Is a Language Barrier Actually a Thing? Let's Figure Out Together

Long ago, all people spoke the same language, they freely communicated with each other, fell in love, and started families. But once, as a punishment for the desire to reach the heaven and for building a tower for this purpose, people were deprived of this privilege, and began to speak different languages. However, Eros the prankster, also called - Cupid, did not pay attention to it, and still strikes with his arrows anyone he wishes, even though they speak different languages.

And he does not care at all that sometimes people cannot even talk to each other, that there is an invisible border between them - the language barrier. Nowadays, there are more than 10,000 different languages on the earth and many dialects.

language barrier definition

What Is Actually A Language Barrier And How Does It Affect Our Communication?

But is the language barrier a serious obstacle for lovers? Love, if it is mutual, is much more eloquent than any words, it blushes to the tips of your ears and breaks through the redness on your cheeks, it runs like an electric current through your body the moment lovers' arms close. There can be no barrier between loving people, they perfectly understand each other – they speak the language of love. Looks, gestures, and hugs are words that love communicates with.

As you know, there are no barriers and no distances for lovers. If one person falls in love with another, it is unlikely that the knowledge of a language will stop and cool down the heat of love. The language barrier, as it is, does not exist for lovers at the first stage.

Over time, when the rapidly flaming, burning fire of love turns into a steadily burning flame, it may turn out that you cannot explain elementary things to your beloved. And the next round of relations begins: a new stage of personal development – mastering foreign language skills. Any teacher will confirm that studying an unfamiliar language is easier when done in the language environment. Therefore, let’s take into account the language barrier definition.

First, you understand the general meaning of the told, after that, when the vocabulary grows, you respond to requests and questions. So gradually the language barrier will cease to exist, and your personal piggy bank will be filled with the knowledge of another language instead of usual coins.

cultural and language barriersLove is the strongest feeling on earth, it is the strongest stimulator and motivator. A man, pushed by love, can do impossible things and reach crazy purposes, not to talk about language barrier embraces. It is not difficult to learn the language of your beloved. And if it IS difficult for you, consider making sacrifices as an option. Language barriers should not become an obstacle for true lovers. Today, when the World Wide Web has erased all boundaries and distances, when it is possible to communicate with people from distant countries, when more and more marriages between representatives of different nations occur, the problem of the language barriers to communication is more urgent than ever.

Fortunately, language barriers to communication online are not a problem. Social networks and dating sites allow you to communicate with a great variety of people. Communication problems, if any, are very relative, because when communicating online, you can use a translation service, but when you meet for real, you will hardly find an interpreter in your pocket. Most often, it results in an issue – the language barrier. But if love is real, strong, and mutual, then the problem of multilingualism will cease to exist quickly for your couple.

The language barrier to misunderstanding is much more terrible. Of course, it can grow between the loving people, even if they speak the same language. If lovers cease to understand each other, if reproaches and defeats happen, if a phrase said with one meaning is immediately paraphrased with a different meaning – such a language barrier becomes a serious problem. However, experts have a solution for it: it is necessary to understand and feel your beloved, and learn to both listen and hear.

How To Deal With Language Barriers

First of all, do not think you will definitely screw up the communication if you do not know the language. When a spark of love breaks out between a man and a woman, many words appear to be not necessary to understand each other. Everything happens at some subconscious level, with the help of gestures, smiles, looks. And if the feelings between the two people are real, sincere and strong, then not mastering the mother tongue of their soul mate cannot extinguish the fire. In this case, cultural and language barriers are not an obstacle. Usually, language barriers cause problems when the feelings are far from being true and sincere.

Naturally, over time, lovers will need to find a language for verbal communication, because for the full development of the relationship, gestures and facial expressions are not enough. This is when in their lives a new stage of personal growth begins – learning a foreign language. This is how to deal with language barriers in a natural way.

There are a lot of options for studying languages today. Therefore, language barriers in communication are not considered to be unmanageable. The options include language courses with native speakers and qualified teachers, Skype trainings with experts, and free video tutorials, self-tutorials and specialized websites for self-studying. If you have a basic or school stock of knowledge and perseverance, you can try to improve your knowledge on your own. If the elementary knowledge and self-discipline are not enough, we recommend you to address the experts who will help you achieve the desired result as soon as possible. Anyway, experts are best in overcoming language barriers to communication.

Experts and teachers will confirm that studying an unfamiliar language is much easier if you spend a lot of time communicating with a representative of the language, or better – visiting their country. Now, language barriers do not seem as scaring as they used to, right? No wonder one clever statement says: Do you want to learn to read in a foreign language? - Read more. Do you want to learn how to write? - Write more. Do you want to be able to speak a foreign language? – Just speak more!

We have looked through the language as a barrier to communication and the effects of language barriers in communication. Now, let’s talk about how to deal with language barriers.

language barriers cause problems Dear women, if you dream of being on the same page with your lover, do not pay too much attention to grammatical mistakes, and continue speaking. At first, it may seem complicated, but then you will see how much easier it goes. Even if you think that you do not have the talent to learn languages, the main thing is setting goals. This is the case when the more means the better! So don’t let language barriers in communication rule your life, especially its intimate part.

By the way, many girls, when choosing a partner, attach great importance to his intelligence, erudition, as they think that the main thing in marriage is to have common themes for conversations. On the first day of their acquaintance, they try to impress him with their clever speeches and constantly try to set him up for a frank conversation. But you cannot always trust the information that your interlocutor gives about himself. Some people are inclined to exaggerations, especially if it comes to their personal achievements, while others are easy to lie. So, it is not always possible to obtain objective information about this or that person through the conversation. As practice shows, conversations are not as important as emotional combinability in marriage. You can talk with friends, relatives, etc. You need something more for marriage and love – attraction to each other.

Of course, it's very difficult to live with a person you do know nothing about. However, when he attracts you like a magnet, you are not capable of thinking about his bio.

Dear men, if you want to unite your life with a foreigner, you must prepare to the fact that she will need some time to master your language, but it won’t happen as quickly as you would probably want it to happen. Respect her efforts, communicate as often as possible with your beloved in your native language and support her beginnings. Besides, you may also start learning your lover’s native language. Even elementary phrases such as “How are you, my dear?”, “How was your day, honey?” And “I love you, my gorgeous!” will delight and excite your soul mate. Furthermore, it will show your mutual desire to work on the development of your relationship.

If you seriously think about overcoming this problem from a purely psychological point of view, then you can use another piece of advice –watch movies about language barriers. The most popular among them are: “Spanglish”, “Babel”, “Lost in Translation”, “The Sleeping Dictionary”. I bet some practical tips from these movies will help you in real life.

There are plenty of methods to overcome language barriers in communication, but only you choose which of them to use. The main thing is to trust yourself, stay strong, love and work hard to keep the relationship. This will help you cope with all the difficulties and find the long-awaited happiness!

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Nowadays, the language barrier is not a big problem for building relationships. After all, English is an international language which a lot of people patter more or less.
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