Do Girls Like Shy Guys?


  1. Why are some guys shy?
  2. Do girls like shy guys?
  3. Flirting tips for shy guys
  4. Dating tips for shy guys

Since ancient times, a stable opinion has been formed that the so-called real man must necessarily have such character traits as self-confidence, assertiveness, fearlessness, and mental balance. Therefore, in order not to cause ridicule and misunderstanding on the part of others, men struggle to match the expected image of masculinity and diligently eradicate traits in their nature and behavior that don’t fit this image: sensitivity, emotionality, timidity, indecisiveness, and shyness. Many shy men suffer because of this. But do women really like shy guys?

do girls like shy guys

Why are some guys shy?

To begin with, let’s figure out how a shy man thinks. The very word “shy” means compressed. That is, the psychology of a shy man includes adjusting to the situation and suppressing one’s desires. Such a man suppresses his impulses even at the level of thoughts if they go beyond his permissible limits. He wants to do or receive something, but being under social pressure or possible disapproval, he suppresses his desires.

So, why are some guys shy? Actually, there are many reasons for this. Let’s consider the most common of them:

  • Fear of being rejected. Even a successful, self-sufficient and confident man sometimes becomes shy. Fearing that his liking is not mutual, he prefers to pretend that he doesn’t care about a woman at all.
  • The habit of living alone. He is simply accustomed to bachelor life. He likes to live like this and he’s not going to change his habits for a woman.
  • Bad experience. Perhaps a man doesn’t show his feelings because he experienced a difficult breakup. Men who have such experience in their lives often try not to commit themselves to serious obligations.
  • Restraint in emotions. This is a kind of stereotype that a man should be restrained and unemotional in any matter. All high feelings, whether liking or love, are perceived as weakness. And since a man is a strong sex, he will try to show no interest in a woman as long as possible.
  • Fear of becoming henpecked. A representative of the stronger sex often has a fear that if he confesses love, then his chosen one will start to manipulate his feelings.
  • Method of protection. In fact, men are sensitive and sometimes very vulnerable. Therefore, the secrecy of feelings can be regarded as a kind of armor that protects a sensitive person. Such life situations influence a man and he becomes closed and shy with women (except cases when shyness is a part of his character from early childhood).

Do girls like shy guys?

flirting tips for shy guysIt is generally accepted that shyness is a positive trait. But this concerns only girls. Guys should be strong and bold – these are the main qualities that attract women. However, this opinion is not always correct. So, do girls like shy guys? There is a certain type of women who like such shy guys.

Usually, girls who play the role of mothers in such relationships like this type of guys. Such girls share their experience and try to make shy guys more liberated and ready for real life. Often a girl is a head in such a relationship. For a girl, a relationship with a shy guy can be a kind of an experiment. For a shy guy, such a relationship can help overcome his fears and complexes and perhaps make him more liberated.

Another type of girls who like shy guys is the so-called leaders. And usually such quiet and shy guys like strong and powerful girls. Often these girls are hunters by nature and attract directly opposite characters.

Shy guys are almost always neat, well-dressed, when they look at a beautiful stranger they embarrass and don’t know how to behave with her. This is the most attractive to the third type of girls – experienced, who are used to conquering men. They are inaccessible. However, it just seems that it is easy to conquer a shy guy and that it is enough just to show him increased attention. But typically, these guys are well versed in girls and notice each of their shortcomings.

But not only women with a strong character like shy guys. Very often women choose such young people to build a family life, suggesting that they will always be devoted husbands. Usually, excessive modesty gradually disappears without a trace when the first sexual experience comes. So, do girls like shy guys? Of course, they do.

Flirting tips for shy guys

Shyness is a natural feeling and there is nothing shameful about it. However, as you can understand, not all women like too shy guys. If you don’t know how to stop being shy with girls, how to build communication, are afraid to approach and get acquainted, you probably will not be able to invite a girl somewhere. Most likely, she will not even know that you are in love with her. That is why here are some flirting tips for shy guys that you should adhere.

Forget about rejection. First and foremost, forget about your fear of rejection. We know what “shy guy” means. You are not the first and definitely not the last one. You avoid eye contact with people. Especially with someone you really like. You look across the room and make a “friend is calling” trick when you are afraid to answer. And everything is because of that fear. Once and for all you have to forget the fear of rejection and the fear of being embarrassed. In reality, the more you look on yourself in the mirror with the silent question “do girls like shy guys like me?” and the fear in the eyes, the more you ruin your chances. Don’t overthink which compliment she would like better. Just come closer and say hello. Catch her quick look, ask her name and tell yours. Finally, ask for her contacts and invite in that coffee shop next to your house. Yes, you may tell that it sounds easier in theory than in real life. But what will be changed if she turns you don? Not a single thing. The world will keep spinning around with new better girls available. Moreover, every your rejection is a great opportunity to gain new experience, think over your mistakes, and try better next time.

Eye contact. Correct eye contact is one of the main elements of successful flirting. Only when you look at a girl with interest, you demonstrate your willingness to prolong communication. The so-called official look (the one that looks directly into the eyes and nowhere else) will not cause response emotions. Success will have an attentive and intriguingly estimating eye contact, as if you like not only the girl’s eyes but her whole body.

Touches. The mistake of most guys is that they don’t dare touch girls. Touching can cause strong sexual desires not only in guys but also in girls. This is a kind of natural signal, demonstrating that you are granted access to the body. You should gradually increase the intensity of socially adequate touches. For example, hold her hand when crossing the road or put your arm around her waist when you go to the cafe. When greeting, you should hold her hand a little longer than usual to attract attention to yourself and hug her when you meet or just in happy moments. Of course, at the beginning of a relationship, touches should be cautious and appropriate so as not to send a wrong signal to an unfamiliar girl. They should be unobtrusive and timely. This is one of the most important tips for shy guys. If you start touching a girl too early, she may regard it as an intrusion into her personal space.

Conversation with a girl during flirting. It is believed that the first impression of a person by 35% depends on his or her manner of speaking and 10% – on what he/she says. Different intonations imposed on the same word in flirting acquire diametrically opposite values. If a girl answers you quickly and monotonously, then this shows her indifference. If she speaks slowly and in a low voice, she likes you. Conversation with a girl should be conducted easily and at ease, preferably on topics close to her. Try to talk more about her, show increased interest, and listen to her carefully. Be sure to repeatedly say in a conversation that you like her.

tips for shy guysJoke. Men who can make women laugh are highly valued in the women’s society. In addition, girls perceive affection and courtship more willingly in those moments when a guy tries to cheer her. No matter how impregnable a girl may seem, she dreams of being seduced by a gallant, sympathetic, confident, and attentive gentleman. And you are such a man, aren’t you?

Dating tips for shy guys

The most burning topic for men and women is the topic of relationships. But before you build these relationships, you first just need to make the first step, attract attention, go on a first date, keep interest and start a relationship! Many guys wonder how to start dating a girl if I am shy? And here they are – dating tips for shy guys.

Don’t be shy to show a girl your feelings. Back in the Middle Ages, the notion of “courtesy” appeared, which included an unspoken set of rules for the behavior of a man with his lady. Noble men surrounded their women with care and treated them gallantly. They knew how not to be embarrassed about girls and behaved naturally. This ease and naturalness attract girls as a magnet. And if you are not one of such men, don’t get discouraged because you can still change and stop being shy. Remember, this is the very first thing that will help you start dating a girl.

Be yourself. Everything is simple and difficult at the same time. It may sound strange but men are afraid of starting a relationship much more than girls do. Despite the fact that a man is generally considered to be a strong sex, he overcomes any refusal very painfully, therefore, fears to get “no” for months or even years, is afraid to approach a girl he is attracted to. The more a guy feels for a girl, the more difficult it is for him to be himself, and, accordingly, the less chance he has that a girl will fall in love with him. Hence, the second advice is to be oneself.

Get to know a girl. The next point is to get to know a girl, which many guys don’t know how to do because they complicate this task. There are many ways and methods for getting acquainted in the world, but they don’t help because you don’t need to know all of them. It’s enough that in your life, there is exactly that girl who just has to be with you. When you meet her in your life, you will automatically get acquainted with her, without any special knowledge and skills. All you need is just to find the one that you really like both externally and in communication. Learn not to be afraid to approach and get acquainted with girls on the street and in other places. To meet a girl, you need to be just a bold and determined guy.

Think less, do more. Set a goal: come and get acquainted with the three beautiful and best girls today. Or you can visit dating sites for shy guys. Turn off the brain for some time and just get acquainted. The brain may continue to inspire you that you are afraid, that she can refuse, and everything else that will make you just go home and surrender. Never give up! Remember that not every man can approach the most beautiful girls because of the fear of rejection. Accordingly, if you have the courage to approach her, then you will have a chance to date the best and the most beautiful girl. After all, girls (as well as guys) have problems with their personal lives as the guys are afraid to approach and get acquainted. Do you understand what we hint at?

Enjoy life and love. Relax, everyone can love and date girls. You just need to be yourself and become better every day. Try online dating for shy guys, just don’t close from communication and date girls as they also are afraid to approach. Often girls simply give you a sign that you should come up to her and get acquainted because the stereotype and fear prevent them from approaching and getting to know each other.

Many think that shy guys and dating are incompatible. However, to date a girl, you need to be yourself, develop confidence and courage, get acquainted with new girls every day and communicate with them. Then it will become easier for you – you will meet exactly the girl you need. But don’t waste time on those girls who don’t have a desire for long and serious relationships. You will just regret the wasted time.

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I’m a girl, and shy guys always sparked my interest. I'm not one of those who love the "bad guys", as such men seem to me arrogant and donnish.
13.03.2020 15:56
Wow, I haven’t even thought that guys worry so much about such things! I’m a girl and I understand that shy boys are the real treasure. Yes, some girls may prefer “bad” guys, but they soon understand they are only rude and arrogant. I hope your article will help every shy guy gain some confidence.
11.05.2020 15:13
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