The Pros and Cons of a Russian Bride

Men from all over the world talk about foreign beauties – their pretty faces, slim curves, responsibility and gracious behavior. How far do they dare to go in order to meet a Russian bride? Do they differ from compatriot females? I guess it’s better to ask this question when a man is around.

Little did we know that rumors about Russian women would cross the sea and reach the farthest lands of the world. But don’t worry – if you live abroad and don’t know pros and cons of a Russian Bride, this article will help you a lot, hopefully.

marrying a Russian woman

-Are Russian girls as cold as their climate?

Happily for men, it’s just a stereotype. Russian brides actually don’t have dry sense of humor, on the contrary, they are pretty talkative, but less sociable and diplomatic at first sight if you’ll compare them to every other European nation. Once you break the ice, you will forget about all the prejudices! Meet a Russian bride and you will understand that she is very sweet, understanding, and motherly.

-Do Russians treat foreigners with suspicion?

Not at all. In fact, every woman has a slight thought of underestimating unknown people, but our women actually praise foreigners and always tend to associate them with successful and free-spirited men. Russian women acquired many positive traits throughout the history, that’s what people like about them. There is a misconception that a man has to be rich in order to afford a Slavic woman, as she is so high-maintenance. But is it true? Here are some pros and cons of dating a Russian woman.

Positive Sides That You Can See In A Slavic Lady:

1. She is probably one of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

Yes, legendary Russian beauty is not an exaggeration! Women from this country have naturally smooth skin, big brown or light eyes, dark or blond hair and a slim figure. Though hot Russian brides tend to have a reputation of conceited tasteless Barbies, I will suggest you seeing girls somewhere on the streets, not in a sauna, because simple women are far more natural, cute and are easier to approach. Some of them have no clue about their beauty, because they have never seen a single European and have no material for comparison.

find a Russian bride2. She is always well-groomed no matter what.

Obsession with looking ten out of ten in every situation is definitely not a stereotype. People from abroad often wonder if Russian women always look like that. And the answer is yes! Just when going to the supermarket, she’ll perform an impressive amount of procedures to be acceptably looking throughout the day. No messy hair and smudged makeup. No rejection in a wardrobe department, everything has to be top notch. You will rarely see her in a loose T-shirt with antiperspirant stains on it. Even if she is sick, she won’t let you catch her flaws, because flaws are weak, and weakness is unacceptable. Be prepared to fit in with the crowd of good-looking youth (at least in bigger cities). Foreign girls particularly notice the difference. Men do too.

3. She is more obedient and less resistant.

I had to read through many articles to be sure on this. But the idea of agreeing with a male is true. Nobody will fit for marriage more than Russian women. Not that our women worship men. However, demographically, there are much more ladies than gentlemen in Russia. So apparently the competition is so high that women have no choice but belong to a man fully. Male is the law in the family. Europeans won’t take it for granted, they will be surprised a whole lot about agreement in the family.

4. She is not brainwashed with feministic ideas.

Russia is definitely a country where women do not race around with hairy legs and cry about patriarchy. You may feel like a real man near the Russian bride. We are cool with cooking dinner, cleaning up, and feeding kids ourselves. This happens not because we want to serve and worship, but because we appreciate the role of traditions in the country, and we can perfectly do our part of duties. And when a European man meets a dutiful Russian bride, life gets better and easier as foreign men have no problems with doing the chores. It’s like fresh air for Slavic women to get help from males in a ‘womanly department’.

5. She is diligent.

And not only at work. Those ladies tend to do everything in the best way. Slavic women are huge perfectionists. If we try to furnish our flat, everything has to be strategically placed in a right way from couches to curtains. God forbid you to be lazy! If you are a slob, don’t wait for patronizing. Russian brides will do the work for two if you’ll refuse. We never sit in a staff room before our shift ends. Slavic girls never flee from their duties, they perform every type of work in a high-quality manner. Find a Russian bride and you will understand the difference between diligence and indifference.

6. She is a good mother.

Even American mothers can be envious of Russian behavior. Women from this cold country are incredible hostesses, housewives, and spouses. They never leave kids alone, engaging an offspring in some kind of games. They like your cousins, little sisters and brothers. Almost every girl from Russia grows and wants to get married one day and have kids. Children are number-one priority. When in some countries it’s OK to cultivate the idea of working for parents and getting allowance, Russian women would never do something like that. Maybe that’s why we appreciate our family as the most sacred thing on Earth.

7. She is intelligent.

Women in Russia don’t swear like men. Usually it still shows poor manners and an inability to be a decent lady (or that’s what an older generation says). Women and men here are definitely not equal. There are different behavior patterns for both genders. And in order to break the stereotype of female stupidity, Russian women study twice as hard as men. As a matter of fact, there three times more A+ grade students among girls than among boys at schools. Instead of whining about privilege, our women ACTUALLY work to get a decent career instead of bombarding various blogs and talking about having less chances. So keep in mind that she can be smarter than you!

Russian girls for marriage 8. She is a woman.

She is a woman with a capital W. The difference between European and Russian ladies is that Slavic girls ACTUALLY enjoy being fragile and they use men’s strength with great pleasure. She won’t even fake independence if she doesn’t understand the subject. Overseas ladies would say it’s a stupid move. Our ladies will respond that others use the wrong tactics. Sometimes being weak is a better force than pretending to ace everything. Foreign men have lots of pleasure feeling like real heroes near those girls.

But, sure thing, there is no need to say that dating a Russian woman would be perfect!

Negative Sides That You Can See In A Slavic Lady:

1. She is stubborn.

Needless to say, Russian women possess loads of attitude. And if you are not ready to keep up with her whims, you won’t solve your problem in the most diplomatic way possible. Hot-headed and passionate Russians can provoke you if they are having a bad mood. And you have to bear it like a man!

2. She is rather demanding.

Russian brides hate lazy men or softboys. If you say that the duty will be done by this or that day, she will be a living notification in case you wanted to forget. When women like that are intended to start a relationship, you won’t spend all the time with your friends or drinking (Russian women hate drinking men because there are way too many alcoholics in their country). But they do it not because they love being a bitchy life-drinking person, it’s a very specific way of showing care!

3. She expects you to be a man.

Well, of course, no one will tell you openly when you act too strange. But expect a long talk with her friends about how you wanted to split the bill. Remember, things like that are considered to be very rude in Russia. An average Slavic man would find this extremely offensive to hear from a lady. So if you are not ready to think for two, keeping up with your budget, fixing broken things, then you are hardly a real hero.

4. She doesn’t know ‘manly stuff’.

It may be a huge surprise for American gals, but Russian women don’t drive a car (usually). They have no licenses, they don’t take driving classes. It’s a role for men. Women from Russia don’t mend pipes, computers, they are hardly capable to delete viruses and do other things that are supposed to be done by males. It may be unusual but extremely flattering to find such a beautiful helpless creature!

5. She might be better than you.

Russian brides were taught to be modern, stylish, sexy, modest, smart, and spiritual. And if you have only a bank account, you may feel insecure near such a stunning girl. Russian women slay life, all in all. And if you are not ready to keep up with all of those hungry glances, you better stick to a simpler version of a girl.

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The appearance of a Russian lady is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it’s pleasant to have such a pretty girlfriend. But on the other hand, they are too concerned about their beauty.
13.03.2020 15:30
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