What to never say to a Russian Lady

Dating Russian girls remains extremely popular among western men. No surprise that feminist movements, which made western women career-, rather than family oriented, left men longing for women who still have good old family values. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it turned out that those family-oriented girls are – Russians.

What to never say to a Russian Lady

The arrival of dating sites made it much easier to find the Russian bride, and thousands of western men signed up with those sites to find their perfect wives. Thanks to those sites, each man has a possibility to talk to a Russian girl. But, when it comes to offline conversations, western men are inclined to make a lot of mistakes.

How to have a great conversation on a date
It all comes down to the typical problem – we don't know how to benefit from online chatting. You may chat for ages, and still not know what to say to a girl you like, when it comes to talking in the real life.

If you pay attention to what she says, while you're chatting with a Russian girl, you'll have no problems with conversation on your first date with her. You'll learn the romantic things to say to a Russian girl, without sounding vulgar.

If you follow her attentively, you'll learn the topics to discuss with her. You'll learn that she is far from being stupid. You'll learn that she likes talking about literature, culture, history. And that is the key to have a great conversation on a date with her. Dating Russian women, requires certain knowledge, so you should study something about Russians and their cultural peculiarities. Thus, you have all the chances to impress her with your knowledge.

Without knowing things to say and things not to say to a Russian girl, you're more likely to join the honourable, or in this case dishonourable, group of men that failed to make a good impression on their first date with a Russian girl.

Topics to never discuss on a date with a Russian girl
The vast majority of western men tend to think that knowing how to say something nice to a Russian girl is enough for the successful date. Ah-ah. First of all, your understanding of nice can differ drastically from her understanding of nice. Believe it or not, you will disgust her if you start your date from expressing your sexual desire for her. Aside from that, there are certain topics you should never discuss on a date with a Russian girl.

If you say to a Russian woman how beautiful she is, and then go for complaining about your exes, it's highly unlikely that your first date will have any further development. Women identify themselves with other women, regardless of their nationality. That means that when you complain about your exes, she puts herself in your ex's place.

If you're whole conversation will be focused solely on you, she would think of you as being egocentric. Like it or not, no woman would like to share her life with a man who cares only for himself.

Last, but not the least, if you talk about her homeland, don't show your disrespect for Russia, cause Russian girls are mainly patriotic.

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Like all women, Russian ladies hate it when men say something about their weight. Therefore, never tell a Russian girl that she is overweight.
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