Why Men Love Cougar Women

According to European public opinion polls, about a third of women over 45 are ready to have sex with a man 7 years younger than them, and a partner that is 4-6 years younger is suitable for half of mature women. The traditional distribution of roles between the sexes is increasingly changing, and the idea that a woman should be younger, or at least not older than a man, is becoming a thing of the past. This relationship model still, of course, lacks public recognition, but the trend is already evident.

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What's a Cougar Woman?

What is a cougar woman? This is what women of mature age are called, who have achieved success in their professional and business activities, without losing the desire to achieve happiness in their personal life.

At the same time, they are actively looking for a partner not only (and not so much) among peers or men older than them but among young people. And they are quite successful at it. What age is a cougar woman? Around 40 to 50. The age difference in such couples is around 20 or even more than that. This causes all kinds of gossip and judging, but it does not bother cougars. Moreover, they believe that they are fully entitled to such behavior, which only ten years ago would have been considered reprehensible and depraved. So, when is a woman considered a cougar? Really at any age, when she has done what she wanted for her career and now cares for herself.

Although, if you think about it, what is reprehensible about it? Both in the 20th century and in the 19th century, it was considered quite decent for a man to start a family only having reached certain ranks and titles. A suitable wife was considered to be a seventeen-year-old girl, innocent and young. The men usually were around the age of forty-forty-five, which allowed them to feed the family, the difference in age in such marriages is not difficult to calculate. The same 20−25 years in age difference came up! And society believed that it was the right order of things.

But nowadays, women are also busy with building their careers, and do so with considerable success. They conquer their place in the sun by the same forty-forty-five years. And when this place is conquered, these cougars can afford to find a suitable partner for themselves. And since most of their peers are already “taken,” their keen eye targets the young men. So, there are families in which the husband is 20-25 years younger than his wife.

True, a mixed-age family, where the wife is much older than the husband, is unlikely to produce offspring. But ideologists of the “cougarism” claim that the modern family is created not so much for the purpose of procreation as for personal pleasure. And yeah, the absence of children leaves more time for your career and personal pleasure. Usually, by the time she enters this search for happiness, she can have several marriages behind her and two or three adult children growing up. She fulfilled her duty to society. cougar dating for older womenAs for the young husband, he may postpone his “reproduction” for some time, having given the heat of youth and young enthusiasm to his older friend. (Without bothering with the procreation at an age when men don't really want to have children.)

A similar ideology, and the very word “cougar”, was introduced into everyday life by a columnist of the newspaper “Toronto Star” Valerie Gibson. Gibson was born in England in 1939. She went through all sorts of things. She was even a professional underwater diver. In 1974, following her beloved man, she moved to Canada, where she gained fame as a journalist writing on sex and relationships. In 2001, she released a book called “Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men”. Then the book was considered sexist.

Usually, western women condemn the attempts of men to push a woman to certain social positions, like those that were created by nature itself for them: children, cooking, and bed. But here their heightened sense of social justice worked in the opposite direction. How can young men be considered only as pleasant sexual partners? How can you not pay attention to their hopes, dreams, life aspirations?

“You just don’t!” Said Gibson. And in her book, she urged women to focus more on their own feelings and desires. As men usually do.

The book has played a big role in ensuring that women, who are looking for a partner, expand the age range for searching for possible partners and simply gain confidence in themselves. Not to mention that, thanks to Valerie Gibson, the word “cougar” acquired a new meaning, and a new type of women took root in the American public consciousness.

What Makes a Woman a Cougar?

Well, first and foremost, it’s self-confidence. This is an important sign of a cougar woman. Most of these women deliberately emphasize their superiority, as well as their tanned skin and their fit body. For such women, it is important to compete with younger ones.

Such self-confidence acts as an aphrodisiac on young men who are used to interact with insecure young girls. Do not be afraid to hurt the cougar's feelings by not calling her after a stormy night. Of course, she will be pleased if you call, but if not, then either she will call herself or find another guy in your place. Of course, there are “casual female cougars” who fall in love with men much younger than themselves and have a serious relationship, but these are not these ladies who deserve the proud title of a real female cougar, hardcore, if you wish.

You will immediately feel this self-confidence when dating a cougar. However, she may allow you to take the first step - she always knows what she wants. The share of the cougar woman probably already had a lot of emotional suffering, so now she just wants to have fun. This means that she does not take herself too seriously, and therefore will allow the relationship to develop as quickly or as slowly as you want. She is not afraid to show her emotions, but mostly these will be funny and playful emotions.

Cougar Women Dating: Some Important Facts

Financial Independence

Cougar women are usually business women. All their considerable achievements are their own work and their own struggle. Therefore, the task of winning a young man does not seem to them impracticable. And, as a rule, they achieve their intended goal. It is known that many female cougars are generous sponsors of their young lovers, but should they be very rich? The answer is no, they should not, but to have money will never hurt.

Since the lonely aged woman, most likely, has already made a career and raised children, she can afford to invest money and time in herself, her beloved, and she always has cash. This is especially true of those who have received lots of goodies as a result of a divorce. Let's face it - money makes them more attractive to those young people who are looking for a financially independent woman. So, money does not make a woman a cougar, but it definitely helps her to attract more potential partners.

Great Shape

Everyone knows that cougar women try to keep themselves in good shape in order to keep up with their young rivals. Some of these women are willing to torture themselves in the gym for hours to look good. For young guys, this may be an incentive to maintain good shape on a par with a female cougar. You can be sure that you will spend the best hours of your life with a cougar woman, but she also expects you to be able to keep up with her. Crazy rhythm applies to her life in general. She is ready to teach or even learn from you herself but only on the condition that you are an inquisitive student, eager to share her life experience.

Non-Conformism and Unwillingness to Follow Traditions

Cougar women have a sober mind and are not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions and "go beyond the boundaries." Who said that at 40, 50, or 60 the women's life is over? Why would anyone say that? It is more likely that the lives of women in marriage with lots of kids are over at this point, since there is nothing new to achieve at this age, yet cougars are ambitious and quite different. But if I do not feel that my sexual needs have diminished or dried up, is it possible that public opinion is mistaken?

It must be said that public opinion gradually began to treat such women, if not with sympathy, then with understanding. In 2005, there was a sensation in newspapers and magazines. Demi Moore, age 42, was married to Ashton Kutcher, who was then 27 years old. Thanks to this event, the tolerant Western society has begun to warm up to such diverse families.

Reasonable Egoism

These women are not going to sacrifice themselves, as their mothers often did. They love themselves, take care of themselves. Therefore, a hot cougar woman is the norm, even when she is 40 or 50. They are well aware of one physiological fact. Vagina does not age. hot cougar womanA young man, who is regularly “treated” with sex, soon ceases to pay attention to many age-related defects of appearance. Moreover, these features of a girlfriend begin to ignite his passion. A sober mind and sense of humor of such a partner do not allow to get bored in the breaks between the storms of passions that is your sex.

What is a Cougar in Dating?

Expect her to be quite self-confident. She has achieved a lot in her life and now her main goal is to have fun, with you as the supporting participant in this fun. Don’t bust her lady balls about your struggles and such. Try to be on her level. This mainly concerns the amount of effort that is put into life in general. Whether it’s fitness or work, don’t just be a couch potato and a schlub, do stuff. There are lots of beautiful cougar women because they care for themselves and so should you.

Do not treat her as an inexperienced young girl that doesn’t know what she wants. This woman knows exactly what she wants.

Be passionate in bed. This may be the sole reason for your relationship altogether – sex. So, be sure to satisfy her needs and desires to the needed extent.

Cougar Dating Sites

While cougars can be found all over the dating market, all around the web, there are some sites that are mainly focused on just that, cougar women dating. A good cougar dating site isn’t hard to find. Cougar women websites are in abundance. If you need an adult woman in good shape with money, life experience, and unspent feelings, then what are you still waiting for? Go and find a cougar woman tonight by using the following websites of cougar dating for older women:

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