What do Russian Girls Like?

What Russian Women Like in Men?

Russian women remain in vogue among western men for more than thirty years. Some explain it by the fact that the reason lies in beauty of Russian women, while others tend to believe that popularity of those gorgeous females can be explained by the lack of interest of western men in their women. Whether there is a lack of interest or not, Russian women differ drastically from their western counterparts. While western women are obsessed with feminism and mostly career- rather than family-oriented, Russian women are quite the opposite.

Thanks to their patriarchal upbringing Russian women sort of prefer to be dependent on their men. They accept traditional gender roles and mainly prefer housekeeping to building a career. With constant complaints about feminist taking over the world, it makes no surprise that a lot of men are obsessed with the idea of dating a Russian girl. But there is one thing you need to know for sure before going in for dating a Russian woman, and that's being what Russian women like in men?

what kind of men do Russian women like

1. Appearance

When it comes to what women like in men, appearance remains quite an ambiguous and kind of controversial topic. Some women claim that appearance of men doesn't mean anything to them, while others state that appearance of men is important to them. So, in terms of appearance, what kind of men do Russian women like? Well, how to put it… A man who gives too much attention to his appearance and spends a lot of time in front of the mirror is definitely not something that Russian women would like, as it is deemed too feminine. In the same time, the guy mustn't be a creep. So, probably the best way to put it would be, anyone who is not ugly and who is not obsessed with his appearance will do.

2. Good manners

What Russian women do really like about men is good manners. Yep, you need to be a gentlemen and a good old chivalry might be a great help to you. You need to open the door for her, as well as pull the chair for her. Stand up whenever she leaves the table, etc. Russian women also like when you decide which way to go and what you are going to do on a date, so be assertive, but don’t push it too far to be considered rude. Be assertive, but remain a gentlemen.

3. Admiration

Russian women believe that they must be an object of admiration no matter what. And that’s what Russian women expect from men - unconditional admiration no matter what. At the same time European women are often more inclined to work on both themselves and their relationships.

A Russian girl is traditionally brought up to become, first and foremost, a good wife and mother. Talking to girls about their professional vocation or career was seen as unnecessary, as something of little importance. Russian women still prefer men who will adore them without necessarily achieving stunning success at work, or being awarded a doctoral degree, or having three lessons of taekwondo a week.

what women like in men4. Reliability

Russian women like in men what do all women like in men – reliability. Thus, Russian girls are more likely to choose a man with a future. Russian women are not hunting for big wallets, but for man who has a future possibility to earn a lot, to support him. If a man is obsessed with plans for a new startup, spends all his spare time attending courses of some kind and finds non-fiction riveting, this is often seen as a good sign. According to Russian women, a man should first and foremost have personality, and it should be, if not outstanding, then at least strong, and he should be able to achieve something, if not now, then at least in the future.

5. Actions speak louder than words

For Russian women, actions speak louder than words and they are most likely to choose a man with certain achievements, than a man who only brags about his potential, and makes a lot of promises that he's never going to keep. So, instead of promising to bring her some flowers, just bring her some flowers. Instead of promising to take her on some voyage, take her on some voyage. So, in order not to be considered a useless person, talk less, do more.

What Russian Girls Like in Relationships?

So, we have figured out what Russian women like in men, now we need to delve into answering the question “What Russian girls like in relationships?”. We know that they are different from western women, but how does it affect the relationships? Better to find out without further ado, as it's going to be a long list.

1. True feelings

This must be the very basic aspect in what do Russian girls like in relationship. Russians highly appreciate the concepts of “soul”, “destiny” and “love”. A lot of Russian girls believe true love comes along just once in life, so this is really important to choose the right partner. That’s why young Russian women avoid taking relationships hastily: they rather care of emotional bond between lovers than of sexual tension and struggle to get to know a man before going to the next level.

2. Romance

Romance is one of those things what Russian girls do like in relationships. Even though Russians are considered to be straightforward, they hope for a special treatment when it comes to wooing. Surprises, unusual dates, small gifts, and perfect manners are essential if you wish to conquer a Russian girl`s heart. Don’t be afraid of getting too sentimental – in her view, there is no other way to prove your affection.

3. Loyalty

Talking about the Russian perception of love, it’s necessary to add they appreciate fidelity as well. In our modern era, many people prefer open relationships, but Russians have kind of an old school worldview in terms of feelings. Their women typically dream of devoting their life to a man. Moreover, they expect their partners to be faithful and honest. Think twice if you are ready to be a good lover for a Russian girl. Otherwise, things may go wrong.

4. Joy

A rare woman will embrace a speechless guy who can't promote a dialogue and cheer her up. Russians are no exception. What makes them happy is your manly behaviour. What does it actually mean? Well, you should be initiative, kind, humorous, and communicative! The latter is the most significant. Russians love having long and intimate conversations, so your task is to prove yourself as a good listener and speaker.

5. Attention

In fact, this is what all women seek. But in Russian ladies` case, investing your time and attention in your lover is the proper way to show your feelings. Not that Russians expect you to spend 24/7 together, but they really can’t afford a relationship with a cold and distant partner. No gifts or treats can prove your love better than your presence in her life. Just show how much you care and your lady will always be delighted.

what Russian girls like in relationships 6. Support

Any long-term connection implies kind of backing. In Russian families, a man is generally responsible for earning money, maintaining his home, and feeding his family. A woman, in her turn, cares about her husband and children. Of course, the rhythm of modern life makes these traditional roles shift. Russian girls become more and more independent; they attempt to receive a proper education and a good job. On the other hand, they still wish to feel protected and loved.

7. Mind capabilities

Traditionally, Russian women are well-educated and well-mannered. In their country, people value good higher education so most local girls have a university degree and dedicate their free time to self-development. Likewise, the Great Russian literature is known throughout the world. Since girls from Russia are straightforward, they like sharing their inner world. That’s why being with man with the same intellectual level is what Russian women do like in relationships.

8. Thoughtfulness

Wow, thoughtfulness is what Russian girls like? Probably, you wasn't good at reading the previous paragraph...Yep, although they are less emancipated than women in the west, still they prefer smart men, with whom they could discuss different things, instead of listening how his work day was and asking him what he would like to have for dinner. So, you need meet this requirement if you want to have a strong and healthy relationships with a Russian girl.

9. Similar worldview

In their view, the main life goal of any woman is to build a strong family and raise healthy kids. So, what Russian girls like is sharing the same worldview with their man. And if you are not into building a strong family then Russian girls are probably not for you. Conclusion

So, after reading everything written above, you can get a clear picture that Russian women differs from western women in some points, and quite alike in other points. It is not that hard to win a Russian girl's heart if you have an average appearance and have big plans for the future. You should also be caring and romantic, as well as having a strong desire to built a healthy family. When you are in relationship with a Russian girl you not only get a perfect wife and mother for your children, but an intellectual life long-partner.

It is better to start looking for a Russian girl right now. They are not affected by feminism right now, but no one expected it in the west, right? So, hurry up or it'll be too late.

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Russian women love self-confident, reliable, and wealthy men who can provide for their families and care about the beloved woman.
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