When She Doesn't Text Back: 7 Things to Do

The girl doesn’t text back, answers stiffly, or responds in monosyllables? In this article we will talk about possible causes of such behavior and also give some useful tips on how to get a girl to text you back when she is ignoring you.

she didn't text back

If she doesn't text back is she not interested?

So, let's imagine a situation. You get acquainted with a girl and correspond with her for a while. Then you notice that she takes a long time to text you back, her responses are remote and monosyllabic: “yes”, “no”, “maybe”, “perhaps”, etc. The extreme case - she doesn’t respond to messages at all or even has stopped reading them.

A possible reason for such behavior is that she is simply not interested in communicating with you. If she were interested in communication, she would find time to write you something interesting, unless she is on an uninhabited island. Why did she lose interest in communication? Most likely, you may thank yourself for that. Here are the most common mistakes that guys make in their correspondence with girls:


If you constantly try to maintain communication, even when the girl doesn’t want to continue, sooner or later it will turn very nasty. This shows how much you need to communicate with her and greatly deteriorates your value in her eyes.


“Fine dress helps to impress”, and such "dress" on the network is your profile photo and texts you write. If there are no mistakes in your messages, and all the commas are correctly placed, women perceive you as an intelligent and serious person. Of course, some famous people wrote illegibly and not very literate, but in this age of technology only the lazy can permit themselves a bunch of mistakes.

Lack of tact

For example, you left an ambiguous comment under her photo or wrote something indecent on her wall. This is the neat way to be blacklisted.

Being unoriginal

You got to interest her at the beginning of communication, but then quickly dropped to the platitudes like: "hello, how are you?", "What are you doing?", etc. If you want to draw attention to yourself - learn to be original! Don’t know what to write? Don’t worry, here are some tips.

Share feelings with a girl ahead of time

This mistake is committed by almost all the guys and men. What's the matter? Getting acquainted with a beautiful girl, a guy considers it his duty to make her thousand of compliments and almost make a declaration of love. Why does it get at beautiful girls? The thing is that they can hear the phrases - "You're beautiful", "I like you very much," etc., from all the guys who are hitting on them. If you say something trivial to the girl, she immediately relegates you to the hundreds of guys whom she has already given the mitten. Girls want guys to notice not only their external beauty, but look inwards and try to find out what kind of person communicates with them. Women don’t want to be just beautiful dolls, they want to be respected.

Using abusive words

It is always more pleasant for a woman to communicate with someone who can control his speech (and no matter how he talks with friends or acquaintances). It’s known that abusive words in writing act more repulsively than in oral speech. what to do if she doesn't text backBut don’t despair, because there are other reasons why a girl doesn’t text you back. Maybe you even don’t have to worry about it and think “Why doesn’t she text me back?”

Reasons for ignoring

  • If she didn’t text back to one or two messages send to her at different times of the day, then perhaps she was busy. In this case, you shouldn’t take offense. It’s advisable to ask her directly whether it’s convenient for her to correspond.
  • In the event that a woman began to ignore a man after a quarrel or a verbal battle, he should apologize to her. Chances are high that she took offense at him.
  • Little-known girls may misunderstand the jokes common in men's companies. Perhaps a guy joked somehow unsuccessfully at the time of correspondence. If the acquaintance has happened recently, then it's worthwhile for a man to keep a low profile.
  • Not all people are used to virtual communication, perhaps the girl with whom you communicate is such a person. Some people find it much easier to talk during meetings. You should try to invite the girl for a walk, cinema, cafe, etc.
  • Not knowing what to say. Not all girls are used to active correspondence with guys. They may be embarrassed or afraid to say something indiscreet. You shouldn't try to get her to talk with you - it can only scare her away.
  • If a girl doesn't text back for days, you can assume that she doesn’t want to communicate, or offended at you. Interrogate your memory, maybe you'll remember what could have offended her earlier. If you didn’t offend her in any way, then she has no interest in you, or just doesn’t need you.

What to do if she doesn't text back

1. Interest her

Remember the most important rule: you should cause interest in the girl, not just get her into a conversation, and you need to do this with the very first words. But even if you didn’t manage to interest the girl by correspondence (at the very beginning or in the process of communication), don’t be angry, don’t blame yourself or lose faith in your own strength. Maybe you just aren't her type or she already has a loved one.

And even more so you don’t need to be rude to her or think that she makes a clown out of you. It’s possible that she treats you quite well, and your communication will continue later, just now is a tough time for acquaintance (problems in family or depression, or things can be much easier: preparation for exams, problems with the Internet, etc.).

2. Use intrigue and understatement

Use the pickup scheme in communication with her: stay close, then away. For example, after corresponding with her for a couple of days, suddenly disappear for a day, but later find a reasonable explanation that won’t offend her (air-gapped network, visiting the summer house to help grandma, looking after your nephew).

Another way to create intrigue - say that you have a surprise for her, but you will lift the veil a little later. All this won’t let you be predictable and make her think more about you.

3. Tell her about your active life

Make her want to spend every minute with you! Winter fishing, hiking, kebabs in the village with friends, ice skating, skateboarding, skiing, cinema, theaters, traveling by car. Show her that you are always on the move, that she definitely won't be bored with you! Of course, all your stories must correspond to reality otherwise it will be treated as a deception.

4. Know how to present yourself

Be mysterious. A man is very inquisitive by his nature. People are always drawn to riddles. Probably, therefore, detective fiction is so popular. Don’t answer her questions directly or disclose all of your plans, answer a little vague. Show initiative. It is so that the male sex has to take the first step, be the first to kiss and do other things first. Therefore, you should show the initiative also in your SMS-communication. Give meaningful hints or help the girl creating all the conditions for her to give these hints by herself.

Don’t overdo with communication. The number of your messages shouldn’t differ much from the number of the girl’s ones. And your communication should always be cool. Who is interested in the open-ended discussion of the weather? If the conversation goes amiss, try to minimize it. But you should do it mysteriously and cryptically.

5. Create relaxed conversation

Your conversation should be relaxed, and then she will forget all the problems with you. Find the themes that you both like to talk about (recreation, life goals, etc.), briefly describe some unusual or funny life situation, ask her about something neutral that won’t evoke negative emotions in her.

if she doesn't text back is she not interested 6. Diversify communication with media files

This communication is suitable for social networks. For example, on popular sites there are many opportunities to send pictures, music, video, text documents, gifts, etc. All this will enable you to diversify your communication, help to know about her interests and demonstrate your own. Also sending media files will be the original way to give her a hint at something, express your emotions, ask her out on a date, etc.

7. Become impassive towards her

This is an option for those whose girlfriend doesn’t text back for a very long time. If your efforts to write messages and attract her attention are unsuccessful and she still remains silent and answers seldom, then just don't make your presence felt and completely stop communicating with her. Try to break off for a significant pause in a couple of months. And after that, use one of the techniques described above.

Before that, make new acquaintances, arrange meetings with new girlfriends and try not to think about her. Maybe later you won’t even want to remember her.

If she doesn't text back should I text again?

This is a very personal matter. If a girl doesn’t text back and you still write to her, then be aware that excessive importunity only scares away and doesn’t attract. If you want to attract the attention of a girl, you should continue to write to her, but do it not very often and as if by accident. Write her as if she is dear to you, and at the same time you don’t notice her answers. Keep attacking her until you get tired and make a decision that you don’t need her anymore, or until you achieve the desired result.

If the girl ignores you, but you don’t want to back off, then don’t bother her, just write every day "good morning", "good night", send an interesting anecdote once a day or some event that has happened to you today. But don’t write her too often – no more than 3 sms per day. One day, either you will get tired, or she will ask you not to write. Or maybe everything will work out. The main thing to remember is that perseverance helps win many wars, but excessive perseverance only makes things worse.

Now you know what to do when she doesn't text back. Good luck!

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If a girl does not respond to my messages for more than two days, I just stop writing to her. There are many other ladies who want to communicate with me.
13.03.2020 15:59
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