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Russian women's mental characteristics: what are they like

Russian women are the most beautiful women in the world. They are passionate, stunning, gorgeous, and astonishing. You will be amazed by their distinctively amazing features and incredible appearance. Dating a Russian woman may just be the best possible option for you. Of course, you wonder what it is that makes Russian women so special and attractive. Reading the following piece you will become familiar with most important Russian women features. Knowing the characteristics of Russian women which make them so adorable you would certainly become interested in dating them.

characteristics of Russian women


One of the most exceptional Russian women features is their creativity. You can easily meet a girl that draws or dances in her free time. Women from Russia are very artistic and talented. They like doing something interesting and they spend their free time accordingly.


Among most prominent features of Russian women is their intelligence. Russian women are very smart. You would surely benefit from the fact that your Russian girl probably knows two languages and can have a conversation with you in a foreign language. Russian women are easy to communicate with because they are well educated.


Russian women are very passionate. You can lose your head in a romance with passionate Russian women. Their approach to romantic relationships is full of devotion and confidence. Just being around Russian women can electrify you. Russian women are very attractive. You won’t be able to ignore their spectacular appearance.


Among the most important characteristics of Russian women is their style. They always wear masterfully combined dresses and they are always attentive to their looks. That is why they are so stunning and beautiful. Style effectively improves the appearance of Russian women. Most of them look like models. However, they walk across streets, not podiums.

Russian Women Are Loyal

List of Russian women characteristics would be incomplete without mentioning their loyalty. Dating a Russian woman you can be certain about her and your relationship. Russian women are usually very serious about mutual trust and can be expected to stay true to you. It is certain that you are less likely to have loyalty problems with a Russian woman.

physical characteristics of Russian womenRussian Women Are Caring and Understanding

There are different Russian women features that might interest you. For example, dating a Russian woman you can see how caring and understanding is she. When you’re in a relationship with a woman you can’t communicate effectively without your partner’s care. Personal relationships require partners to comfort and help each other. You surely can depend on a Russian woman to take care of you and make your life better with support and understanding.

Russian Women are Joyful

Which Russian women features can tell you more about the nature of these women? Russian girls are naturally very enthusiastic and optimistic. They always prefer looking on the bright side of things. Even facing the problems and obstacles Russian women like to stay joyful, merry, and positive. Just being around them will make you happier.

They Are Interesting to Talk to

You can always have an interesting conversation with a Russian woman. It is one of the characteristics of Russian women you’d surely appreciate. Being smart and creative they can make it interesting for you to talk with them. It is always a pleasure to have a nice conversation with somebody. In a case with Russian women, you won’t be bored for sure. Russian women characteristics include a sense of humor. It is one of the reasons they are fun to be with. She can make your day with a joke or just show you how to avoid sadness. Having a partner that can fill your life with joy and laugher is a thing you won’t regret.

Physical Characteristics of Russian Women

Russian Women Have Perfect Height

One of the physical characteristics of Russian women you will be happy to know is their height. On average a Russian woman is 170 cm or around 6 feet. The stunning beauty of Russian women largely depends on their smooth forms as they are very fit and tall. Perfect height highlights the appearance of legs and spine and whole torso of Russian women.


Russian women make good mothers. In case you might want to have a family and look forward to a serious long-term relationship you can be sure Russian women are fit for this task. Russian women like children and are very responsible for their upbringing.


Russian women are very healthy. You can easily meet a vegetarian girl or a woman who regularly attends fitness lessons. Women in Russia like to stay fit and visit trainings. They like active entertainment and healthy lifestyle. Due to that, they are very healthy and beautiful. It also makes them look younger and stronger. A woman of your dreams may not only be healthy and pretty herself but make you adopt her healthy lifestyle habits as well. This way you will be encouraged to work out and have more enthusiasm about staying active.

Natural Lovers

Among the most exciting and spicy physical characteristics of Russian women are their excellent erotic and seductive abilities. In other words, their performance during sexual intercourse will simply leave you speechless. Russian women are passionate, giving, and pleasant in close contact. Your satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed as Russian women are famous lovers.

features of Russian womenWhat Makes the Beauty?

It is not quantity or diversity of Russian women characteristics that make them beautiful. It is all characteristics put together which are responsible for the fact that Russian women are so adorable. You can meet all kinds of women: blonde or dark-haired, with small hands or long legs, or both. Russian women have Caucasian characteristics but among Slavic nations they are most beautiful and stylish. Without any doubt, they can amaze you with their attitude, approach, looks, and skills.

A lot of Russian women are very attentive to their manicure, hairstyle, makeup, earrings, etc. Russian women tend to choose the best and always look amazing. Amazingly, you can even see pretty Russian girls wearing stockings and mini skirts during winter. At any time of year or day, they try to look perfect. You would surely appreciate their dedication and efforts because make it for you.

What makes a woman perfect? Certainly, not only the way she looks or what she wears. It really is far from that. A perfect woman is distinguished by her attitude and charm. Russian women can make most men feel comfortable in their presence. Thanks to that you won’t be bored or stressed in the company of a Russian woman.

Russian Women Are Easy to Talk To

You will definitely have a nice time speaking with a Russian woman. One of the prominent features of Russian women is their ability to make an interesting conversation. Most importantly you won’t feel nervous around them. You probably noticed how sometimes a woman makes a certain impression on you that makes it impossible for a conversation to flow smoothly? Russian women don’t approach their men with shields and cover. They are very open-minded and social. They like to communicate, meet new people, and try new things.

Responsibility in Long-Term Relationships What more features of Russian women you need to hear to immediately want to date them? Well, for one thing, Russian women are responsible in serious relationships. You probably want a partner you can rely on. Russian women are very responsible and reliable. You can count on their emotional support and understanding. They know how to take care of men and not only demand but can give a lot in exchange. Russian women can offer you comfort and rest as well as partnership aimed towards the future.

Russian Women Are Independent

It is widely known that Russian women are very independent. They are smart and skillful because they prefer to take care of themselves. You should keep in mind the advantages that come with this fact. Dating a Russian woman can significantly decrease your efforts in relationships. It is incredibly healthy to a have a woman who in case it is needed can deal with the pressing matters on her own. A Russian woman is less likely to panic or mess things up in situations that require efforts and dedication. It means that you won’t face constant demands and requirements without end. A Russian girlfriend will only ask for help when your help is really needed. It could also leave you two with more time for yourselves.

Russian Women Like Going Out

One more of the exclusively Russian characteristics is that Russian women know how to party and spend their time out. Women in Russia like to relax with quality and choose interesting entertainment. They can be seen visiting spa, parties, bars, night clubs, concerts, opera, and festivals quite frequently. It is where a perfect opportunity to meet them is. Speaking otherwise, Russian women like to meet new people and stay social visiting places where social contacts and acquaintances are made.

All in all, as you were told here, Russian women possess many qualities which make them best. They are passionate, smart, caring, understanding, and loyal. Having a Russian woman as your partner can result in a happy relationship. Russian women are beautiful and stylish, they have charm and the right attitude. They can easily comfort you and show you how to spend time with interest. Finally, Russian women are very joyful and also reliable. They can be trusted and can carry their part of responsibility being a good partner and, if needed, a good mother.

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Also, most Russian women keep fit and regularly work out in the gym. Therefore, they have very beautiful figures.
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