The Full Guide to Impressing a Russian Girl

Could you think of the number of men dreaming about dating a Russian woman or dating a Russian girl around the world? The numbers are surprising. Hundreds of thousands of them look for the way to impress a Russian girl and want to create a family with the one. The process of impressing a girl differs depending on nationalities. Well, impressing a Russian woman differs from impressing an American woman. Despite the fact that the first impression plays the major role in both cultures, you should be aware of all the peculiarities if you want to impress a Russian girl. So, how to impress a girl? Is it so important to know how to impress a woman in general?

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Let’s find out all the peculiarities of impressing women…

What do Americans think of Russian women? Well, they are really attractive. Besides that, nothing really. Eastern Europe is a black unknown hole for them. I mean, they know only ancient clichés, but besides that actually not a lot. One of the main stereotypes about Russian girls is that Americans imagine them as a very expensive wedding gift. If you are lucky to have a Russian girlfriend, then you’ll hear the question – “so, how much did you pay?” a lot.

What’s the difference between dates in USA and Russia?

First and foremost, Americans have been absorbing the ideas of feminism for good hundred years. As a result, trying to hit on them became almost impossible. It means that you’ll take her to dinner or wherever she wants, pay for the stuff, listen to her ranting about men and other types of complaints. Then you say bye at the restaurant from where she’ll call an Uber. Maybe you’ll have a chance to go with her and even have a little kiss. That’s it. There are not a lot of chances of getting a girl that’ll end your date with sex. But that’s a rare case. In a lot of other circumstances if you drop some sexual hints which she won’t like, she’ll think of you as an aggressive abuser and the date will end soon for you. In other words, women have all the privilege, and if you’ll pull the wrong card, you’ll going to get in trouble for that.

impress russian girlRussian girls, on the contrary, always listen to whatever you’ll say and expect you to make a decision and lead her. She’ll drop a questioning glance if you don’t make an order at the restaurant, don’t help her sit down or take her coat off, or don’t act like a gentleman. She likes a good sense of humor; basic knowledge about men fashion won’t hurt either. Besides that, don’t expect to impress her with swearing. In Russia, it’s still considered to be very rude and unacceptable to curse among ladies.

You’re like always expecting her to wait for your decisions. It’s very unusual compared to American “I-can-do-everything-myself” girlfriends. But surprisingly, Russian women are not weak or stupid. They manage to stay well-educated, assertive, and strong.

Avoid the confusion

In America, confusion arises when a woman stops to be a woman. She is a successful sex-trap, ready to call the police whenever a guy takes her by the hand. Men rant that American women can divorce, take children away, send letters from court when the reason is not understandable.

American men think that Russian women embody femininity in a nutshell. They are domestic, great cooks, always do the chores, because they are very good housekeepers. They don’t think that having different responsibilities is offensive or enslaving. They look after themselves, don’t smoke (because it’s not feminine, but again, women are different), and are not into alcohol. She is a very caring mother. They are a bit aggressive though, especially when things go in the wrong direction from what they have planned. She hates lazy men, and if you lay in bed for too long, she’ll wake you up several times and tell that you have things to do today. Apparently, being untidy is not their national trait.

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Russian girls are accustomed to male attention more than the Americans. Therefore, I think it is more difficult to impress a Russian girl.
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