All About a Leo Woman: a Guide for Men

It is believed that Leos are the toughest people in the world – they are pretty strict, purposeful, fast in making decisions and born to be leaders. But how to seduce a Leo woman if you are not the bossiest type of a man? How to make this powerful lady fall in love with you instantly? Let us get to know all about Leo women.

You need to understand that there is no 100% guarantee that Leo women will be exactly the same as described in the following article. All people are different and the opinions about a certain type may not coincide with your own experience. Representatives of this sign are imagined as bright individuals, led by ambitions, pride and self-love. More than any other sign, Leos are eager to get power, recognition, wealth and luxury. But in spite of everything beautiful, rich and pompous, Leo women leave most space for leader qualities, fame, good social position and stability.

Leo woman traits

Leos come across as the most passionate and extremely generous people who like living large, showing their good health state or width of their pockets. In addition, those women definitely know how to earn money and how to spend them! They rarely run around, trying to please the crowd, preferring to accept honors. Leos see their purpose of life in being leaders, kings of a hill, therefore being strong women in all relationships. Leo women hate being submissive and serve other people, waiting for their commands and regards. This state of affairs is simply unacceptable for strong and empowered ladies.

Leo woman traits involve being hedonistic about their lives, when their love for luxury is a direct confirmation of success and good position in society. They believe in the power of brand, and we are not talking about clothing. If you are able to represent yourself as a business-project, then you are sure to create unforgettable impression. Leo women love good-looking men, they will not hesitate to point at somebody else’s untidiness in case of emergency. Being one of the most energetic and charismatic characters, Leo has an original creative beginning and needs to satisfy her ambitions at all costs. If her job does not get the desired impact, she loses interest in her endeavor. In addition, great Wild Women are so fond of being in the spotlight that subconsciously avoid companies where they fail to shine. More than anything in the world, Leos love when they are approached for advice - being an expert in any matter or a confidant is their favorite occupation.

How to attract a Leo woman?

A Leo woman, in the scope of her ambitions and passion for victory, is in no way inferior to the men of this sign. She is passionate about career growth, she adores new acquaintances, interesting events and, of course, interest and attention to her person. She always has admirers, she is polite to everyone, but she honors only some. A man who wants to attract a Leo girl must be at least confident, attractive and charismatic. A wild Lioness will not even notice a quiet romantic, boring intellectual or ill-bred husband, but a sense of humor and good taste will certainly interest her.

Leo woman personality does not her go with the flow and let you conquer her heart so easily. In order to stand out from the crowd of her boyfriends, you must manipulate her attention all the time: leo woman tease and admire at the same time, but do it very carefully since the slightest hint of disrespect will make her disbelieve you and stop trying to fight for your attention.

Interestingly, prone to power and domination, the Lioness dreams of finding such a man whose authority she could unconditionally recognize. Strong and independent, she really wants to submit, trust, feel care and love. If you can convince her of the sincerity of intentions and deserving her, then you will have a very pleasant surprise: this haughty and impregnable beauty will become a true friend to you, a passionate lover, and a devoted partner. But remember that the relationship with the Lioness should be constantly supported by praise, gifts and courtship, otherwise you will face indifference and coldness. When a Leo woman ignores you, never give up. Raise the level of tension and try to be ten times more straightforward, because the game itself turns her on.

The Lioness's man must be courageous, strong; he should be financially independent and occupy a certain position in society. A Leo woman is not able to get involved in an easy affair with an unworthy type of a person. She examines every man or date as a candidate for husband, and therefore the selection criteria are serious. She calculates everything in her life, so marriage is an extremely important step. Be brave as a lion to get your feisty woman!

What Leo woman wants in a man?

A Lioness prefers a strong and confident man, who will make her obey. But if the Leo woman goes along the standard path and chooses a man to control, outwardly he should not even seem fragile or easily manipulated. In any case, he most likely will be a wealthy and well-spoken person, who can make her proud. Sometimes even Leo women make mistakes in calculations and become a victim of marriageable scammers. However, when you hurt a Leo woman she will fight back with all the courage. You will have zero chance to outstand her brilliant sense of situation and enthusiasm. She loves luxury and brilliance, high society, so the chosen man will have to dish out and be able to make a couple of compliments.

Do Leo women cheat?

Although, there are no proven correlations between the Zodiac sign and the eager to cheat, astrologists managed to make up a list of well-known cheaters. Surprisingly, proud and pompous Leos love social life, money and always strive for a high position, but a woman perfectly understands the difference between marriage, love and just sex. With a man, she usually establishes partnerships and is faithful to her commitment. Leos do not cheat until the partner manages to satisfy all of their needs. That is, while they are properly praised and adored. The problem is that it is impossible to raise the degree of admiration of a Leo forever, and sooner or later the Lioness will decide that two adorers are better than one. And three partners better than two. The main thing is that everyone around knows how enchanting the Lioness is. As long as dating a Leo woman brings mutual satisfaction and all needs are met, no women will be taken away from your household!

Best love match for Leo women

Leo woman compatibility is complicated. Only strong signs are able to conquer her feisty nature! When Lioness meets a Sagittarius, the hot flirtation quickly develops into a serious relationship filled with passion. Sagittarius does not cease to fascinate Lioness with more and more new ideas, not letting her get bored.

A romance with a Libra is able to turn the life of the Lioness into a fairy tale, especially if his assurances of love are backed up by a solid bank account. These two have common interests. They understand each other excellently. Dating an Aries is love at first sight, which has all the chances of escalating into marriage, if only both partners will learn to learn the art of compromise. Another good option is a Gemini, as he will always be the teller and listener, which a Lioness is so much in need of. If she gets together with a Gemini, unwilling to constantly search for a nicer place, then this relationship will be harmonious and last for more than one year. romance with leo womanThe Leo man and woman are made for each other, as soon as they learn to listen and take into account interests of the partner (and this will happen quite quickly), they will succeed.

A Leo woman and a Virgo man are attracted to each other a great lot. If she starts spending a little less, and he saves a little less, then this romance (especially its sexual side) will bring a lot of pleasure to both partners of the commitment. Leo woman in love is a crazy hero!

Leo woman in bed

A Leo woman is sure that any man feels happiness and excitement while they are having sex. She instinctively knows how she attracts a strong half of humanity and is able to seduce anyone by simply showing her shoulders or fixing her hair in a sexual way. If her lover does not like something, she will not undertake any attempts to change it. Her contempt is a truly deadly weapon, Lioness does not need words to express it, and instead, she has gestures. Brave people, who are capable of a rematch, are a minority. As a rule, men simply escape from the field of erotic combat. Lionesses prefer to undress slowly, making their partner wild after such a teasing stripping. Thanks to that, the poor lover that decides to speed up the flow of events, and, wanting to jump right to a sexual act, pressing on her, will cause a dangerous effect – a Lioness will be very unhappy and release her sharp claws. This person does not feel the need to be original and creative in bed.

After all, everything will inevitably be reduced to simple and understandable acrobatic exercises. But if a skilled partner can awaken her passion, you will not regret it for a minute, she will respond to every touch and feel. How to tell if a Leo woman likes you? She likes having sex and does it a lot!

Famous Leo women

Those are truly strong impostors and legendary personalities. Just think about Coco Chanel, Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, Audrey Tautou, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry. These women are known for the stronger character than their male counterparts have. Expressive Lionesses with lots of energy and groove will make your head go round!

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