Sexiest Females in Video Games

You might like to look for photo collections of well-known (and unknown) models, naughty and always charming porn actresses as well as lovely party girls with chic bosoms. All these beauties are a part of the human world, they are real, and you can meet them on the street or worship their stunning asses on Twitter. However, there is another reality and an unknown forge of sexual heroines, the world of computer games. In this universe, filled with graphics and binary code, amazing beauties are constantly born. Some of them are hot and courageous, others are shy and weak, feminine and beautiful. Each of them has their own story, character, and temper. Of course, sexy girls in video games are just a fiction of artists and screenwriters, but what does prevent you from admiring the truly magical image of these beauties?

A little bit of history

In the early 90's, popular video games were Street Fighter II, Fatal Fury, and Mortal Kombat. On the screen, there were only two characters, and therefore, the developers decided to experiment with the animation of the bodies to make the slaughter even juicier. That was the emergence of the video game industry, which you know and love now. However, the first really hot girls in video games appeared in the glorious Japanese creation Soul Calibur, those women had tits of 4-5 sizes. Trying to achieve the plausibility of the bosom size, they created a focus group, which was mostly composed of women, reasonably considering that they would appreciate more soberly the plausibility of this part of the body.

The focus group confirmed that the tits look quite tolerable and resemble rather a female bosom than pillowcases filled with sand. However, in the 90's, these tits seemed very realistic for the big male audience and became a big breakthrough in the sexualization of females in video games. However, despite great men’s interest in women, a small number of the females in video games reflects the low priority given to them in the video game industry. There is a list of the sexiest females in video games who know how to inflame passions and minds.

1. Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

sexiest females in video games

A tomb raider appeared in 1996 and became one of the most significant characters in the entire video game industry. She is a sexy archaeologist, whose athletic and passionate image is classic in this adventure genre. She is like a young clone of Indiana Jones but with tits. Her character was painted by Toby Gard and animated by the Core Design studio. Her amazing body still captivates the minds of the players, and her bosom is an object that stands out in bold lines on all the works of the fan-art. Both critics and fans of the game believe that Lara Croft has had a considerable impact on the mass culture. Lara appeared on the covers of hundreds of magazines, and in June 1997, she even appeared in the music magazine The Face. Lara Croft is surely one of the hottest females in video games.

2. Sarah Kerrigan, StarCraft

females in video games

It is dedicated to all the admirers of atypical beauty. Kerrigan is a cult character of the no less cult series of strategic games of StarCraft. She is the self-proclaimed Queen of Blades. First, she appeared before the players as an officer of one of the warring parties, the Terran race, which is an alternative humanity in the StarCraft universe. The girl managed to be on the side of good in the role of the central character, and then she turned into a monster with claws, who knew how to engage in interesting dialogues and had a lovely face, a slender body, and stunning bosom. Nonetheless, in the end, she once again became a human to the joy of all her fans. However, it is a controversial issue which "version" of Sarah Kerrigan has more charisma and can be called one of the hottest girls in video games.

3. Tifa Lockhart, Final Fantasy VII

sexualization of females in video games

It is very difficult to choose the most stylish, beautiful and sexy character of the Final Fantasy series. Tifa is a home girl and childhood friend of Cloud Strife, a member of the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE and the owner of the 7th Heaven bar. In addition, she is a master of martial arts and just a strong-willed girl who can do unexpected actions as well as shows almost a mother's care about her friends. Many fans are looking forward to seeing this beauty in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

4. Kaileena, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

naked girls in video games

Kaileena, whom the prince rescued from The Dahaka at the very beginning of the game, is the Empress of the time. Like the Prince, Kaileena wants to change her destiny. In a stream of the time she has seen that the Prince must kill her, so she makes every effort to eliminate him. She hides that she is the Empress and introduces herself as a servant. In the original, she is voiced by the Italian actress Monica Bellucci. Kaileena is one of the sexiest females in video games, taking into account her model appearance, the bosom of 4-th size and the right facial features.

5. Carla Valenti, Fahrenheit

best females in video games

Carla is a New York City police detective, the main assistant of Lucas Kane and the main female character of the game. Carla’s attractiveness is clear and obvious. In addition to charm and charisma, she is a classic forbidden fruit that attracts everyone and everywhere. She is a clever, resourceful and, in general, perfect girl. In addition, she can stand up for herself, and this ability is very important in the dangerous world. The main thing is to find an approach to her, but only a part of users has managed to do that. This girl is just one of the best females in video games.

6. Triss Merigold, The Witcher

girls in video games

A charming witch who is madly in love with the Witcher Geralt z Rivii, thanks to her knowledge in the field of the most diverse magic, has been able to get on the list of the hot females in video games. It's hard to say what features Triss would have in reality, but the woman who appears in the game is incredibly attractive. It’s not only about her appearance but also about her inner world.

7. Rayne, BloodRayne

sexy girls in video games

Let's face the facts, the popularity of vampire girls, especially those who are tightened in latex, with a bare back and a deep neckline, is today stronger than ever. Terminal Reality used this innocent love. They took the character from their horror Nocturne for the concept, gave her shoes with giant heels, narrow pants, and a tight waistcoat, from which her two main virtues fall out.

Rayne appeared many times in the Playboy magazine as one of the hottest video game characters along with Lara Croft, and she was also honored to appear in comics, merchandise, and even two movies, being one of the most desired naked girls in video games.

8. Miranda Lawson, Mass Effect 2,3

hot girls in video games

Miranda Lawson is an officer of Cerberus, the operator of the Lazar project. She joined the team in Mass Effect 2 and had a romantic interest in a male player. In Mass Effect 3, Miranda searches for her sister, knowing that her father is involved in her disappearing. Miranda was committed to Cerberus and believed in its ideals before the events of Mass Effect 3. She is attractive, self-confident and pragmatic.

Miranda is voiced by Australian actress Yvonne Strzechowski. The appearance of the character is also copied from the actress, the only difference is the color of the hair. In reality, Strzechowski is blonde and therefore, Miranda was also initially created with blond hair.

9. Haydee, Haydee

hot girls from video games

Haydee is a sexy cyborg with female body structure. The piquant proportions of Haydee will constantly appear in front of your eyes, which at times, will prevent you from concentrating on the game, going through some puzzled labyrinths.

10. Quiet, Metal Gear

hot girls in video games

Quiet is a sniper woman who appeared in 1984 in Afghanistan during the stay of Soviet troops. Her real name is unknown, she appeared in Cyprus for the first time in a hospital in 1984 as well. Her task was to kill Big Boss, who turned out to be Venom Snake. Due to the treatment with parasites, Quiet breathes via skin, and therefore, she wears a minimum of clothes. She does not eat and drink. Her skin absorbs water, and she gets the food thanks to photosynthesis. Quiet is surely one of the hot girls from video games.

11. Nariko, Heavenly Sword

sexy girls in video games

Nariko is the daughter of the leader of the clan. She takes up the legendary sword and goes to take revenge for relatives. She is the main character and one of the most beautiful girls in video games. Nariko is attractive but cruel, belonging to a clan called Shen, which is headed by her father. The ancient prophecy had predicted that Nariko would be born on the day when the prophecy came true. She was avoided by the clans and was even accused of their failures. Nonetheless, despite her resentment, Nariko defends them with her own life.

12. Sonya Blade, Mortal Kombat

hottest girls in video games

Sonya Blade is the character of the Mortal Kombat series of fighting games, who first appeared in the first game of the series. Sonya Blade is a lieutenant of the Special Forces Unit of the United States Army, and later, the founder of the Agency for the Study of the Outside. Although Sonya may seem gross and unfriendly, in fact, she takes great care of her friends and allies. Sonya is ready to take risks if it allows her to achieve the desired result. After her debut in the first game of the series, Sonya returned in almost all the games of the series, except for Mortal Kombat: Deception. Sonya also appears in Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat X.

13. Morrigan, Dragon Age

hot females in video games

Morrigan is not just a sorceress from the fantasy world and a witch from the Wildlands, she is also one of the many daughters of the legendary Flemeth. She has to leave her home to become a companion of the Gray Guard. This charming girl has managed to seduce all the fans of "Dragon Age." Millions of arts and thousands of cosplays from fans around the world are the merit of her sexual appearance and obstinate character. Developers managed to create a surprisingly lively image, and a pleasant bonus is the opportunity to have sex with Morrigan right during the game.

14. Chloe Frazer, Uncharted Series

girls in video games

Chloe has long been associated with the criminal world, and she got used to dealing with weapons, and, at the same time, skillfully changing the mask to get what she wants. Until the end of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, it is unclear which side she's on. The girl takes up her weapon without delay, and, if necessary, fights with a great hulk of a man. Nonetheless, she knows how to look seductive. The lady is present in Uncharted 2 and 3. In the 4th part, there is only one mention of her, a letter in which she reports that she has gone to look for new treasures.

15. Yorha 2B, NieR: Automata

sexiest females in video games

This is an android created of surviving people who had been found in a shelter on the surface of the moon. 2B is a universal combat android, deployed as part of the automated infantry squad YoRHa. She is equipped with a melee sword and can attack from a distance. Her eyes are darkened by a military visor, which she rarely takes off. However, she has an amazing body.

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