Our Thoughts on Interracial Partnerships

You know, our world is a big wonderful place full of amazing people to look for. But what if someone that you are seeking just can’t be found nearby? I understand - this topic is quite popular among ladies and gentlemen from all over the planet Earth.

There is one misconception though. A lot of foreign people from America, Arabian countries, Europe, Asia and Africa believe that Slavic nation prefers to mingle with partners that have similar mindsets, skin tone, or religion. There is also one more thought that Russian girls choose interracial relationships as the source of money and an opportunity to visit foreign counties. To be honest, these kinds of opinions are truly offensive, and I dare to say it being a Slavic girl myself. Let me break it down for you. I’ve asked several of my friends who are in love with interracial partners and form amazing mixed couples. I hope that the truth won’t disappoint you:


1. The attitude

My friend, Stacy, who is 23 years old, is happily married to a handsome man Terrell from New Jersey. They live in a beautiful house not far from Washington DC. Here is what she says:

“I’ve never met a person like Terrell. He treats me the way no one treated me before. What’s it like to be in a relationship with a foreigner? Amazing. You know I’ve had quite an experience with Russian guys before I moved to Washington. I guess everything depends on a person. I’ve never felt like we were, you know, different in any way. Yes, I admit, American traditions quite differ from ours, it’s tough to get used to their way of life, beliefs. But, honestly, I’ve never felt so…secure. There is a whole theory that our guys are so handsome and assertive. Maybe I met the wrong people. I am a girl with her own beliefs and thoughts, he doesn’t want to reprogram me, and we appreciate our borders and duties. The attitude is so chill, so cool and friendly. I don’t feel obliged or home-chained. Guess I’m a happy woman.”

Having a pleasant conversation I heard Russian girl’s opinion from a first person. Being in a relationship with a Slavic guy doesn’t guarantee that your mindsets will be the same. Besides that, every woman wants to be loved, secure, and treated nicely.

2. Cultural peculiarities

beautiful interracial couplesIgor and Aiko are my friends from university times. They met several years ago. Aiko was an exchange student, they started dating at once. So I wanted to ask Igor what was the most attractive thing about his girlfriend and what’s his opinion about beautiful interracial couples.

“What’s my opinion about interracial couples? I mean I am in one, so obviously my thoughts are hundred percent positive! When I first met Aiko I was quite excited, not going to lie. I found her beautiful, gentle, this woman made me melt right away. You know, not all of our guys dare to date someone besides Russian girls, mainly because they don’t know if the passion comes from both sides. But I could definitely tell this girl was into me. She was…different. Her thoughts were clear, her manners were immaculate, and her glance was shy and cute. Not that I don’t like our women, but this is some next-level cuteness. Please forgive me if I dare to say that Russian women are becoming way too powerful. All in all, Aiko’s cultural outlooks were sacred. You know when a woman is serious about her beliefs; it makes her spiritual and unique. I’ve never regretted dating an Asian girl. Time will tell, but for now I appreciate our future family!”

Well, I guess, Igor’s words were more than understandable. I don’t know a lot of international couples, but asking my friends, acquaintances and even strangers in cafes and parks, I can tell that people are happy. Interracial partnerships are not a new thing nowadays. It is a beautiful experience just because people are constantly looking for a better half. Irrespective of your race, your thoughts, believes, and cultural peculiarities, there is always something to be loved and to appreciated for. And these thoughts are coming from Slavic people with some experience. I hope that our stories were inspiring enough. Live, love, and look for your dream partner!

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I think that true love knows no barriers. After all, you love a man for who he is, and not for his age, skin color, or facial features.
13.03.2020 15:29
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