Tips to Have a Great Summer Fling with a Woman

What is a summer fling? According to many men and women, this is entertainment and a way to break away from gray everyday life. It allows them to diversify their sex lives, get new sensations, meet woman for dating (and men), makes it possible to arrange their personal life, that is, find their soulmates. When buying vacation tickets, you already imagine a romantic adventure. Everything is fine: it means that you are at least in a trend. According to opinion polls, 70% of people who start a fling relationship expect that it will develop into a serious and long-term connection or even end in marriage, but in reality, only 10% of all summer flings have such a continuation. That is why you shouldn’t take it too seriously, so as not to end up disappointed. So, what is a fling with someone? A summer fling is something that you need to enjoy here and now, not thinking about the further development of relationships.

Also, international sociological surveys show that at least half of the adult residents of European countries had fun flirting or made more intimate contact at least once during their holidays. Moreover, only a third of them hoped to meet their love at the beach bar, and most just considered summer flings a wonderful way to have a good time. So, what is it worth thinking about in advance?

what is a summer fling

Facts and Rules to Remember About Summer Flings

What is the summer fling meaning? Non-binding flirting, a sense of freedom, expectation of a holiday, joy, change, a date night. Everyone decides for themselves based on what they expect from the holiday whether to start fling relationships or not. Some specifically go beyond the passions, while others believe that sex for one night and fleeting relationships are not for them. Why waste so much energy and emotions if a hot love story ends in a couple of days? Even such a thing as romantic entertainment on vacation has its own rules for playing the game. After all, everything that happens between the formed couple in the resort is just a stunning love affair against the backdrop of beautiful scenery. Such relationships should be built according to the following fling relationship rules so that they don’t spoil the vacation.

1. Explain what relationship you are looking for

What are your goals: to build long-term relationships or find fleeting ones? After you answer this question and figure out what you want to receive from a fling, you can move on. Explain to the partner that you don’t want to have fleeting intrigues or, vice versa, make it clear that you are looking for short relationships without obligations and the need to continue communication. It is important to discuss this in advance so that later not one of the parties will get offended.

2. Be prepared for spontaneity

A fling is developing quite rapidly because its duration is limited by the date of your departure! So, don’t be surprised if people immediately approach you and offer to drink a cocktail or take a walk. They are doing the right thing. On vacation, neither they nor you have the time to look closely at each other at the restaurant for several evenings. Are you ready for a sharp turn of events? Then go ahead!

3. Remain a mystery

Rest in an exotic place can’t last forever. So, don’t be surprised at the activity of a potential partner. In this case, everything will happen rapidly, starting with an invitation to a restaurant and a subsequent offer to spend time in a more romantic place. But even in this situation, you have to make the pleasure last longer. What’s the rush? So, how to have a summer fling? You shouldn’t tell everything about yourself, no matter how bright everyday life may be. A little imagination will only add passion and dynamics to the romance on vacation.

4. Remember about protection

Most likely, your dates will not be limited only to joint dinners and entertainments. If the situation leads you to bed, be sure to remember about protection. Put condoms in your pockets just in to have a fling

After all, even if you use local contraceptives, they will not help protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. A little-known partner can hardly be called safe.

5. Leave the problems at home

No matter how serious they may be, you go on vacation precisely to forget about them. Therefore, don’t cry on the shoulder of your new friends, telling them about your difficult life. This is all left at home. Now there are only you two, the sea, the sun, summer fling songs, and the beach.

6. Go against the rules

Vacations, especially if you spend them away from home, are a kind of another dimension in which you can seem to become a different person for a while, easily decide on madness and eagerly try new things. If in “ordinary” life, you never take the first step, then forget about this principle and boldly flirt with pretty strangers. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake or seem ridiculous: any fling is a “small life,” and your right is to live it the way you want.

7. Be realistic

The sea breeze and the feeling of freedom on vacation can mislead anyone, therefore, it is no wonder that even the most rational person wants to indulge in dreams and let everything go by itself. Don’t take it as love at first sight. It is probably a strong passion, not a great pure feeling. Most often, such romances don’t withstand the distance and lack of lively communication, so you shouldn’t dream about a wedding and children after your first date. Consider this relationship as a fun adventure without serious consequences.

How to Have a Fling in the Summer and Get the Best out of It

What is a fling? Sometimes seeming frivolous and even pointless, a fling is actually an excellent medicine against depression and an effective way to restart a tired body. In addition, a fling in summer allows people to reset the usual masks created by stereotypes of the environment to play any role they like. It may seem that nothing is simpler: you arrive at the resort, find a person you like, and enjoy kisses and hugs to the accompaniment of the sea surf. But in fact, there are many more nuances, and remembering them is highly recommended, despite the heady feelings.

1. Don’t waste time in vain

If you have arrived at the resort for a very specific purpose, you shouldn’t put off everything at the last moment. Vacation is not such a long period to allow yourself to wait. There may be almost no time left for the pleasure. You don’t need to wait until the person you like (the keyword “YOU like,” so it is not necessary to rush into the arms of the first person you meet) will take the initiative and invite you to the evening promenade. You can do it! Otherwise, it will turn out that you meet today, but you have the return flight tomorrow.

2. Don’t be too selective

If in ordinary life, you don’t even buy a loaf of bread without reading the label and not looking at the expiration date, then at the resort, you certainly shouldn’t be too capricious. At home, you can arrange at least a real casting among applicants for the role of your companion. But on vacation, everything is easier. No need to worry about their material well-being, origin, and profession. The main thing is that you like and attract each other.

3. Stop meeting expectations

Modern people are forced to do this constantly. At work, they are executive employees; with friends, they are personal psychologists, and so on. You always have to think about what kind of requirements are presented to you. Of course, you want to relax and do stupid things: return home in the morning or, conversely, leave late at night. In general, allow yourself everything that you want, but there is no way to do it in everyday life. Be reckless, fall in love with different people, and disappear with them on the beach all night long (the neighbors will not say anything!).

4. Forget about the past and the future

Once you meet someone, don’t make naive plans for a long life together and don’t strive to take revenge if you want to forget your previous failed relationship. The whole point and charm of a fling lies only in what is happening between the two of you here and now. And any fantasy about the future or an image from the past is unnecessary.

5. Add exotic

A vacation somewhere away from home is a great occasion to try something new. All your life you are obsessed with blondes with blue eyes? And what about that brunette in purple bathing-suit? Don’t set yourself an internal framework, be open and ready for atypical situations and unexpected acquaintances, after all, this is interesting and unusual.

6. Don’t be a bore

How to have a fling? You must admit that you are not eager to listen to how your chosen ones get to work every day, standing idle for hours in severe traffic jams, or, say, how neighbors from above flooded them several times in a row and then refused to pay for repairs. At first, you will politely listen, but on the third day, you will certainly get bored. That is why you should also temporarily forget about what is constantly happening to you at home. Work, reports, problems, and more: such conversations completely kill the romance. Relax! You’re on vacation!

Can You Turn a Summer Fling into Serious Relationships?

how to have a summer flingContrary to the popular myth, a summer fling can turn into a serious relationship. Of course, you can meet someone who absolutely fits into the image of your ideal person. You feel not only sexual but also spiritual and emotional intimacy with them. Of course, they may be from another city or even country. But in the age of information technology, there are many ways to maintain close contact with a loved one. This is communication through social networks and messengers. And if the story is serious and with a continuation, then there will be no barriers for it. By the way, some men are even more romantic than women. Having met the only girl of their dreams, they are sometimes ready to reorganize their lifestyle.

If you don’t want to be disappointed at the end of your vacation, it is better to prepare in advance for a breakup. Every day repeat to yourself that you are on vacation and can relax, but after a week, it will all be over, and you will leave, taking with you only pleasant memories of this person. This is especially important for those cases when your “soulmate” is already married, has children, and is not going to ruin this happiness.

However, don’t stop believing in the best. If you are sure that you can keep your relationship in your hometown. If you know that these feelings will withstand stress, quarrels, and other troubles, then it’s worth fighting. The fact is that life is very unpredictable, so no one can know where to find love. At the resort, we all can meet a person who will complement us, guess tastes, and desires.

How to behave if you want to rush into the “pool” with your head? Our advice is to have fun, enjoy every day and thank God for the generous gift of fate. Follow your feelings. But most importantly, understand that any relationship is always a lottery. We can only increase the mathematical probability of success. No one has the power to predict the future, prescribe a scenario for relationships, and even more so, to see the final.

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