Top 20 Sexiest Female YouTubers

Despite Instagram becoming the major blogging platform, YouTube is holding up pretty solid. Just like 10 years ago, it’s still a vibrant universe full of content for everyone, including those whose weak spot is gorgeous girls.

We’ve pulled together a list of the hottest female YouTubers you might want to check out. Their audiences are big and small. They take private jets and fly coach. Some of them rely on Patreon, while others chill at five-star hotels world’s top companies book for them. Their earnings may reach millions or a few humble thousands. Female bloggers are new celebrities, and, apart from stunning looks, each of them has a bright personality and a plethora of talents to show off.

20 Sexy Female YouTubers to Subscribe to in 2020

20. Lindsey Stirling

hottest female Youtubers

You might’ve never heard of Lindsey Stirling (though with over 12 million subs, it’s unlikely), but she’s one of the brightest examples of today’s sexy female YouTubers. Born in Santa Ana, California, she combines her passion for violin, dancing, singing, and composing into beautiful art, which was highly appreciated at YouTube Music Awards in 2013. Lindsey is one of YouTube’s old-timers with her channel dating back to 2007. Being there from the start, she has seen Internet trends forming and changing by the new generation of viewers, and she does a great job keeping up with the growing demands of modern users.

19. Piper Blush

hottest Youtubers female

Next up is Piper Blush, a Canadian cutie from Montreal. The girl knows how to take care of her body to keep a small army of her fans excited and make her YouTube channel prosper in the entertainment industry. Piper isn’t just a YouTuber, but she’s also a model with two active channels: Piper Blush and Will It Fit Friday show. To date, Blush has garnered more than 700k subscribers on both her channels. Too bad the girl’s too famous for casual dating. On the other hand, there are plenty of hot women dating sites to find someone as beautiful as Piper.

18. Tati Westbrook

hot female Youtubers

Fans claim that this gorgeous YouTuber earns $22.000 a month just from her videos. At least that’s how much 8 million monthly views cost on average. Tati is a bit mature for her job. She’s 36, which is around 10 years older than most of the famous female YouTubers out there. The girl even complained about people often telling her that YouTube is a thing for teenagers, and there’s no place for her in the industry. As we can see now, she has managed to prove the opposite. Westbrook is currently one of the top bloggers.

Tati named her channel Glam Life Guru and began posting videos in 2010. Now she’s reviewing both budget and luxury-segment cosmetics, including the priciest items. Tati won the hearts of her fans with rare honesty and impartiality – she may recommend a blush for $3 and destroy a $90 lipstick at the same time. Tati stays away from sponsored videos and other makeup reviews. She either buys products herself or gets them from PR mailings.

17. Zoe Sugg

hot Youtubers female

That’s the girl you’d like to find during your search for single women. Born in Wiltshire, England, Zoe Sugg (better known as Zoella) is a beauty and fashion vlogger, YouTuber, and author. Zoe’s popularity comes from YouTube where she has more than 17 million subs on both her channels, Zoella and Zoe Sugg. If that’s not impressive somehow, then add over 13 million followers on Twitter and over 11 million on Instagram. Sugg’s debut novel “Girl Online” saw the world in November 2014 and became a hit, as first-week sales showed.

16. Jenna Mourey

famous female Youtubers

When talking about hot women on YouTube, we must mention miss Jenna Nicole Mourey from Rochester, New York. You know her as Jenna Marbles, and she’s one of the most hilarious YouTube personalities. This sexy actress and comedian has been a top attraction for viewers for years. It takes a wild mix of beauty and talent to create one of the biggest YouTube channels with over 20 million subs. Here’s a fun fact: Jenna is the first social media celeb to have her own wax figure in Madame Tussauds Museum.

15. Jaclyn Hill

top 10 hottest female Youtubers

Jaclyn’s YouTube career began in 2011 when she posted a simple video shot in her bedroom. Now she’s a famous celebrity makeup artist, releasing limited-edition pallets in collaboration with famous cosmetics brands. Hill’s natural beauty and makeup skills gained her more than 5 million subs.

You probably don’t know that, but Jaclyn made a few commercially successful makeup products. In 2015, together with a no-name Australian company BECCA, she created a champagne-colored highlighter. 20 minutes after the new product appeared on the Sephora cosmetics store website, over 25.000 items were sold. If it wasn’t for Hill, Estee Lauder would’ve never bought BECCA for $200k. But Jaclyn wasn’t going to stop, so she partnered with Morphe to create another bestseller – an eyeshadow palette that was sold just as fast.

14. Taylor Alesia

sexy female Youtubers

Taylor’s amazing expressions and bright Instagram pictures made her a social media sensation, bringing millions of subscribers. The girl became known as a singer with the release of the song “Speechless” in 2018, but there’s more to Alesia’s talent, as she’s also a streamer, appearing on YouNow. Taylor’s fans wouldn’t be surprised to learn that we named her one of the sexiest female YouTubers, as she fits the description perfectly.

13. Nikkie de Jager

sexiest female Youtubers

This cutie from the Netherlands became world-famous after she posted a video called “Makeup Power” on her channel NikkieTutorials in 2015. She had the courage to film herself without makeup, showing her acne-covered face. In a few minutes, viewers saw Nikkie turning from a girl with skin problems into an Instagram hottie. It was this clip that gave rise to makeup transformation videos. The number of subscribers skyrocketed to more than 13 million as of now.

Nikkie shoots makeup techniques lessons and makes collabs with various celebrities. Forbes named Nikkie one of the top 10 most influential beauty bloggers on YouTube. The girl has released a few products together with famous such brands as Too Faced, Ofra Cosmetics, and Maybelline.

12. Ekaterina Trofimova

hot women on YouTube

Have you ever regretted not speaking Russian? You would if you knew Katya. Her channel, TheKateСlapp, is one of the most famous in Russia. Katya’s projects are among the top 10 most profitable in the country thanks to the fun approach to narration. Together with her camera, the girl traveled half the world, spreading the love for traveling and discovering something new among her fans. On her channel, Katya shares all kinds of thoughts, from fashion to movies and music. Now, over 7 million people watch her on YouTube. Since 2008, when she began posting videos, her content has evolved, but the overall style has remained unique, and that’s why she’s still one of the top Russian bloggers.

11. Zabrena

hot Youtubers female

Next on our list of hot female YouTubers is a cheerful American beauty blogger specializing in budget cosmetics. Zabrena is one of those who believe that quality doesn’t depend on price, and a relatively cheap product can help you achieve the same result as a premium one. Zabrena’s keen on recreating images from the past – her channel is full of how-to’s for the ‘50s and ‘20s makeup styles or even older techniques.

10. Anna Ovsyankina

hottest Youtubers female

Anna opens the top 10 hottest female YouTubers. Don’t mind the Russian name – the girl was born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia. Anna’s channel is purely female-focused, with secrets of quality makeup and different braiding techniques. The girl’s channel is called Estonianna, and, although it doesn’t even have a million subs, Anna often takes part in events organized by cosmetic brands. Besides, Anna runs a vlog where she and her boyfriend film their daily lives.

9. Kat Von D

sexiest female Youtubers

Kat is probably the embodiment of success for all hot YouTubers, female Instagram bloggers, and simple girls dreaming of fame. She’s a real celebrity – you might’ve seen her in the show Miami Ink on TLC. Later she opened her own tattoo parlor called LA Ink and starred in the same-named show. The girl has won the hearts of millions of fans all over the world. In 2008, Kat launched her line of cosmetics at the Sephora store. She keeps updating her collection, and her products often become bestsellers. A former tattooist, Kat develops the design of her line and gives makeup lessons on YouTube.

8. Vladlena Varlamova

female fitness Youtubers

Known as Mysoulandu, Vladlena is a Russian blogger, model, DJ, and one of the country’s cutest female fitness YouTubers. The girl regularly posts clips from the gym, and she’s also the author of a training and nutrition program. An Instagram blogger originally, she created a YouTube channel for her fans. People wanted to hear Vladlena, and she quickly gathered almost 100k subs. In her videos, she mostly talks about traveling, workout, makeup, and a healthy lifestyle.

7. Huda Kattan

hot Youtubers female

Huda, who now has a booth of cosmetics at the Sephora store, grew up in America, but in 2006, she followed her father to Dubai. It was there that the girl fell in love with the cosmetics industry so seriously that she found a job as a makeup artist at Revlon. Today, the Huda Eyeshadow Palette is a bestseller. Kattan promotes vibrant colors and Arabic makeup. In 2017, the Time magazine even recognized her as one of the most influential YouTube personas in the world.

6. Sasha Chistova

famous female Youtubers

This humble cutie from Lviv, Ukraine, has won over her fans with love for fashion and photography. Her parameters are perfect for a model, but so far, she’s only known for her YouTube channel and Instagram account. Sasha even had to postpone her studies to free up some time for blogging, so now her audience is growing faster. Sudden popularity came as a surprise for the girl, so she’s still so grateful to her subscribers for staying with her and supporting her. Sasha’s pretty loyal to her fanbase, holding all sorts of contests and giveaways among her subs.

5. Kathleen Lights

hot female Youtubers

Kathleen Fuentes became a blogger in 2013 and quickly gained fame with over 3.5 million subs. Most of Kathleen’s content is simple makeup lessons at home. The girl also shares talks about budget and premium cosmetic products. The blogger is known for collaborations with major cosmetic brands like ColorPop, Ofra Cosmetics, Morphe Brushes, and Makeup Geek.

4. Marie Novosad

famous female Youtubers

For the past year, Masha has been running her YouTube lifestyle project. Starting as a beauty blogger, she quickly realized that she wanted to do something more – to bring people really useful information and inspire. Since then, each new video is filled with a special mood. For her viewers, she is a true role model. Masha calls to love your body beyond all stereotypes, to be bright and defiant just because you want it. With her own example, she proves that it’s not scary to be funny, ridiculous, or strange.

3. Carli Bybel

hot women on YouTube

Carli is a hottie from New Jersey, who gained fame outside of YouTube for the eyeshadow palette named after her. The palette has become a bestseller thanks to the mix of affordable price and quality comparable to premium cosmetics. Carli’s blog saw the first video in 2011 – it was a hair styling lesson. Now she has over 5 million subscribers. One of her most viewed videos is Megan Fox makeup tutorial, which has more than 4 million views.

2. Mary Senn

hot Youtubers female

Mary’s channel offers a variety of content, from hilarious sketches to video gaming. She often invites friends and other bloggers to take part in her clips, regularly answers questions from subscribers, and even shares culinary secrets. The girl treats everything with a pinch of humor. In the most popular video on her channel, which was watched by 2.5 million people, the girl talks about her white sister.

1. Michelle Phan

sexy female Youtubers

As you might’ve already guessed, among all the hottest YouTubers, female beauty bloggers are often the most beautiful. This makes Michelle Phan the prettiest of the prettiest. At the age of only 26, Michelle created the iPay company, specializing in delivering cosmetic samples, which brought her more than $100 million. She also owns a studio that produces beauty content. Surprisingly, despite such an incredible success and 8 million subs, Phan decided to quit YouTube. She admitted that the constant concern about her online image made Michelle lonely and alienated. Nowadays, the girl rarely goes online and enjoys a quiet life somewhere in Switzerland.

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