual freedom.

Another option suitable for Gemini is a Libra man. He will be happy to bring her various ideas to life, and in bed, they complement each other so well that for many years after the wedding, an “erotic spark” will run between them.

A good combination of a man-Leo and a woman-Gemini can survive for many years if only his thirst for recognition and fame does not drive her crazy at the beginning of the relationship.

Signs a Gemini Woman Likes You

How to tell if a Gemini woman likes you? Do not worry, you will definitely know about it. These ladies are very open in this regard, so they never hesitate to express directly their feelings and emotions. And as soon as the Geminis are aware of their love, the most interesting part begins for you.

They are generally quite loving and amorous, so they often fall into such situations. They will express their feelings very emotionally, constantly giving you some hints. They also love to flirt, and they do it very skillfully. In general, if the feelings are strong enough, then Gemini will do everything for the sake of her beloved. There is nothing impossible for them. How to get a Gemini woman to chase you? Just add fuel to the fore and keep your feeling secret. They will do the job for you.

How to Date a Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman resembles a kite, soaring proudly in the ascending currents, and any attempt to change her or keep her in place are doomed to failure. They are never satisfied with what they have and do not leave attempts to somehow model reality in their own way, rearranging furniture, looking for a new apartment, experimenting in the kitchen and re-educating their man ... so their thirst for change is never over.

how to get a Gemini woman to chase youGemini girls take the choice of their partners very seriously. Usually, they do not pay attention to the appearance at all; the inner world is important to them. Of course, her partner must be neat and well-groomed. Their companions should be their best friends, loyal and faithful companions, as well as the insanely passionate lovers.

Of course, these women prefer independent and self-sufficient men. They really appreciate these character traits in people, as they possess them either. Geminis are hard to imagine as people who are sitting on someone's neck. That is why they will not tolerate a man that wants to use them financially. They want to see a person who is not afraid to take responsibility for his actions next to them.

In addition, these women require that their companion has a good intellect, thinks a lot and knows how to analyze situations in their lives. He should have diverse interests, communication with him should be exciting. Since the representatives of Gemini hate boredom and dullness, they will never hang out with someone who is not interested in anything. They need a man who will make their lives bright and rich. And, of course, the Gemini woman needs a man who will provide her with personal space. As we have said, freedom for these girls is the most important thing, so they will not tolerate restrictions. You will never make any hostess of them, who will stay at home all the time and please her partner.

Here are the main three tips on how to date them

  • Firstly, in no case try to limit the freedom of choice and actions of these girls. It will end in utter failure. There should be no restrictions at all.
  • Secondly, be sincere and honest with her. It is precisely the lies that the Gemini girl will never forgive you, even if you are bound by a hundred years of relationships. No exceptions.
  • Thirdly, be original. Try to make your everyday together not look like the previous one. And try hard! Cheating will not pass.

A Gemini woman needs a man to wait for her with a cup of hot coffee at five in the morning, when she returns from a long party, and that he does not make jealousy scenes. Only a person with a tremendous amount of patience and composure can survive next to a Gemini.

Gemini Woman in Bed

Gemini women in bed do not tolerate the urge to rush things, and if the partner gets excited too quickly, she will be able to quickly cool his ardor. A woman of this sign gets easily excited and is not ashamed of her own desires, as curiosity seizes her. Her own behavior never causes her doubts or embarrassment, but she clearly has some established rules.

The ladies of the Gemini sign tend to do several things at once in bed. So, she seeks not only where to kiss her man, but also simultaneously stimulates his erogenous zones. In sex, she feels liberated, and the amazing subtlety of intuition allows partners to marvel at the delightful options. Her sexual energy is very developed, and she is ready to try something new as well as study what you already have. Her desire to experiment and great libido make her want sex a lot and often, you will definitely have more physical intimacy with her than you were used to with all your previous partners.

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Gemini girls are strong-willed, quick-tempered, and spontaneous. They need a man who is able to tame their temper, and at the same time, bring bright colors to their life.
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