What Are the Signs of Female Attraction?

The fashion and beauty industries have been working for many years to help women appear younger, sexier and more attractive. High heels lengthen legs, bras make breasts bigger, make-up completely transforms face, creams delay the appearance of wrinkles. It's no secret that society makes higher demands in terms of physical beauty for women than for men. Don’t blame times and morals - this approach is laid down on the genetic level. From prehistoric times, males have been more attracted to females capable of giving birth to healthy offspring.

female attraction psychology

The nature of female attraction

Every woman wants to be desired and loved, attract and cause admiration. Some can do this without difficulty - they are always surrounded by fans, others - just as pretty and clever – aren’t very satisfied with their personal lives.

Probably, at least once in your life you have seen such a couple: he is a handsome man and all women look at him, and she is an unremarkable woman, you might even say a "plain girl". About this couple people usually say: "What did he find in her?!" And indeed, what does attract men’s attention? How can you understand and accept your feminine nature? How to remain feminine under any circumstances, attract love and happiness?

Some women think that they don't attract men because they are unlucky with appearance - men take cue from the beauty standards, all these "misses" invitingly looking from magazines and screens, and men want the same beauty to become their life partner. But it's not about appearance. A woman with the most ordinary appearance can be happy in love, and her husband fusses over her, because she is the best for him. And the other - just a beauty, there is a swarm of fans around her, but she is unhappy. Different men have distinct views on attractive female features, but they are similar in their tastes. What really attracts men and makes women beautiful? Let's talk about female attraction psychology.

What is it - the women's attractiveness? This is a woman's ability to charm men. And since for men a woman is, above all, a sexual object, then to be attractive - this is, first of all, to be desirable and sexy.

Women's attractiveness is a complex concept that includes many components: not only appearance but also attractive manners, posture, gait, gestures, poses, timbre of voice, smell, shine in the eyes and state of mind. It isn’t enough to have beautiful physical characteristics, so that men, as they say, "fall in stacks". A woman with rather inexpressive physical characteristics, but able to emphasize them, and, most importantly, internally attractive, charming and skillfully using female body language of attraction, has greater success with men than a well-groomed, gorgeous woman who repels them with arrogance and inability to communicate at a subconscious level. Beauty and attractiveness - are not the same thing.

What are women really attracted to?

Obviously, every woman isn’t only attractive, but also individual, and everyone finds different aspects of a person attractive. Nevertheless, there are several characteristics that all women seem to find attractive in men.

why are women attracted to older menThe behavior of a gentleman

This type of attitude and the corresponding actions are so rarely seen in men that, when they appear, women find them attractive. It’s true that there are many modern women who don’t want to seem fragile, but most of them appreciate the politeness and help of men.


Ambitions - are powerful charming means. And not because they demonstrate your current status, but that they testify your future conquests. Everyone believes that all women are attracted to money, but it isn’t true. Even if now your incomes are impressive, but you don’t demonstrate the desire to rise higher, your attraction in the eyes of a woman will begin to turn pale. And all because she values not only your achievements, but that elusive fragrance of success that surrounds a truly purposeful person. Polls show that most women want to see diligence and ambitions at the top of men's values. So demonstrating your aspirations means to give the right signals to women.


Women appreciate the mind. In the presence of an uncommon mind and intellect, physical abilities take a back seat. Sexologists argue that the male intellect causes sexual attraction in women. Apparently, that's why women are attracted to older men.

Corresponding speech

Women aren't attracted to men who constantly swear, sling mud at other people, or have poor speech. They don’t expect that men will speak like a poet of the eighteenth century, but they expect men’s words to be respectful and appropriate. A woman, especially on the first date, listens very carefully to a man, trying to understand what he is, whether to spend time on him. As you know, the first impression is decisive and influences all subsequent ones.

Respectful behavior

This applies both to the niceties of table manners and to behavior in society. Women aren’t usually attracted to men who make noise at the table, act rudely, try to be in the center of attention, or draw unnecessary attention to themselves, because their actions are impertinent and indecent.

Attention to women

One of the simplest ways for a person to become attractive to a woman is to do something for her. This doesn’t mean that you have to go and buy a huge bouquet of roses. This type of action can include sending a short SMS if she feels bad or has an unsuccessful day, to offer to help with her work or just give conscientious care. These gestures, although they may seem insignificant, allow you to score a lot of points in communication with women.


Women are attracted to men who take care of themselves. They would like to see a well-dressed man who always looks neat. Of course, a man shouldn’t dress as a model to be attractive, but women want to see him well-groomed.

Sense of humor

Women want witty and cheerful men. And all because people who are capable of joking and feeling relaxed are self-confident and have a high social status. People with low status are more often afraid to seem ridiculous.


Women are most likely to be sexually attracted to men who seem restrained and discreet. Even the most free-thinking woman regards manifestations of sexual incontinence as a threat to her safety. Women never trust insane males who don’t understand that "no" means "no".

11 signs of female attractiveness

signs of sexual attraction from a woman1. Well-groomed appearance

Perhaps men will never be able to determine in detail what type of skin you have, whether your haircut is fashionable and the percentage of split hair. But at the level of perception, they always note such signs of strong physical attraction as matte and elastic skin, shiny and beautifully laid (or "naturally" messed up) hair, light natural make-up and neat clothes. A foundation, inflicted on scaly skin, chapped lips and red inflamed eyes, surely, will distance you from the image of a beautiful woman.

2. Proportional face features

Of course, not everyone is given the complete harmony of features by nature: large eyes, well-defined eyebrows, neat nose and chin and their correlation with each other. But all this can be slightly corrected with the help of decorative cosmetics. And it doesn’t mean a deception. After all, if you like a person, then the more serious your relationship becomes, the more he will assess your inner spiritual qualities, or rather, the harmony between inner and outer virtues.

3. Proportional figure

Here we are not talking about skinny or fat people - because men like different women and, certainly, not a faceless standard - 90-60-90. Did Marilyn Monroe look skinny, like the current models? The main thing is to make your figure fit and the ass - bouncy. Breast size is also not an indicator of beauty: someone likes voluptuous breasts, and the other considers small (even zero size) as a standard.

4. Smell

Observe personal hygiene every day. You should exude a smell of clean body and the barely perceptible fragrance of perfume. Someone likes sweet, others refreshing aromas; choose a few scents for different occasions - for work, party, or a date. Also don't forget about the freshness of your breath.

5. Stylish and tasteful clothes

Slinky clothing of calm tones, high heels, long hair and beautiful manicure is one of the attractive looks. The second one is sporting, and these are: short haircuts, jeans, comfortable but elegant shoes. Surprisingly, the third attractive look is a business lady. Business, but not boring suit, neat hairstyle, manicure and make-up. The main thing is to wear becoming clothes that hide your shortcomings and emphasize the virtues.

6. Seductive smile

A man loves women's smile, especially addressed to him: this is an indication that a lady likes him, and she doesn't mind continuing communication. It’s one of the most important subconscious signs of attraction. So don’t hesitate to reward your partner with a gentle, kindly smile that can smooth out many acute angles of the relationship.

7. Posture

A good posture visually tightens the figure, emphasizes breasts, forces to gather in stomach and makes the gait smooth. In addition, it shows how a woman refers to herself.

8. Grace and gestures

Men adore graceful women - slim, flexible, with seductive gestures and some feline "habits." These girls immediately cause them a lot of pleasant associations and become the embodiment of femininity. Female body language signs of attraction are very important. Watch your manners and posture, and avoid the masculinity: it only repels the opposite sex.

9. "Flying" gait

Again, men are very fond of grace, so women's gait should radiate it, be feminine and slightly airy. Always watch it, don't take too wide steps - show maximum elegance and grace.

10. Heels

They visually make the silhouette stretched and slimmer, give your figure the right proportions, and the gait - femininity and grace. In addition, the sound of knocking heels is very exciting. The desire to wear high heels is also an explicit sign of sexual attraction from a woman. Men like them very much, so try to choose beautiful sexy shoes at least for a date.

11. Openness and facility with communication

The last and, perhaps, the main attribute of female beauty through the eyes of men is a friendly manner of communication. Men, even though they are hunters by nature, don't really like reserved "snow queens". But easily accessible girls are also not in honor: it's important to stick the golden mean. Be natural, modest, but open-hearted, radiate positive and self-confidence: men will certainly appreciate it!

Does all this matter?

Overall - yes, it doesn’t matter. Even men themselves confirm this. The thing is that all these signs of female attraction didn’t appear to make a woman beautiful, but to make her graceless to other ethnic or social groups.

In other words, what is attractive to one man can be disgusting for another one. For example, not all men like big breasts. As well as not everyone pays attention to the bending of your eyebrows. Therefore, a triangular face, large eyes and all the rest is a so vanishingly small factor that it isn’t necessarily to take it into consideration. Psychological appeal of women is much more important.

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Also, women are attracted to self-confident men. These guys know what they want and always achieve their goals.
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