Russian Girls' Cultural Peculiarities

To meet a Russian bride seems to be the main goal for western men, who wants to stay as far as possible from contemporary emancipated women. Dating Russian women online and offline came into fashion after the fall of the iron curtain and it doesn't seem like it will go away anytime soon.

Russian Girls' Cultural Peculiarities

The great desire to marry a Russian woman can be easily explained by the charms and beauty of Russian women, that are well know throughout the world. Their almost natural desire to keep their beauty alive to look their best transformed into knowledge how to keep up with the latest fashion trends, how to properly apply the makeup, and how to take care of their hair. But their appearance is not the sole fact that draw men from western countries like magnet.

The real reason lies deep in the traditional Russian culture, what Russian classic writers labelled as the mysterious Russian soul. In Russian women culture it means family values and the traditional life outlook. That's the real reason, why Russian women easily win hearts of men from around the globe. That's why a lot of western men are obsessed with dating Russian girls.

Let's delve deeper into the Russian cultural facts to understand why we want to marry a Russian girl.

Family is the #1 Priority for a Russian girl
Emancipation impacted western women, but in Russia it probably had a bigger influence on men, rather than women. If in the Europe or America, women became feminists by their own desire, Russian women became sort-of-feminists because of the life conditions. While Russian culture has a traditional view on male and female roles in a relationship, women often become the main provider of family's comfort. If is no surprise, because World War II claimed millions of Russian men, men became something precious for Russian women. They compete for husbands, and they spoil their sons from the earliest age. As a result, men often allow themselves not to work.

Still, according to many facts of Russian culture, you won't find a Russian bride who has no desire to become a perfect housewife and mother. They use all the opportunities to get a good education, to find a job with big salary and build a career, not because they want to, but because they have no choices.

Still, family always remains of the top priority for those women.

Modesty and Romance
Russian women are know to be friendly and modest. Despite the fact that Russia is full of useless men, only children are brought up according to traditions, which can be described as patriarchal. The tragedy of Russian girls that they are taught that men must have an authority in their lives. But the last fifteen-twenty years Russia suffers greatly from the lack of men who can take this role in woman's life. Still, believing that things can get better, Russian women tend to use every single chance to save their relationships or marriage, instead of rushing to break up and file for the divorce. That explains why Russian girls are so eager to engage in relationships with western men. They just dream to find the authority figure in men from western countries.

As for the romance, which plays an important role for Russian women, western men can show all their generosity. While, western women tend to pay for themselves at the restaurants, Russian women will eagerly let you pay for it. Russian girls also like when men make them small gifts, bring flowers, and even read poetry to them.

But, in order to succeed in relationships with a Russian girl, western men mustn't overdo their generosity. Russian women are proud of themselves, and may consider expensive gifts as your way to buy them. Moreover, their modesty will make them feel indebted if they accept your expensive present.

When it comes to passion, be sure that a Russian girl is the most passionate girl that you will ever meet. And as they were brought up in patriarchal way, Russian women want to fall in love only once in her life, and never live the men of her choice.

Russian bride as the perfect choice for a foreigner
Russian women gained notoriety for being perfect housewives, phenomenal lovers, and excellent mothers. While in the Russian Empire it was common to keep a housemaid, this tradition was ultimately killed during the Soviet years. As a result, Russian girls are taught how to cook from the early age.

The quality of the Russian wife is well known throughout the world. And when you marry a Russian woman, you get an excellent cook, a perfect housemaid, a fantastic lover, and the loving mother in one person. Moreover, she is not just your maid and mistress, she is your partner. Russian women are infamous for their self-sacrifice attitude. She will give you comfort whenever you need it.

If you dream about Russian girl, don't think that it is one-way street. Russian girls are dreaming about marrying foreigners too. Western men are the only possibility for Russian women to fulfil their patriarchal bringing up. As men from abroad tend to treat Russian women with respect, that lacks in Russian men.

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Another cultural peculiarity of Russian girls is amazing culinary skills. These women really know how to please a man with tasty dishes.
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