The Ultimate Guide to Dating a Russian Woman

Do you use dating sites? Then you have talked with at least one Russian woman. Surely your friends who found their Russian girlfriends advised you to do the same and not waste time trying to establish a family life with one of the American or European girls. You know, buddy, they're right. Russian women are really special. This is expressed in a unique appearance, in a unique character and an unusual for the Western women view of life. But if you want to build a serious relationship and date Russian women, you need to learn a lot.

You can do this by trial and mistakes, but we offer you a more effective and smart option. Especially for you, our romantic friend, we made the most detailed guide on how to meet a Russian woman and how to treat her on the vast expanses of the Internet and in real life. Read it, use this knowledge and about you, as the most skillful lover, they will make legends!

most beautiful Russian women

Why Russian Women Are So Popular

The first thing that any man who has just started using dating sites asks himself about Russian women is "why these women are so popular? Why are not the French, German, English, Japanese? ". The question is more than relevant and must be answered. The whole point is what men are looking for in women. And what women can give men. You, pal, need a real home, warm and cozy, where you will return every evening after work. You need a loving woman to meet you with a smile on her face and a question “What would you like to drink while I warming up a dinner: beer, wine, or maybe just tea?” You want to have the same relationship as your parents had.

You want to have a real family, in the old-fashioned sense of the word. And when you hear that someone is scoffing at such attitude towards the family, you want to hit him straight in the face. And when you hear how women talk about the fact that the institution of marriage is a relic of the past, you hear about the child-free and raptures about people who live their lives exclusively for themselves, acting in favor of another corporate sect that inspired them with synthetic, harmful moral values for the soul, you want to live in a different world.

So, most beautiful Russian women agree with you. They also hate all these newfangled ideas and contemptuous attitude to the most valuable thing that can be in a human life - the family. Russian women know what men really want. And they want to give them this. Now you understand why Russian women are so popular?

Difference in Cultures

Of course, behind such a different attitude to life lies the difference in the cultures that Western women and Russian women represent. And if everything is clear with ours, Russian women are a mystery to many of us. You do not have to read a boring analytical article with a bunch of references to philosophical, historical, and other specialized literature – we have made for you a small comparative description between the culture of the West and Russian women culture. So:

1. Philosophy. Russians have a special relation to such a notion as the Truth. According to their philosophy, it cannot be expressed in words. Approximately the same attitude is towards wisdom - it can manifest itself only in deed, not in words. Western culture is characterized by the desire to choose the exact words for characterizing Truth and wisdom.

2. Religion. While in the West Christianity spread faster, many of the territories that make up modern Russia remained pagan for quite a while. This in many ways affected the character of Russian people.

Russian women features3. The Russians are very conservative. What cannot be said about the carriers of Western culture.

4. The attitude towards nature is very revealing: for Russians it is contemplative-sacred, and not consumer.

5. Some ceremoniality is inherent in Russians, and in some societies - strict adherence to behavioral norms. Russians respect traditions and customs very much.

These 5 points should be enough for you to make up a certain opinion about the difference in cultures. It really exists and it matters. Consider this if your intent is understanding Russian women the way a Russian man would. Among other tips on dating a Russian woman, this is the most important one.

Language Barrier and How to Overcome it

Have you dealt with cultural characteristics? Great! Now it's time to remove the next barrier on your path. It is, of course, a language barrier. Until recently, the language barrier caused the breakdown of relations or quarrels between partners. It is very difficult for some people to learn new languages. Good courses and tutoring services can cost a lot of money and require a lot of time. Not everyone is ready to go this way till the end. But today the situation has changed radically. We must say thank you to the inventors of such tools as Google translator. All that is required of you is to write a phrase in your language and the program will perform the translation itself. Yes, in most cases it is substandard. Yes, sometimes you will have to adjust the translation yourself to understand what your interlocutor wanted to say. But this is not difficult at all.

In addition, many Russian girls learn English themselves. Their knowledge is enough to support a simple conversation and communicate their thoughts. In terms of romantic correspondence on the dating site, this will be enough.

Marriages and Family Values of Russian Women

As you might have guessed, the majority of Russian women are the bearers of traditional family values. What does this mean? Throughout history in Russian culture, a special place was occupied by the family. It was in the family that the national culture, the ethical "code" of social behavior was formed and, finally, the family was and is the primary cradle of the national outlook for the younger generations.

Russian women cherish this attitude to the family. Here is one of the most recognizable Russian women features: the family for them is not just a social institution, bonded by the bonds of matrimony. The family has a sacred meaning. And many men, regardless of nationality, strive for precisely this understanding of the family.

If a Russian woman marries a man, the vector of her life is determined once and for all: every action should be directed to the benefit of the family, and any experience that hinders this is considered negative. This is a big and important part of dating Russian women culture.

Where to Get Acquainted with Russian Women?

Where to meet Russian women? The most obvious answer to this question is dating sites. But besides this, there are many tourist trips, during which you can meet a lot of Russian women. The most popular resort places among Russians are:

  • Turkey
  • Egypt
  • Greece

Their popularity is explained very simply - they are affordable. Any Russian, belonging to the so-called middle class, can afford a trip to one of these countries. However, it should be noted that during long trips, long-term relationships are rarely born. Basically, this is a short love affair, which the Russians call a "holiday romance." To find a couple for a serious relationship, it's better to choose one of the many dating sites. This is a reliable and proven tool, and its effectiveness is confirmed by the positive experience of thousands of men.

How to impress Russian Women?

So you finally met the Russian beauty. You invited her on a date and she gladly agreed. Now you are tormented by the question: how can you impress her? After all, she is not just a girl, but a Russian girl ... a creature from another planet. So, she can only be impressed by something alien. You should not complicate things like that, buddy. Girls are girls. They love flowers, compliments, beautiful courtship, gentlemanly gestures. They like to talk a lot and we, the men, should listen carefully. A Russian girl will be very impressed if you flaunt knowledge of Russian culture. She will be pleased that you show such interest in what is part of her soul.

We can give you some advice: act like a gentleman from old romances. Russian girls love this very much.

What Can and Can You Not Talk About?

dating Russian women culture What is not worth talking about:

  • Do not even think about telling a sad love story with your ex. Russian girls are very jealous. You have no idea how much.
  • Carefully avoid any negativity. A Russian girl might think that she is causing your depression
  • Do not touch the topic of sex. She may think that you are communicating with her for the sole purpose - to drag her into bed
  • Do not brag. Nobody likes boasters. Russian girls are sick of this behavior.

What is worth talking about:

  • Tell her about your hobbies. If you tell with passion, she will understand that in front of her is an interesting and emotional (in a good sense of the word) man.
  • Tell her about your family. Russians like to talk about family members. Therefore, she will gladly listen to your story.
  • Talk about plans for the future. If this is one of your first dates, talk about personal plans. Do not rush things. Tell her what you want from life and how you are going to achieve it
  • Tell her about your gastronomical preferences. Russian girls are very good at cooking. They can keep talking about food for hours. We do not doubt that you can do it. You will have a great time!

Facts About Russian Women:

  1. In Russia, women are about 10 million more than men.
  2. In case of divorce in Russia in 90% of cases, the child remains with the mother.
  3. The most common female names in Russia are Anastasia, Maria, Daria and Anna.
  4. About 50,000 women serve in the Russian army.
  5. Russian women are beautiful. The French author Alexander Lutz wrote that "the beauty of a Russian woman is an incalculable asset of the country".
  6. Russia became the first country where women took an active part in revolutionary organizations.
  7. Despite the universally recognized attractiveness in the world community, the results of recent sociological studies have shown that more than 95% of Russian women consider themselves ugly.
  8. Sophia Kovalevskaya became the first female professor in Russia and Northern Europe.
  9. The average height of Russian women today is 168 cm, the average weight is 69 kg.
  10. Russian women have always inspired geniuses, and not only Russians. Elena Dyakonova was the muse of Dali and Eluard, Lydia Delectorskaya - Matisse, Elza Triolet - Aragon, Olga Khokhlova - Picasso, Lou Salome - Nietzsche and Freud.
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I’m from Russia and I want to say that most Russian girls have inflated self-esteem and consider themselves much more beautiful than they really are.
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