Flirting with a Russian Girl: a Full Guide

Flirtation is a special way of communication. It is a subtle form of the language of relations. Anyone who understands how to flirt with a girl has the key to success with the opposite sex. Some own it by nature, but most of us need lessons! The language of flirting is about words and gestures. The words with explicit and hidden meanings. And gestures which are sometimes clearer than any words. Do you want to get acquainted easily and make an indelible impression from the very beginning? Do you want to learn how to flirt with girls in the best way? Then comprehend the art of flirting with us.

We will talk about this topic not only in general words. We will speak of flirting with the bearers of a completely different culture. Of course, we are talking about Russian girls. After all, these beauties are the main heroes of men's dreams about family happiness and hot sex.


How to Flirt With Modern Girls: General Advice

So, let's learn how to flirt with a girl over text taking into account modern realities. After all, the recommendations that were passed on from man to man in the 19th century are not very relevant, even if they look cute and romantic.  The days when the girl stood not daring to lift her eyes, looked at the floor, and blushed from any masculine word have already passed. Feminism and emancipation gave us independent women and it became very interesting to communicate with them. The top form of communication between the sexes is, indisputably, flirtation.

Interesting fact: Women are perfectly able to flirt with a man and do it at least three times more actively and successfully. The successes of men in this field seem like a childish babble. Especially, in our digital age when life is no longer subject to conventions. Judge for yourself: a hundred or two years ago, the Italians sang the serenades under the windows, the English sent flowers with fragrant men's toilet water and cards, and the French made verses. All flirting with a girl was reduced to such gestures.

But we will not grieve and complain about our failures. We will learn what we do not know and pass on this knowledge to you. Let's start with a general advice: there must be a lot of practice flirting with girls in your life. A real skill comes only through it. Did you like the girl? Flirt with her. Cast off fear and doubt because they are only demons drawn by your imagination. It is worth to turn away from them, laugh at them and they will disappear once and for all.

Flirting With a Russian Girl

As we promised, this article will tell much about how to subtly flirt with a Russian girl. If you suddenly thought that communication between a man and a woman is the same everywhere, then you are mistaken very much. Russian girls need a special approach. Their mentality is very different from the mentality of Western women as you can see by yourself. So, let's start a flirting guide with Russian ladies:


1. Behavior during flirting. So, how do you flirt with a girl? From the very beginning, it is necessary to psychologically tune in to communicate with the beautiful sex. A man should look accessible for communication, not a self-contained, a gloomy, or rude representative of the stronger sex. A man should not fuss, be nervous, hurry or be embarrassed - this is the worst kind of behavior. Friendliness, light smile, confidence, and a little male insistence are your best friends.

2. Smile when flirting. Eyes are the main weapon of flirting parties. How to understand that a girl is flirting with you? Women keeping their eyes on you for a few seconds, looking interested in your direction and looking away at the moment your views meet deserve your attention in the first place.

3. Communication with flirting. Russian girls love when all your attention is focused on them. If you met at a bar or at a club, ALWAYS offer to treat her. It does not matter if she agrees or not. You have shown courtesy and the first sketches of contact are made. If your communication is on the Internet, immediately go to the point after the greetings: start asking about her life and about her interests. By the way, the ability to communicate with ease comes with experience. Few of us are given such a gift from birth so remember what we wrote above: practice is a necessary condition on the way to success with the opposite sex. You can learn the best way to flirt with a girl only through regular practice.

4. The difference between obsessive pursuit and flirting. Most Russian girls do not like when men behave compulsively. If you have received several very definite signals that the girl does not want to flirt, it's better to retreat. Note that several is the keyword here. After all, no one likes passive, not capable of fighting men, including Russian girls. Dating with them is a very interesting thing! You will understand when your flirting will meet resistance which you can’t break and learn to distinguish between signals indicating your girlfriend's unwillingness to continue such a relationship with experience. We are lucky that Russian girls have an explosive temperament. Usually, they can make it clear that flirting is inappropriate in an entirely explicit way. If you do not understand this, be offended only at yourself.

These are the four basic rules of flirting with Russian girls. They can have different variations, but start applying them in your life the way we recommend it. Remember that your skills should be constantly sharpened, which is impossible if you do not master the basic rules of flirting and dating Russian women.

flirtingSpecial Tips to Flirt With Russian Girls

In conclusion, we would like to give you some special advice that will help you in communicating and dating a Russian girl. For some reason, they are often forgotten, but this is a big omission. Here's how you can do better:

1. Humor. If you love and, most importantly, know how to joke, then this will be a huge advantage when dating a Russian woman. The fact is that a good joke can become a key to the heart of a Russian girl. And these are not just empty words: humor is very much appreciated in Russia. The main thing is not to overdo it. Tell a joke only if you are completely sure that your interlocutor will understand you. Otherwise, you can offend a person. Take note: NEVER tell jokes about the Russian girl's family. This is considered to be a very serious insult in Russia.

2. Use simple language in speech. Speak as clearly as possible. This advice is especially relevant if you are corresponding with a girl. Remember that your speech shouldn’t involve the use of slang and other obscure words. Therefore, build your speech in the way it will be clear to the girl. To do this, you need to actively communicate for a while, so that you can understand her level of language skills.

3. Be interested in her opinion. Russian girls just love it when men show respect for them. And the easiest way to express your respect is to ask a person for his or her opinion on some issue. Ask her opinion about the last movie she watched at the cinema, why she does not like this or that band, and so on. Just don`t be passive and apathetic! It is the main thing.

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It is important to pay attention to the girl’s body language when flirting with her. The body can tell about a lady much more than you think.
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