What Is the Perfect Age to Get Married?

There is a well-established opinion that the more time you spend with a person before the registration in the registry office, the greater the chances for marriage welfare are. All kinds of probationary periods are organized in different countries from the moment of filing the application, engagement and other traditions that pursue only one goal so that young people can get to know each other better. However, these events don’t mean that the more you know your partner before the wedding (even if you are living together), the higher the guarantee that you will have a long and happy life is. Of course, there are some factors that can help in varying degrees identify most of the qualities of a person and understand whether it is possible to live with him or her the rest of your life or not. And one hundred percent formula to identify the perfect age doesn’t exist. But still, there are some patterns that help understand the main principles of matrimony in a different age. So, at what age should you get married?

average age to get married in the US

Average Age to Get Married in the Western World

As the scientific data show, today people marry much later than some 20 years ago, and some people prefer not to marry at all. However, the average age of people who marry for the first time may vary significantly across countries. The fact of how long you will live a bachelor life depends directly on what country you live in. It is interesting that the welfare of the country and the age at which its citizens marry are connected somehow. If people feel great living in a particular country, then, most likely, they will not marry at a very young age. Let’s look at some countries in the Western World.

  • ·Sweden

So, in northern, cold but very prosperous Sweden people become spouses at 33 years old. As various polls show, this country has repeatedly received the title of the most comfortable for life in Europe. Even in the world rankings, Sweden firmly holds its place in the top ten in terms of education, income, and quality of life (for example, there are two cars per person).

  •  Norway

In Norway, the average age to get married is 31 years. This country with great respect for its people is famous for its low crime rate and high income. After graduation, many people travel a year around Europe, or travel to the USA, Canada or Australia – this is considered to be a completely natural step before they start working. That is why residents of Norway don’t hurry to become spouses.

  • ·Scotland

Until the middle of the last century, Scotland remained a paradise for Romeos and Juliets from all over the world. Only in 1940, the law was abolished, according to which a couple was considered officially married after they simply stated this in front of witnesses. But now you can start a family in Scotland right from the age of 16, moreover, without parental permission.

  • Southern Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Austria

These countries demonstrate a reluctance to rush to have a wedding: the average age is 31 years.

  • USAgood age to get married

The vast majority of US states set the limit of 18 years for both parties. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, in Georgia State, young people over 15 years old have the right to form an official union, but with the permission of their parents. From the age of 16, the permission of parents is not required but only if a couple is expecting a child. New Hampshire also set its age limits. Here girls who have reached the age of 13 -14 can create a family. Massachusetts is distinguished by the highest limit. Young people under the age of 21 can’t stamp their passports without their parents knowing. But, anyway, the average age to get married in the US is 28 years.

  • China

This country has the highest marital age limit in the world: 20 years for women and 22 years for men. The modern law entered into force on January 1, 1981. It is believed that by this age, people can become quite independent both emotionally and materially and make important choices.

So, what’s a good age to get married? As you can see, even countries of the Western World don’t encourage early weddings. People there understand that different circumstances can affect their choice. For example, it is one thing when a couple communicates only via the Internet with each other or occasionally, once or twice a week, they meet when they go to a cafe, cinema or simply at an evening walk under the stars. In this case, even a dozen years is hardly enough to fully know a person, limiting oneself only to own impressions. And it’s another thing if partners have been together in a variety of different situations, for example, long journeys and so on. The best option is when young people live for a while as a couple, going through life, and if they understand that there is no obstacle in getting married, then they can do it.

Legal Age to Get Married in Different Countries

  • Ukraine

In the demographic analysis provided by experts in this field, since 2014, the average age of having a wedding in Ukraine is 20-23 years for girls, and 23-27 years for men despite the fact that the legal age to marry is 18 years old. This suggests a more optimal choice. In fact, this is the best time for matrimony of already accomplished individuals and a mature population that can improve the demographic situation in the country.

  • Russia

The same can be said about Russia. People here can marry when they turn 18 years old. According to scientific data, for the first time, girls become brides at 18-25 years old and average age to get married for the first time is 23. Among men, the rates are higher – they become grooms at 22-27 years old for the first time.

  • India

The minimum age for matrimony for girls is also 18 years. Although 60-65 years ago, in India, more than 50% of girls under the age of 14 were already married, which led to numerous personal tragedies because divorces are prohibited up to this day. Therefore, the minimum age of becoming spouses was increased. But even today, matchmaking in India is popular, and parents are looking for a couple for their daughters without their participation, and in most cases, a bride sees her future husband at their wedding. By the way, in villages, girls are secretly married at the age of 10-11. They consider it the best age to get married. Such matrimony is considered illegal, but residents adhere to the traditions. Weddings take place either late at night or early in the morning and are kept secret by all the inhabitants of the village.

  • Ecuador

Residents of Ecuador believe that the earlier the better. They become spouses at 12-14 years old. It is completely unclear what kind of family a boy and a girl can create, but still, residents of this country adhere to such a way of life.


A hundred years ago, an unmarried 14 years old girl was considered almost an old maid. Today, modern young people prefer to wait with the choice of a couple up to 35 years old. Girls don’t care about the wedding even at 25-30 years old, which is very atypical for Muslim society.

  • Japan

This is a country of late weddings: as the scientific data show, women think that the best age to marry is 29, while men get married at 30. Accordingly, late marriages don’t contribute to a high birth rate. But the legal age is 18 years old.

  • Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, and Kenya

The minimum age for matrimony for men is also 18, and for women, it is 16; and in Nigeria and Kenya, the minimum age for matrimony for girls is 9, for boys, it is 16–18.

Looking at this list, we can conclude that the best age to marry is the time when a person has acquired not only physical but also social maturity when an established world view has already been formed to a greater extent, and people have shown themselves as personalities. Of course, some person may remain a child at the age of thirty, and the other, being 16 years old, may think as an adult one. But the fact is that nowadays countries of the whole world don’t encourage early marriages. Moreover, people don’t strive for this anymore.

What Is the Best Age to Get Married?

What age can you get married? Actually, no one will ever give an unambiguous answer to this question. Everyone has their own answer to it, and only stubborn statistics says that girls prefer to have a whats a good age to get marriedwedding at the age of 20-25, and usually choose guys as their husbands at least 3-6 years older.

  • Early marriage

Of course, such an important issue as the matrimony should be approached carefully and thoroughly. After all, you connect yourself with your chosen one for life. And society rightly believes that such decisions should be taken by mature people. Therefore, the matrimony of people aged 18–20 (sometimes 23 years old) is often perceived as something premature and frivolous. According to scientific data, early marriages are the most vulnerable. But, on the other hand, at an early age, feelings and emotions are extremely strong. Love at this age is notable for arrogance and recklessness, and youthful maximalism sweeps away all obstacles on the way to a loved one.

  • Marriage up to the age of 30

At what age do most people get married? Age from about 23 to 26-28 years is considered almost the most suitable for marriage. It should be noted that girls grow up earlier than boys, but by the age of 25, the difference between the peers of both sexes almost disappears in both physical and, importantly, psychological aspects. This age is the most favorable for childbirth. For men, this is the time of the best physical form, endurance. By the age of 23-25, young people, as a rule, finish their studies and begin their professional careers. They have already decided what they want to do in life, and can independently provide for the family.

  • Late marriage

At the age of about 30, a wedding is already a deliberate thing. It is a hundred times weighted decision. At this age, people often get married not for the first time, and they understand perfectly well what surprises life “after the altar” prepares for them. So, this is a good age to get married.

Very late marriage

Perhaps, the popular expression “love for all ages” precisely relates to our grandparents. People marry at 50, 60, 70 and even 80 years old! And although at this age, love for partners means more support and care for each other and not an outbreak of emotions, feelings are so strong that young people should learn how to love.

Despite the fact that the question of the perfect age to get married is serious enough, you shouldn’t set yourself the goal of building relationships in terms of the ideal, from your point of view, option. People are so different that the criterion of age, in fact, gives only relative characteristics. In any relationship, everywhere and always, you need to listen to the two main advisers. And this is not a mom and a friend, not a dad or an uncle! It is your heart and your head. And these comrades are radically different – the heart is hot, and the head is cold. Therefore, their solutions will have an optimal temperature.

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