Cuffing Season: Definition and Rules

  1. What Is Cuffing Season?
  2. Cuffing Season: Main Rules
  3. Is it necessary to cuff?
  4. Why Sometimes Cuffing Season Can Be a Nightmare?
  5. Mistakes to Avoid During Cuffing Season

It's fall, and it starts to get cold. We are putting warmer clothes in constant need to cheer up ourselves. Funny enough, but the decrease in temperature affects not just the way we dress. It also affects our romantic mood. Generally, you would be searching for a hook-up on Tinder, but now you find yourself on some ladies dating site looking for something more long-lasting than a one night stand.

Aside from feeling quite strange about yourself, you see that something fishy is going on the other side, as there are lots of lonely women seeking for men, and they are more available than usual. Well, before you start checking out the signs of the apocalypse or considering to visit a shrink, we can assure you that things are not that bizarre. You are just in the middle of the cuffing season. What's that? Well, continue reading to find out.

what is cuffing season

What Is Cuffing Season?

Well, we've already discussed the reason behind your strange behavior, it's time to find the answer to the question, "What is cuffing season?" In a nutshell, it's that time of the year when the leaves start falling, it's getting colder, and you start listening to cheesy love songs, and while generally, you are okay with being single, you feel a desperate need for the partner during this period. So, all in all, it's time when everyone, no matter how promiscuous they are, starts looking for a partner to spend the cold nights with.

Definition and Meaning of Cuffing Season

While we've described what this season is, you may still feel the need to define the cuffing season. Well, if we check with Urban Dictionary, we may find the next definition, "A period of time during the fall and winter nights when independence and one-night stand aficionados feel the need, like the rest of the world, to be tied down by a romantic relationship." Tied down or literally cuffed by a serious relationship.

So, when does the cuffing season start, and how does it work? While you may start thinking of making some cuffing season calendar, there's no need in it. The season starts as soon as it gets cold, and you try to get yourself busy with indoor activities. Yep, it gets cold, and we get lazy and scared stiff of the idea of going out for a long time. No more going to parties where you can look for casual hookups, and thus, you start looking for someone you can spend cold months with. Well, now you know cuffing season meaning.

Cuffing Season Behaviour

As the cuffing season starts, you may start noticing changes in your behavior. You start being more open with your prospective dates. While in spring and summer, you developed the mode where you just pretend to be listening to what your hookup partners say, but now you find yourself actually listening to them. And why is that? Because your perception changes and you start thinking of them as of your potential partners, rather than merely one night stands. But is there an explanation for this phenomenon? It's hard to believe that love is in the air during cold months of fall and winter.

what is cuffing season?There are a few vague explanations of behavior changes during the cuffing season. According to one theory, the reason lies in the fact that the cuffing season coincides with the holiday season. Thus, we are more generous than usual and start considering doing things we've never done previously. The other theory states that because of the cold weather, we are more inclined to search for the stable warmth that steady relationships can bring. There is also a third theory according to which cuffing season is the result of a psychological sense of desperation during the cold period of the year that dates back to times when we were Pithecanthropus erectus. Which of those theories is true? There is no exact explanation, but you can pick the one you like better.

Cuffing Season: Main Rules

While you may be absolutely new to the cuffing season, and it started affecting your behavior recently, there are rules. As it is a specific season, it means that you must behave in a certain manner. Not that you have to participate in certain rites and dress in a certain way, no. But there are cuffing season rules that you need to follow to avoid problems with finding your cuff-buddy and making mistakes that can impact your life long after March (generally the final month of the season). So, let's figure out the dos and don'ts of cuffing season.

1. Be Available

You need to be really available during the cuffing season. That the only way to activate your cuffing season date finder. You need someone to spend almost six months with, which means there is no time to play hard to get. It doesn't mean that you should cuff yourself to someone you don't like, but you shouldn't act overly picky if you want to find your cuff-buddy for the season. If you pretend to be unavailable, then chances that you're going to spend the season on your own are very high, and you are lucky that you have your NetFlix account.

2. Pick Someone Who Likes You

Speaking about not being overly picky, you should stick with those who definitely likes you. There is no time for trying to conquering the heart who denies all of your attempts to ask them out. If you know that someone likes you, it is better to spend the cuffing season with that person. Otherwise, you may end up on your own. It is also important that your interests match, as during the cuffing season you are going to spend most of the time watching movies and TV series. Let's be honest, that would rather hard if your tastes don't match.

3. Be Honest About Your Feelings

You know how it goes, all of a sudden you fall in love with this person and start thinking about your future together. Or your cuff-buddy starts thinking about the continuation of your relationship even after the cuffing season is over. That's why it is crucial to be honest and open about your feelings and not to assume that you are on the same page. You may start discussing your possibilities of being a couple, but only after you spend two months together.

4. Don't Get Attached

It is quite important not to get attached, but it's not that easy to do that. When you spend almost half a year together, you get used to this person being in your life. Here you need to remember that cuffing season will most likely be over by early March. If one of you gets attached, while the other one doesn't... you are going to have hard times after St. Valentine's Day.

5. Don't Start a Serious Relationship

It's quite easy to fall in that trap of thinking that you are in love with your cuff-buddy, and the temptation of starting a serious relationship is extremely high. Here you need to remember that love and cuffing season don't necessarily go hand in hand. That's why you need to think twice before making the suggestion to continue your romance after the season ends. Even if you are absolutely sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with your cuff-buddy, you must be ready that they may have an absolutely different opinion about that.

Is it necessary to cuff?

Well, of course, everything sounds nice and reasonable. But what if you are a total homebody who loves being single. Well, obviously, you’re not the type wondering whether girls like shy guys or not. And the sudden and strong desire to cuddle with another person can ruin the system you’ve gotten used to. Here comes the question: what if this desire goes away and one morning you find yourself stuck with a person you don’t wanna be with anymore?

The danger in extending hookups during this season is that they may have not enough power to become something strong, trustworthy, and real. In the end you see yourself limited and unhappy – just like in handcuffs. But let’s return to the main question. Should you avoid the season? Probably. Though some say this time is just a part of human nature, it’s pretty cynical. Don’t overthink and don’t put much thought into finding a partner. Here’s another nice ability to keep out of possible troubles. Try not to be used as a cuff if you don’t want everything to finish bad.

Here are couple identifiers someone want to use you:

  • Suddenly someone is interested in you and wants to meet you as soon as she can. Just think about it: usually, people try to know each other seemingly for ages before they decide to meet each other in real life. But during the cuffing season nobody wants to waste time.
  • After just a few conversations she makes holiday plans as a couple. Yeah, she want you to go to the mountains together, to meet your mom…C’mon, family meetings aren’t an experience you want to share with anybody. Unless there’s cuffing season...
  • She doesn’t want to do anything except cuddling and staying in. Not as cute as may sound. Well, maybe this girl only wants you to make her warm.
  • Without a reason she leaves her toothbrush at your place after just a few dates. You’re right. Strange. She doesn’t want to go anywhere.
  • She makes plans for the future, but none of them are for the summer. How can it be? Women love making plans, aren’t they? Well, maybe she just wants to date you until the singleness becomes sexy again.

The most interesting! The girlfriend you’ve been hanging with for ages suddenly says she’s head over heels with you. Definitely fake news, believe us. The cuffing season has caught her in a trap.

Why Sometimes Cuffing Season Can Be a Nightmare?

As we've already assumed that cuffing season is a period of time when stubborn singles and promiscuous people start exhibiting behavior, which is quite atypical for them. What can possibly go wrong? It's just like that every romantic movie when a party queen or a heartbreaker all of a sudden decides to settle down with the least likely match. The problem is that such scenarios work perfectly on screen and on paper, but in real life, you may face a lot of problems during the cuffing season. So, let's discuss how cuffing can turn into a real nightmare.


Regardless of what brought you together – true romance or a cuffing season – whenever you are together, it means that you need to share your life with that person. It means that you need to take into account their feelings, opinions, tastes, and interests. Moreover, any kind of relationship requires investments of time and feelings. You spend your time with that person, you invest yourself into that small bond that originated from both not wanting to be single. That's okay, you are alright with everything. Spending Christmas eve at your cuff-buddy's parents? Well, why not? What can possibly go wrong? Isn't that what couples do? Well, that's where you are running into problems.

cuffing season rulesYou may not turn out as a couple. You have responsibilities, and you've already invested your time into your bond, and what if that's all in vain? What if all of that ends when the cuffing season is over? That's when the cuffing season starts turning into a paranoid nightmare. You just sit and wait till its end to find out whether you are going to be together by early March. You are constantly piercing between the breaking your bond with your cuff-buddy to end it all right now and the desire to propose to them, so your cuffing season doesn't have to end. That's why you shouldn't forget about the dos and don ts of the cuffing season.

It's Hard to Be Single at That Period

Well, that's the reason for bonding, isn't it? Yes, but that's also a root of the nightmare your cuffing season may turn into. The idea that you may stay single during those cold winter months is so frightening, that you are eager to bond with anyone, despite all the warnings that you shouldn't be overly picky, you shouldn't stick with just anyone either. And in the end, you find yourself spending six months with someone, who you don't like. Someone, who you don't find even merely attractive or interesting. Needless to say that your cuffing season will turn into six months of pure torture for you.

The fear of being single may turn into a nightmare the other way. You may start stalking your prospective cuff-buddy, forcing them to cuff with you. Aside from the fact that you may end up spending the cuffing season on your own, you can easily get labeled as a psychotic stalker among your acquaintances for quite a long time. Thus, you need to remember that while it's hard to be single during cuffing season, it's not an excuse to lose your mind.

Mistakes to Avoid During Cuffing Season

The cuffing season doesn't come without mistakes that prospective cuff-buddies may make. You want your cuffing season to pass nicely and conveniently? Well, then you need to learn two major mistakes to avoid during these seasons. And we are offering you to check them out without any further ado.

Going Back to Your Ex

Well, we all have an ex whom we are still remembering from time to time. It may be your ex that you are friends with. The problem is that somewhere deep in your heart you still love them. Even deeper you thinking about getting back together. And cuffing season is the best way to organize your reunion, isn't it? It isn't. Quit even considering your ex for the role of your cuff-buddy. What you are doing is creating the plan a-la let's imagine that we are the two last survivals on Earth, and we must give our love a second try. This plan never works. Most likely your friendship with your ex will come to the end, and you will spend the cuffing season on your own.

Promiscuous Behaviour

If you are in a relationship, your partner is your cuff-buddy. Yes, we spend a lot of time indoors, watching movies or talking about some sweet nonsense while enjoying a bottle of wine. And you spend your time this way not only with your partner. You spend your time with your friends and acquaintances as well. And sometimes you may start thinking about some extra warmth that you can get from them. Well, cuffing season is the time when single people of promiscuous behavior looking for a bond, and not when bonded people start exhibiting promiscuous behavior. You don't want to spend the cuffing season on your own after breaking up with your partner, right?

Prepare for Kissing Under the Mistletoe

Well, now you are ready for the cuffing season. You know that you shouldn't use this season for getting back with your ex. You know that you should pick only those who share the same tastes with you. And, most importantly, you admit that a kiss under the mistletoe may not lead to anything. Yep, you are totally ready.

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I have a loved one, so cuffing season doesn’t frighten me anymore. At this period, my boyfriend and I usually sit at home, drink hot coffee, and hug each other.
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Actually, I haven’t heard anything about the cuffing season before, so it was really interesting to find out something new. But after the article everything became clear. Really, such an interesting natural phenomenon! Now I know how not to be single during cold times. Thank you!
11.05.2020 15:29
I haven’t really experienced a really busy cuffing season, but it sounds like a really cozy period! Your article was extremely helpful. Especially I appreciate being aware of some bad things connected to the cuffing time now. Well, it’s time to get ready to the next season and enjoy!
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