Signs a Woman Wants to Sleep with You


  1. Gestures and Nonverbal Signs She Wants to Sleep with You
  2. Other Signs a Girl Wants You
  3. How to Make a Woman Want to Sleep with You
  4. Final Thoughts

Sometimes it’s hard for a man to understand whether a girl is flirting with him or just shows sympathy. After all, the fair sex is shy and does not speak directly about their desires.

If you have your heart set on a lonely beauty, you have probably wondered, “How to know that a woman wants to sleep with you?” Perhaps you have already had several dates, but you are still not sure how she treats you. To figure out that a girl wants you is not an easy task. However, there are some helpful tips on how to tell if a woman wants to sleep with you. So, let’s get all this straightened out!

signs she wants to sleep with you

Gestures and Nonverbal Signs She Wants to Sleep with You

The behavior of a girl is the main indicator of her attitude to a man. If she has a liking for someone, she smiles, flirts, and shows her best sides in every possible way. But in case she wants intimacy with a man, she will certainly let him know about it, but with the help of nonverbal signs and gestures. There are several signs a girl wants you, knowing which, you will be able to determine the true intentions of your woman. The main thing is to look attentively, and you will immediately receive an answer to your question.

Long eye contact

The eyes of a woman can tell a lot about her wants, including sexual desire. Long eye contact is an unmistakable sign that a girl wants you. Such a look is filled with sexual desire, and you will certainly notice it. An aroused woman looks at the object of her desire especially. Her pupils are enlarged, the gaze is unwavering, and a smile lurks on her lips. If a girl focuses on your mouse and lips, then she wants a kiss, and if on intimate areas of the body – something more. If you are interested in such ingenious female tricks, you can find out more information about them on popular single women sites.

Biting and licking her lips

It is an obvious sign that she wants to sleep with you. In the meantime, a girl does this completely unconsciously. This sign should prompt you to act decisively. Also, such behavior can be explained by the fact that a lady does it intentionally, trying to seduce you, or such a movement occurs reflexively, as a reaction to thoughts about you and when she is slightly worried. It is believed that this is a subconscious reflex, indicating the presence of a desire to take possession of a person. In any case, this is a good sign.

Open posture

A girl will always choose the pose that is most beneficial for her. She always tries to highlight the most beautiful parts of her body and show them to you impressively. She does all this on purpose – to make a greater impression on you. Such an open posture attests to the fact that a girl wants you.

A quiet and seductive voice

When a woman is sexually aroused, her pulse and breathing quicken, and the timbre of her voice becomes lower. Therefore, a quiet voice with a slight hoarseness indicates that a girl feels sexually attracted to you. In case you meet single women online, you can make a call to listen to the voice of a girl you like.

how to know if she wants to sleep with youMoving closer to you

Women do not come very close to people they do not like. Therefore, if you feel that a lady is staying on in the radius of your personal space, this is a sure sign that she is interested in you. She begins to shorten the distance between you – she sits near you, tries to stay as close to you as possible, and touches you accidentally on purpose. Do not think that this is low manners and lack of modesty. This is a clear indicator of sexual desire.

Playing with her hair and accessories

The longer the hair of a girl is, the more male attention it attracts. If a woman wants to sleep with a man, then she unbinds and braids her hair again, throws the braid from one shoulder to another, or musses the hair if it is short. She winds the hair around her finger, then lets it down and winds again. Also, she can pass her hand over the hair, running the hand slowly and smoothly. However, playing with hair can sometimes be a sign of a nervous state, so it is important not to confuse these two cases.

Other Signs a Girl Wants You

Due to the indecision and inability to take female hints, a lot of guys have already lost many magical and fascinating evenings in their lives. Perhaps you also suspect that a woman has a sexual interest in you. How to check it? A woman often hints to a man that she is ready for intimacy with him, but he may simply stink at taking these hints. So you should pay attention to the behavior of the interlocutor – it is possible that she is trying to signal you about her sexual desire. Be sure to check out these clear signs a girl wants to sleep with you.

She mentions sex in a conversation

It is one of the most obvious signs on how to know if she wants to sleep with you. A woman will never talk about sexual intimacy with a man unless she wants him here and now. Talking about sex can mean that a girl thinks about it or already imagines you as a sexual partner. In any case, if a girl mentions sex in a conversation with you – it is a sure sign of her sexual desire.

She touches you (especially your intimate zones)

Stop! Push out of your head the salacious picture you have just imagined. Men have other parts of the body, the touch of which speaks of the intimate mood of a lady. She can touch your ears, neck, hips, trunk, or even feet (in this case, with her feet). If touching your body has already become commonplace, then the trick is almost done. This is a proven sign of her sexual desire.

She tells dirty jokes

A girl often sends some signals about the desire to continue the evening with the help of ambiguous phrases in a conversation, for example, telling some dirty jokes or stories. Moreover, a woman who is ready for a sexual relationship will be frank and open about such topics. If the chosen one begins a conversation about intimacy or boldly keeps up the talk on this topic, then she has a desire to put into action all that has been said.

She takes off her clothes items

Playing with a watchband and unbuckling it, removing bracelets, playing with the necklace (and biting it), wiggling the toe-cap – all this indicates a hidden subconscious desire of a woman to get rid of clothes. However, it does not mean that a woman will begin to undress as soon as she is left alone with you. It just means that she is very sensitive now and trusts you. But if a man has come with a woman to such a level of sexual signals, then the likelihood of intimacy is already very high.

She compliments you a lot

How to tell if a girl wants to sleep with you? Listen to what she says. Women also tend to pay men compliments. Most often, it happens spontaneously and completely sincerely. Compliments regarding your appearance, success, interests, etc are a sure sign that she is open to a more secluded conversation and intimate atmosphere. Also, admiration for your strong hands, beautiful fingers, or soft hair only confirms that you are interesting to a girl, and she has certain sexual desires.

She wears provocative clothes

Women have always used clothing to express themselves. The image that a girl chooses for a date can tell a lot about her true intentions. If a girl comes to a meeting with you in revealing clothes, then she seeks to demonstrate all her dignities and beauty to a man. And it’s easy to guess with what purpose she does so.

signs she wants to sleep with youShe uses a lot of hints

This is probably the most obvious option of all. If a girl talks up that she wants to sleep with you – most likely, it is so. And if your desires are mutual, then you do not have to try very hard. But for many men, such a development of events most often happens only in their fantasies or only if a representative of the weaker sex is in a drunken state. Please note that in the second case, you should be extremely careful – agree on intimacy with a drunken girl only if she is your sweetheart, and you have a stable relationship with her because in other cases, such an affair is fraught with negative consequences.

How to Make a Woman Want to Sleep with You

There are cases when a young man communicates with a girl for a long time, but she does not show any signs of readiness for sexual intimacy. To speed up this process, a man should follow some golden rules.

Be confident and energetic

A woman subconsciously perceives a man who exudes confidence and knows what he wants from life as a good sexual partner. Strength and independence arouse her much more than boyish timidity. Say “no” to indecision and fear. Be reliable, decisive, and self- confident. You can wait for a fitting occasion for ages, but during this time, the girl’s interest in you will decrease or even completely disappear. So, go for it!

Be neat

Even the most expensive and stylish closes together with the most confident behavior in the world, won't help you to arouse interest in a woman if you don't look neat. Too many men forget about this and drown in doubt why they seem invisible for women. Make sure that your clothes look new, clean, and well-ironed. Also, don't forget to clean your shoes. Remember, neat people have an advantage over stylish but untidy ones.

Maintain eye contact

A single passionate look in her eyes can send a signal in her brain, making her want to have sex with you. Women love with their eyes, and it is crucial to give her looks that will let her understand that you want to be more than friends with her. You can improve your skill in front of a mirror if you don't feel confident enough. Learn how your face looks like when you attempt to have eye contact with a person you like.

Avoid being rud

Surely, you have heard that women love rude men. Sorry for disappointing you, this is nothing more but a stupid stereotype. Women always prefer to date men who show respect and care. Without a single doubt, in sex, every person has his or her own interests, but before it comes to sex, you still need to impress her.

Be honest with her

By lying, you will never get what you want from a woman. Yes, you may temporarily impress her, but she will be very disappointed as soon as she learns the truth. And rest assured, sooner or later, she will. Therefore, the best way to impress her is to highlight your achievements and strong sides and avoid mentioning weaknesses.However, if she asks you, you should never lie or pretend to be someone you are not.

Create sexual tension by maintaining tactile contact

For this, a man should touch a girl in such a way so that to create sexual arousal in her mind. For example, try to slightly hug her during a romantic stroll, hold her by the hand whenever possible, put your arm around her waist, and play with her hair as if in a friendly way without any hints. And after some time, when the girl gets used to it all, your touches can be smoothly transferred to an intimate format.

Choose the right place and time

It is very foolish to try to arouse a woman at breakfast in some cozy cafe. To achieve the desired result, you need to approach the choice of place and time of the meeting responsibly. The atmosphere of a date should enhance mutual attraction and contribute to the growth of sexual desire.

If you know how to be attractive and always show yourself as a real sex symbol, then you can easily make a girl want to sleep with you even on the first date. To use this method, you should be as attractive as possible in all aspects: starting with your promising outlook in society and ending with a neat appearance and clothing.

Final Thoughts

To make a woman want to sleep with you, you should demonstrate all your strength, reliability, self-confidence, and determination. These are the main criterion for the choice of a sexual partner among average women. Therefore, it is important to learn how to tell if a girl wants you and notice the signs of sexual desire in time. Do not miss such a great opportunity, as all women are unstable in their desires. Create sexual tension, choose the right time and place, and go for it!

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I think the most obvious sign that a girl wants sex with you is that she mentions sex in a conversation. I checked it by my own experience.
13.03.2020 16:31
David Zipper
Dear women, if you truly like someone, please avoid using hints. You can't even imagine how hard it is to understand what you want., thank you for your article with all those signs and pieces of advice. I think that it gives enough information both to men and women to allow us to understand each other better.
04.05.2020 13:51
Ranjeev Joseph
It is very easy to say to be confident, but the longer I live, the more reasons I see why confidence is something available only for the chosen people. In my opinion, if a woman truly likes you, your lack of self-confidence won't be much of a problem. Nevertheless, thank you for your article.
04.05.2020 13:52
Ben Bautista
After reading your article, I understood how stupid I was when I, somehow, managed to miss all those signs when girls actually wanted me. Now, I will be much smarter. Also, I have a feeling that girls are reading articles like that too. Reading and becoming better at hiding their real desires to pretend to be innocent and shy)) After all, they also enjoy this game of emotions and desires.
04.05.2020 13:53
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