How to Make a Woman Feel Loved: Tips and Advice

How to make someone feel loved? This is a tough question because the feeling of being loved is so subjective, you could be bitter about your significant other, accusing them of being neglecting. But you must remember that different people show love and appreciation differently. What you perceive as caring could be overwhelming for one individual, and what you give to another could be seen as a dull try to give love. So, what makes you feel loved? How to make your girlfriend feel loved, so she ultimately falls for you? Today we will talk about some background of feeling loved, review some steps and make examples.

how to make someone feel loved

Why Is It Important to Feel Loved in a Relationship?

What does it feel like to be loved? Butterflies set up a little nest in your stomach as you feel unexplainable warmth from somebody's feelings. You are enlightened, blessed, and every morning feels like a new opportunity. Especially, if you are about to meet the person you genuinely love, talk to them or kiss them. However, feeling loved is not the same for everyone. Somebody feels loved when they are asked about their day, when someone else carries their bag, walks them home and tells sweet things. Others see love as passion and worshipping of their beauty, sexiness, and appearance.

The others feel loved when that special someone manages to look right through and notice the smallest things no one else could. So, as we see, if you don't know how to make your wife feel loved, there can be no possible guide that you read out and act out to satisfy her. You can hug her, and she will ask for financial support or meltdown like an ice cream cone in summer. Everyone has different standards and lives up to them. We can't see what's good for everyone. You can only ask your partner how it feels to be loved and share your knowledge with her as well. The importance of feeling loved is undeniable – we all need it to keep up with life. If a person says they don't need anyone's love – it's a lie, we all want a special someone to snuggle in bed from time to time.

Love is much needed for psychological and financial stability. People who feel loved and supported usually achieve bigger goals because they believe in themselves as well as their closest ones do. When you don't feel loved, nothing seems like a possible solution. We all struggle with low self-esteem and a bad mood when a stranger shows disrespect in public transport. Some of us are more easy-going and lighter, they forget about bad situations in a minute, but others fixate and overthink those conflicts, so without a helping hand, life is sad and unbearable.

Love helps build a strong family which has a good basis of mutual respect and support. Your kids need that too (everyone will need, eventually). So, as we see, feeling loved is a must-have every way around. For everyone.

Why Women Often Don't Feel Loved in a Relationship

what does it feel like to be lovedThis dilemma causes lots of fights and confusion between the male population. They sometimes tend to think that all women are hot messes, that everything will bother and upset them, be it Mercury in retrograde, or their PMS kicking in. That is why we always say, "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus." But, is it true? Are women all that needy-greedy bastards who only seek for an opportunity to get upset and blame it all on the male half of the planet?

Not always! As it goes from ancient times, there are two people involved in a fight. So, if you ask yourself, "Am I always responsible for her bad mood?" There is a big chance you actually are. So, if she is mad at you for not loving hard enough, not trying hard enough, you’re not loving deep enough, you're not reaching peaks enough, change yourself or change a partner. It might sound cruel, but it's true.

What Makes Women Think You Don't Love Them

When you forget important things, like personal dates, jubilees, their favorite meal or flowers. It can be even worse if you know all the preferences of your closest friends but not hers. Especially if you don't have time for her to talk about someone's else's preferences, always focusing on your side of the story. I mean, come on, women always know your shoe size, your favorite color and what you like to eat for breakfast because it's essential information for a couple to know. You may think, "Why the hell should I invest my time in keeping in mind things like that?" But knowing every last bit of her will give you an intimate opportunity to win her heart.

You disrespect her relatives. You miss calls from her mother, refuse to walk her dogs, sit with her siblings, get closer to her dad. It's really uncomfortable and makes you an anti-social and cold person, who doesn't prefer family over everything.

You ditch her. Casually skipping quality duo time, leaving her on reading, preferring to go and hang with somebody else makes her think you don't think about her even the slightest. Especially if it started as a passionate romance where you were seeking her attention, asking her number numerous times, texting her day and night, asking for a date.

You criticize her. You might be a plumber before you met, drive a car like a drunk gorilla, lack knowledge in computers, but she still loves you the most. It is extremely unfaithful if you feel in love with the same person, but now those things irritate you. I mean, you knew who you were getting. If people are not satisfied with each other, they don't bring anyone down, they either break up or help the loved one change their life.

You don't give her attention. Being in your car or at the office with your team seems like a better way to spend your free time. Why do you need a woman if you don't want to spend time with her?

You neglect her feelings. When she cries, she's weak. When she yells, she's hysterical. If you want sex drive, be sure a person will be passionate in every other field.

You don't do what she asks. If cleaning up is out of your competence and searching for her lost things all over the place is too dull, then you obviously don't care enough. This is an issue you want to address. If people truly love each other, fuss and worry is always pleasant. You can't be too timid and passive when the beloved person is in need.

You flirt with other girls. That is straight up disrespectful. Remember, needing to feel loved is not shameful. If you feel like you don't receive much love, it's true. Trust your gut, it's merely a whim. Since your love is subjective, your partner should live up to both of your standards because a relationship is an agreement.

how to make her feel lovedHow to Make a Woman Feel Loved

How to make a girl feel loved? Well, we can't speak about everyone and regard everyone's model, but some things can be led to solutions. Based on everyone's complaints, here are some basic steps if your girl is wanting to feel loved.

Give her presents. You have to give her something sacred. A little tiny thing she always wanted but never got, like a porcelain statue of a dog, a card with your own poetry, a tent, a sleeping bag, her favorite makeup brand. This will mean you remember everything.

Surprise her with an unexpected breakfast. Just a couple of toasts and coffee will do for those who need to feel loved and taken care of. It's so pleasant when your boyfriend feeds you generally, but if you combine breakfast with sweet little kisses over her cheeks, you’re already a winner.

Ask her about her hobbies and easy relaxation. This will show how much you care about her interests. Buy the things that inspire her or do her favorite things together.

Help when she asks. If a woman asks you for help, she means it. You can show yourself as a strong lad. Besides, have you thought about the way she can thank you? (Wink-wink)

Love consistently. If you love her as the moment arises, it will show that her actions, even the slightest, will make you lose your feelings. You might even start manipulating her. She doesn't want to be threatened, "If you're not gonna be good/sexy/talented enough, I'm gonna dump you." That's straight up rudeness.

Have quality time together. Watch some films together, have a walk in a park, wine and dine, have sex or play a board game. Do what brings you the most pleasure and don't be afraid to ask your partner for something new. All loving couples have their cute traditions. You can make up a password and a personal joke that will make you laugh in a crowd when nobody else understands you. You are perfect together. You are unique.

Sing her a song. Or write a letter. Do something romantic. Maybe you have a hidden talent to film small videos. You could film her during the day and surprise your girlfriend with an edit. That could be really sweet and cute. Anything will do. The main thing that works is the amount of the time you spent to think about her. No one could really stay cold after such a heartfelt surprise. Unless your girlfriend is emotionally unavailable or a total jerk, she will be on cloud nine after what you've done to her. Have a little session where you share compliments and speak openly about what you love about each other.

Today we've found out how to make her feel loved. If it's possible, memorize this list and check whether you do it daily. When a woman feels loved, she blossoms like a sakura tree, bringing you joy and gentleness. She cooks you amazing dinners and waits for you from work. She has amazing sex with you and gives tons of kisses. She wakes you up with a gentle whisper. Relationships depend on love at so many levels, you can't even imagine. If something happens between you, don't blame yourself or her for being hysterical. It's a choice of two adult people to sort out their problems and come to a better, a happier and healthier conclusion.

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All women love tenderness, romantic acts, and caring attitude. So, treat your beloved girlfriend as a princess, and she will definitely feel your love!
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