How to Attract a Pisces Woman

It is not surprising that many men are interested in the representatives of this zodiacal constellation. In such a woman, the characteristics fully correspond to a decent lady. She is romantic, graceful, dreamy, sweet and charming. With all her being, she radiates certain mystery, which men will certainly want to solve. This woman has an excellent intuition and is often guided by actions contrary to common sense and logic. And as time shows, such decisions are right.

Pisces woman compatibility​

Pisces woman characteristics

What is the behavior of a Pisces woman? To many, it may seem that Pisces women are weak and constantly in need of care. In fact, these women are quite capable of showing firmness and real character. But in general, they really need support, especially of loved men, because despite their endurance, they are quite tearful and vulnerable. Let’s look at some facts about a Pisces woman:

She doesn’t tolerate conflicts. When stress occurs, they prefer to retreat to a safe place. Sometimes Pisces can cover their fear or uncertainty with a joking and carefree mood. They also successfully simulate in order to avoid trouble. Where other signs act with aggression and pressure, Pisces demonstrate their gentleness and patience. In order to find a common language with someone and avoid a conflict, Pisces women are able to do anything. They will begin to translate everything into a joke to withdraw from the current situation and in every possible way to avoid debates.

She is a good housewife. There is always comfort and peace in her home. Pisces is the best woman for family life. Such women marry only those who have a very attractive appearance and soft character. But in their dreams, they dream of a completely different partner: careless, brutal and a little rough. However, they will not cheat on their husbands. Everything will remain at the level of dreams. This is a quite nice thing about Pisces woman, right?

She is a good wife. She is loving, caring, trusting, and honest. She will lovingly raise children and give the family all of herself. You shouldn’t expect surprises from her – she is simple, modest and unsophisticated. But next to her, it is calm and safe, and you can be sure that she will not bring any unpleasant surprise. They don’t look at the material or social position of their cavaliers.

She is always in the center of attention. Women of this sign are very sentimental, dreamy and sensitive, and it is easy to offend them. But such traits only attract the opposite sex. A man can’t pass by such a defenseless charming woman. The natural instincts of protectors and hunters awaken in them. And women know it, so they attract attention behaving so.

She has many admirers. Often, men have to compete with each other for the right to be with such a lady. A Pisces woman is not in a hurry to make her choice. She likes what is happening around her. Pisces woman datingWith her charms, she can keep several men at the same time nearby. Also, there is some mystery in women born under this sign, and they are characterized by silence.

She is sensitive. These women live in a world of dreams and hopes. They have their own idea of sexuality, which manifests itself not in lust, but in a love game. Beautiful words and courtship are important for Pisces women. Even at the moment of intimacy, they expect compliments and romance from their chosen ones. So, a man who values them is the best match for Pisces women.

She often lacks perseverance. This woman quickly stops trying if she sees that a person doesn’t need her attention and care. Therefore, don’t torment her for long. If you see that the representative of this sign is showing attention to you, then answer it. Believe me, Pisces is one of the most faithful and reliable signs. They respect and value their partners. And if they are in love, they are capable of much.

How to tell if a Pisces woman likes you

Surprisingly, such charming girls start feeling shy and lose all their charm in the presence of men they like. And the more they like men, the more constrained they feel. But how else can you understand that such a girl likes you?

She is interested in your life. More than anything, a Pisces woman wants her partner to be happy. Therefore, she will take an active part in his life, even if he is not very happy about it. She will seek to control a man, but not because she wants to dominate, but to be sure that everything is fine with him.

She gives presents. The representative of this sign loves to give gifts to close people. So, if you get small presents not only on holidays but just like that, don’t hesitate – she loves and appreciates you.

She tries to surround a man with warmth and care. It seems to such women that if partners are dissatisfied with something, it means that they don’t like them. However, the whole thing may be in the difference of tastes. But Pisces women don’t take any arguments. It is easier for them to pour their grief into the pillow than to hear why partners don’t like something.

She becomes very romantic and arranges beautiful unusual dates. This sensitive sign is endowed with an extraordinary fantasy. Women can constantly invent something new. A partner will not be bored at the meeting with such a woman. Representatives of this sign may turn even a banal dinner in a restaurant into an original love ritual.

She becomes extremely open. Talking about Pisces woman compatibility, you should know that she is a good match with a man who can listen to her. A Pisces woman in love easily opens her soul and boldly lets the chosen man into it. She quickly decides to acquaint a man of her heart with friends, colleagues, and relatives.

She is very attentive. Love makes such women very attentive and it concerns not only the appearance of a man but also his acts and words. They remember every little thing, for example, his favorite dish, film, memory, etc.

How to date a Pisces woman

If you fell in love with a Pisces woman and don’t know what to do to attract her attention, then you need to try to understand her character, and then follow some tips on winning the heart of your chosen one.

Praise her. How to attract a Pisces woman? You should definitely praise her creativity and tell her that she is the best muse for you. These women love flattery and attention. They also like romance. It would be great if you arrange a woman a romantic dinner with candles or take her to a restaurant where there will be such an atmosphere that brings about romantic feelings.

Care about her. Try to be as polite as possible and do not hurt her feelings because she needs care and affection. Don’t forget about tact because it also plays a big role for her. Also, don’t forget about self-confidence. You will be everything to her and she must be confident that she can rely on you. And don’t try to deceive her because she smells a lie and it may ruin your relationship.

Become her friend. A Pisces woman is not one of those who are in a hurry to develop relationships. Perhaps, with other women, the transition to the friendship zone can be regarded as a clear way out of a relationship, but for this woman, friendship may be the beginning of something more.

Be attentive. Do you think that love letters (yes, yes, not emails but real paper letters!) are the last century? But for a Pisces woman, this is real proof that a gentleman is interested in her. She appreciates the emotional fullness of gestures. So, cook her coffee exactly as she likes after a hard day and she will be yours.

Don’t be rude. Any word that you carelessly uttered can offend this vulnerable lady. Never be rude to her, even as a joke. This subtle nature doesn’t tolerate vulgarity and rudeness. Even if a girl doesn’t show her offense, one rude gesture towards her or others can completely extinguish the fire of love that already started.

Pisces women personalityBe decisive. An always suspicious Pisces woman will appreciate your confidence and firmness. She will be extremely grateful to you for making decisions.

Be romantic. Dating a Pisces woman, you should be impressionable with her, surround her with warmth and tenderness – only then can you arouse serious interest. Such women dream of romantic men and devote a lot of time to conversations with the opposite sex in order to find the owner of these qualities.

Take the initiative in a relationship. Try to find the golden mean between determination and pressure. Then a Pisces woman will be touched to the depths of the soul that her chosen one has a strong character that doesn’t detract from his masculinity.

Pisces woman in bed

Despite her modesty, in bed a Pisces woman can be quite liberated. She secretly dreams of a strong, domineering, tough and sexy lover. Pisces women are able to perfectly use women’s charms against men and thus attract them with their sexual energy. So, what does this woman use in sex?

Romance. Such a woman considers that a honeymoon period is necessary. She is sentimental and very gentle, caring and responsive. How to seduce a Pisces woman? A man of such a woman shouldn’t be too temperamental, but caring and patient. However, if reality doesn’t coincide with the dreams of a Pisces woman, she is experiencing great disappointment.

Hot atmosphere. Representatives of this zodiac sign are rather hot, but they often hide it, opening only after long communication. In sexual relations, a Pisces woman has no prejudice except for one thing – she doesn’t tolerate rudeness. So, don’t try something rude being with Pisces women in bed.

Subordination. This woman in bed prefers to be obedient and submissive, leaving the main role to a partner. Also, women of this sign are incredibly romantic and sensual, although they are not prone to violent emotions during sexual intercourse.

Sensuality. How to turn on a Pisces woman sexually? For such a woman, the moment of physical intimacy is not so important as the romantic games before, during and after it. This woman, even at the moment of the highest intensity of passions in bed, can give herself up to fantasies or start crying, which often confuses her partner. Having sex without an inner emotional impulse is unthinkable for her.

Virtuosity. It can play the necessary role for a certain person in most cases. However, the desired effect occurs almost instantly. In bed, a woman born under the sign of Pisces knows her role and behavior pattern with a certain man perfectly. She boldly creates the right atmosphere and easily achieves the goals.

Fantasy. In sex games, a woman uses a special imagination. For complete arousal, a man shouldn’t invent lengthy games of foreplay. For such a lady, a fleeting scene on the TV screen or a fleeting touch of a partner to her body is enough. In bed, a lady born under the sign of Pisces easily experiments with positions to get unusual pleasure and easily agrees to new and amazing combinations.

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