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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are girls with daddy issues. Chances are you probably came across one or two yourself. Some women have mild daddy issues symptoms and can behave adequately. For others, inability to have emotionally healthy relationship with a father can have serious life consequences. Women with daddy issues exhibit these issues primarily in connection to men and being involved in romantic relationships. Thus, daddy issues can often stand in the way of happy personal relationships. Read the following article to know what does it mean to have daddy issues.

daddy issues symptoms

What Are Daddy Issues?

A girl with daddy issues is not a certain type of a person. The “issue” might be different and so are the women with these issues. Often, though, women with daddy issues are passive/aggressive when it concerns men, hostile, insecure, extremely helpless or, on the contrary, critically independent, distant, alienated, difficult to connect, etc.

Childhood Trauma

One of the basic psychological truths is that everything that happens to us in childhood leave deep traces, the consequences of which echo in our adulthood. Childhood perception interprets all experience with vivid attention and carries pre-mature experiences for entire life. Thus, women who had problematic or emotionally troublesome relationships with their fathers in childhood are likely to suffer because of it.


Earlier or later all children start to realize the difference between men and women. Sexual attraction and physical temptation towards the opposite sex indicate our maturity. Any girl compares men in her life to her father because that is the man she knows her whole life. Logically, anything a father does becomes attributed to manhood in general. Moreover, the way a father loves daughter becomes an etalon for the feelings women expect to receive from men in their adulthood. Thus, it is said that a woman looks for her father in every man.


It is normal for women to treat their boyfriends and husbands according to the standards established by the qualities they witnessed in their fathers. However, nobody’s perfect and so many fathers have troubles with emotional connection to their daughters. Therefore, an awful lot of women grow up suspicious of men expecting from them the same behavior of their fathers. A human brain automatically corresponds the experiences perceived and processed in childhood to the present time experiences. Eventually, many women consider their fathers’ behavior to be men’s behavior in general.

Nobody’s Fault

It is important to understand that most types of daddy issues are not serious. Moreover, they are so widespread that considering them to be pressing problems is inappropriate. Though in certain cases they can develop into major emotional dysfunctions, daddy issues are often inseparable from womanhood in general. That is because all men find it difficult to really connect with women even when it comes to raising your own daughter. Fathers could do everything it takes but still feel alienated because the problem is about men-women barrier and not about father-daughter barrier.

Is it normal to date with such a woman?

It’s not easy to be a woman with daddy issues. Whether it’s obvious or not, she is struggling with the lack of father’s attention and love. But does this mean she deserve less man’s attention and appreciation? Not really. She doesn’t have to become a subject of constant judgment and labeling either.

That’s why when you see a woman whose family problems affected her behavior, don’t hurry to condemn. All girls with daddy issues are being cut up. Even if they don’t really realize it.

Dating such a girl may sound challenging, but it’s not a total failure. Love can fix any hard situation.

types of daddy issuesDaddy Issues Signs

A father is the first man in a woman’s life who, kind of, introduces her to what kind of a creature a man is. Often, you might not even notice a girl has daddy issues. But in case of severe neurosis or complex relationship problems, you should look for the following signs of daddy issues.

Trust issues

It’s obvious that a girl grown up with a caring father simply trust male love. This trust can’t be ruined by some tragic first-love story or a sudden ending of long-lasting relationships. She’ll always remember her dad who has always loved her. And will love no matter what happens. Some guardian angel. Apparently, the girl with daddy issues hasn't gained this trust. No one’s ever shown her man’s love. So you’ll have to go all through all the trials and tribulations to get something emotional out of her mind and gain trust.

Mommy issues

Girls with daddy issues are prone to have even bigger mommy issues. They always disagree, argue, and just cannot understand each other. This happens mainly because mothers just can’t fulfill the need for a father’s love. So, if you are dating a woman with daddy issues, you’ll probably have to wait for a while before she introduces you to her mom.

Immaturity and Infantilism

Immaturity, lack of independence, and infantile behavior are among the most common and widespread daddy issues signs. Such women have probably been raised by strict, powerful, and authoritative fathers. Therefore, these women do not show initiative or have courage to act independently. Infantile women want their husbands and boyfriends act like fathers saying what to do, how, where, and when. Women who behave in an immature way can often be capricious and act in a child-like fashion.

The degree of the lack of independence of these women also depends on the amount of time their fathers spent on their upbringing. A father who was absent most of the time can create the impression that men find it alright to be absent from home most of the time. On the contrary, a father that sits at home most of the time can make his daughter grow up into his image. Either way, women who got used to care and guidance, perhaps strict, from their fathers become capricious and irresponsible in adulthood.


Critical independence and extreme self-sufficiency are on the opposite sides of the daddy issues’ spectrum. Among other frequent symptoms of daddy issues is a woman’s attitude to rely on herself alone. Such woman is never going to ask for help or admit defeat. Many women who did not get enough of their father’s attention and / or have seen their father unable to deal with family duties, become obsessively independent. These women subtly and unconsciously may consider men to be unable for anything useful. Perhaps, these women just did not have a chance to know their father in childhood which is why they do not think of counting on them.


Knowing she has daddy issues is possible when you notice that a girl becomes irritated quite often. There might be no reason for irritation except for the presence of a man somewhere nearby. Women with daddy issues regularly find it impossible to understand men or, at least, act adequately in their presence. If a woman likes a man or is in a relationship with him, the tension can become very stressful. Some women might act irrationally and push men away, others can become an easy prey and be used and traumatized. Either way, a woman with daddy issues does not feel completely normal in a man’s presence.

Two Extremes

In general, women with daddy issues either become over-confident or diffident. A girl with daddy issues often becomes dependent on a man or, on the contrary, tends to be with men who are dependent on her. Therefore, some daddy issues girls choose career over family while other can deal only with family leaving work to men. In both cases, a woman with daddy issues tries to fulfill childhood aspirations and follow childhood behavior patterns. Therefore, some girls might become a financial burden for their men while others may confuse men with inability to focus on family.

Daddy Issues Psychology

In most cases, daddy issues is not something a person comes to a therapist with. This problem can be treated with a complex approach as part of the systematic psychological and sociological dysfunctions. But alone as it is, daddy issues are approached more as part of women psychology rather than a pressing problem demanding fast solution. Nevertheless, you are encouraged to know how to deal with daddy issues.

Acknowledge the Problem

Everything starts with admitting the problem. Digging deep into childhood memories and experiences won’t happen if a woman refuses to admit she has daddy issues. Therefore, if a woman’s behavior stands in the way of her personal growth, certain attitude and approaches should be reconsidered. For example, a woman might finally notice she is unable to sustain a healthy relationship which, in its turn, might cause her to read study materials or even attend a therapist in order to deal with daddy issues.

Talk to Parents

The most obvious solution of daddy issues is to come to terms with a woman’s father. Conflict, if not resolved, tends to become chronic and can easily cause constant discomfort. Therefore, a daughter and her father are to be on good terms. Sometimes children resolve conflicts with their parents that have lasted for decades. If a conflict cannot be resolved, a woman is encouraged to leave past in the past and act as an adult. Though, of course, certain behavior patterns simply cannot disappear without a person ceasing to be who she is.

Make Changes

A problem never disappears if the approach stays the same. Changes help and acting differently might prove to be advantageous. A girl with daddy issues should be treated accordingly. Introduce some changes like some exciting new activities or try breaking your routine somehow otherwise.

signs of daddy issuesCommunication

Dating a girl with daddy issues can make one into a diplomat. In order to assist and understand a girl with daddy issues, you should be understanding, sympathetic, and caring. Consider it a challenge and be patient. Effective communication is the key when it comes to healthy relationships. And the clearer it is that a girl has daddy issues, the more effort you need to put in. Therefore, be the voice of reason and express yourself as clearly as possible. Do not think it is beneath you to sometimes give up. Some communication barriers you simply won’t be able to cross. You should learn to live with those issues you can’t handle dealing with. But keep in mind the importance of meaningful and thought-provoking communication.

Be a Man

Being a better man can help a lot. Those men asking how to fix daddy issues think that it is a woman’s duty to adhere and fit. But it is also up to a man to show that true manhood can deal with any issues. Thus, be a man and don’t whine that your girl has daddy issues. It’d be much better to show her that there’s a man around with whom she won’t experience any issues. Being a real and true man can significantly improve the situation. In many cases, even though the dissatisfaction with men comes from childhood, it is because of many men’s childish behavior that women become disillusioned in manhood.

Provide Care and Support

Women with daddy issues might be difficult to deal with. However, they need your care and support more than anybody. Supportive, understanding, caring, and attentive men can fix daddy issues by simply being close when there’s such a need. A woman learns about daddy issues by being around men. Therefore, being a good example of a man is the best way to encourage a woman to abandon daddy issues.


Many women quit being infantile or over-confident when they become mothers. Starting a family is definitely one of the most effective ways of dealing with daddy issue. However, you might be skeptical whether it is appropriate to start a family with a woman who has daddy issues. In truth, if there is such possibility, do it because a set of daddy issues is a small problem that doesn’t justify the absence of a family.

Job and Household Duties

For those women who cannot financially support themselves, getting a job might be a good method of dealing with daddy issues. For other women, attending to their household duties and spending more time with a family should prove beneficial. Most of all, it is important to change the character traits by introducing changes into one’s lifestyle.

All in all, now you know that some women have daddy issues. It causes them troubles in their relationships with men. Don’t be afraid because it is not serious, though it certainly isn’t helpful as well. Follow the provided tips to know how to handle women with daddy issues.

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