21 Relationship Building Questions for Couples

Do you believe in the power of intimate conversations? A good relationship starts with sorting out the most intriguing questions about your beloved one. Have you ever been in a situation where you need to understand whether this person is yours forever or just a temporary lover with no trust and hope for the future? We have all been there, done that. How to check relationships on the subject of strength with unobtrusive questions? Today we will do a little crush test (pun intended) with the help of deep questions for couples.

how well do you know me questions for couples

Questions for new couples

Falling in love is like a hurricane of feelings. Sometimes you think too much, or, most likely, switch off the brain and become blind like a groundhog. Unless you want to use the grey matter and apply the method of cold calculation, here are some crucial questions you want your newly created family to answer together before it’s too late!

1. What was your childhood like?

A truly corny question to start with, but psychologists do recommend asking it since all of our problems come from the childhood. These questions are a good conversation starter, too. Just remember the tastiest pie your Grandma used to bake, the first time you got in a fight for a girl or fell off the tree while trying to rescue the neighbor’s cat. Ah, sweet memories. Sharing intimate stories like that will instantly shorten the distance between you. One of the best get to know you questions for couples for sure.

2. Did you have a pet and what was its name?

Sweet memories – that is what makes relationship building questions for couples truly unforgettable. You have a unique chance to cry over a little turtle called Tilly and tell some funny stories about the fluffy kitten you had. People are kind and caring. It is worth to unravel your deepest secrets and share some of the most memorable moments in life!

3. Are you a party or a home person?

This question is better to be asked before you even engage (well, you will notice it anyway eventually). Compatibility questions for couples are an indicator of how good your relationship can be. Imagine you are a true loner and a nerd who loves playing games and eating Hot Cheetos under a warm blanket. On the contrary, your new boyfriend is a party person who likes speed driving, consuming hardcore alcohol and other fun things you can do with your friends. Sure, opposites attract, but it is worth knowing perks of each other while you are not conflicting yet.

4. Are you a romantic or a pragmatic type of a person?

Actually, these relationship-building questions for couples are intended to sort out all of the inconveniences beforehand, so ask them carefully and not very directly, in a slightly insinuating way. Some of us love romance, and we all want to find that very special person who will serenade under the balcony. Others, however, love the business stuff. They are direct and straightforward, and even relationships are a serious matter with lots of obligations and rules. A pragmatic person might admire an airhead for quite some time, but when it comes to further life, they can be too different. Keep that in mind and maybe you will eat ice cream on top of the roof together if your romantic prince will tell you so.

questions for new couples 5. What is harder for you to give up: coffee or alcohol?

This question might seem not tricky at all, as if you were just show interest in your partner’s preferences. However, there might be some things you want to know beforehand. It is a good question to find out about your date’s addictions, habits and meet one more time over a glass of wine…or a shot of vodka.

6. If you could change the country of residence, where would you go?

Having some plans in mind is crucial, especially when you feel that you want to share future with this person. Questions for couples to ask each other can be tricky, maybe one of you is a patriot, but another one would leave with great pleasure. Anyway, it is very interesting to know and overthink some cherished dreams of your beloved person.

7. What are your life values?

Some people find happiness in family life, others pursue a goal of becoming successful businessmen, well-known actors and actresses, having a dog, visiting at least seven counties or donate to charity. We are so different, so there is no surprise some ideas might be your mutual dreams you always imagined, but never dared to fulfill. Be each other’s motivational coaches from the first date!

8. Do you have any life goals?

Life goals are not the same as life values, because here you rather estimate the level of persuasiveness of your partner. If your boyfriend answers “no, still trying to sort it out” at 30, it is rather peculiar. You want to move forward and improve, always. Estimate the level of seriousness and be sincere about your answers as well.

Questions for couples to ask each other

Now that you stayed together, you can annoy your partner with unreasonable questions for life. Just kidding, but the idea of having some interesting quizzes on the go is very exciting. Some “how well do you know me’ questions for couples:

9. Who are my closest friends?

Well, it would be great if you had some mutual family friends, it’s always safe and fun. But what’s more interesting is the amount of time you actually spend on listening to each other. Next time be considerate and attentive. It is even better if you hang out together in a big company.

10. What is my most favorite dish?

This is a truly sweet and nice question to ask, even if you put in another way and address to your partner. Questions for engaged couples are slightly different, as you should know a lot more about your beloved person by that time. Check if your lovely husband or boyfriend remembers you adore chicken and macaroons. It is a lot better if you actually cook or cater his or her most favorite dish. Show some love and appreciation.

11. Do you want children?

I strongly recommend you not to ask this question if you are dating for two weeks. You might scare off and confuse your partner. But if the relationship is serious, it is definitely time to ask. Estimate how ready you are to become parents and create something beautiful in tandem.

12. Do you like my parents?

A family is a thing that involves more than two people. It is extremely crucial to establish good connection between members or your nest. It will be hard to lie and be too sincere because nobody wants to disappoint his or her significant other. Being a healthy and happy family is awesome!

13. Where do you want to go?

Ask your partner where they would like to go abroad on the exciting romantic family trip. This question will make you build plans for the nearest year. Plan out your vacation.

14. How do you feel about kissing you in public?

If I hug you in front of everyone? When I'm telling you about love? What do you feel at such moments? Establish the level of comfort you have. How cool it would be to express your feelings in public? Does your partner like passionate kisses in the park or is it too intimate to perform such beautiful actions? Is your partner secretive and shy or, on the contrary, a true sex star?

compatibility questions for couples 15. How was your day?

The most unbeatable option is to discuss the past day. Try to ask your beloved, how his day was, how was work, etc. Tell him about your day, but choose the most interesting moments for him. This seems like a boring question to ask, but what if your partner just wants to share some trepidations and exciting moments throughout the day.

16. Would you fight for me if somebody insulted me?

Some people are too shy or indifferent to fight for their significant others, even if friends talk crap or joke. Be ready to answer sincerely.

Romantic questions for couples

17. Where do you want to kiss me?

This sweet and cute question has to start some action. Can it be otherwise? I don’t think so. Being flirty and chatty around your partner is a pure delight.

18. What compliment that you received in your life was the best?

Such intimate questions for couples should arise live interest and feed your affection towards each other. Maybe you had a cute nickname and want your significant other to know about it. You can keep repeating this compliment as if it will never get old as long as you are in love.

Intimate questions for couples

Sex questions for couples are the most intimate thing, but you should be mature and inventive enough to ask your partner.

19. What was the most exciting thing that turns you on?

Maybe it is sexting? This detail, according to sexologists, men think of as the most exciting. They are very turned on when a desire for sex shows up long before sexual intercourse. During the day, send a couple of frank SMS-correspondence to your loved one, in which ask about all your secret desires. Be sure, for the rest of the day your partner will only think about the upcoming meeting with you.

20. Do you like it on top or down?

Some people like to be on top while others like to be submissive. Sort it out to guarantee the most pleasure.

21. What are you wearing right now?

When your significant other answers “nothing”, it is the most devilishly sexy thing that turns you on instantly. If you ask this question, he or she will stand no chance but have verbal sex, or if you ask it in real life, be prepared for some live action!

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