Top 11 Most Romantic Cities in the World to Visit with Your Girlfriend

Thoughts of travels always evoke positive emotions. We feel the need for learning the world and crave for everything new. A person who has the opportunity to travel a lot is already a lucky beggar. And traveling around the world with a loved one is even greater happiness.

The romantic trip is more than just a guided tour. Because any joint vacation involves not only the tang of sea air, the clinking of glasses of wine, nights in bed with snow-white linen, and late unhurried breakfast. It is about twenty-four hours a day next to your loved one. This fact explains why romantic vacations carry the palm among compatibility tests.

There are many photos of happy and joyful couples who travel together. Is that true? Does statistics tell the truth when proving that the relationship of people who travel together becomes much stronger? Today, we are going to discuss the benefits of traveling with a loved one and consider 11 best romantic getaways to visit with your girlfriend.

most romantic cities in the world

Why You Should Travel with Your Partner

Traveling fills a person with joy and optimism, gives a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. And if you travel with your loved one, what could be better?! Such joint trips strengthen the relationship in a couple. Why so? There are several reasons.

You have a common goal

Perhaps, you want to see the world together, escape from reality on an exotic island, or spend a weekend in a pretty village. At the same time, the period of vacation and direction are not important. The main thing is that you have a big common goal. Such ambitions strengthen relationships and give double joy when you achieve them.

Better mutual understanding

Admit it, it is not easy to plan a trip. Especially, if you are different from your loved one. However, this is excellent training for the development of mutual understanding. When you manage to strike a compromise, agree on where to go, determine the budget, and decide on entertainment – it becomes easier for you to discuss other joint activities. For example, home improvements, wedding, or parenting.

You get to know each other better

During the journey, people behave somewhat differently. Someone wants just to be silent for a while, gazing at the splendid view. Others crave for adventure and extreme sports. Besides, each of you looks a little different than usual: you change a formal suit to light shorts, and your girlfriend refuses much cosmetics and high heels. Thus, you appear to each other in a completely new light. And such a novelty excites you so much that you want to repeat the first date.

You learn together

Every journey is life coaching. Even if you decide to walk together around the Tuscan village – you need to remember the way back. And in case you set your heart to master a new extreme sport, you need to push yourself out of a comfort zone. Traveling with your loved one allows you to learn how to cope with new challenges and everyday difficulties together. Mutual development is a new facet of romantic relationships.

most romantic city in the worldLearn to forgive each other

During a trip, lovers achieve reconciliation with each other faster than at home, even at the time of a serious quarrel. After all, any vacation is not infinite. And there are so many things that you want to try. Therefore, you simply do not have time to nurse a grievance against your loved one.

Escape from the routine together

Most couples are afraid to get bogged down in the daily grind. When all days are almost undistinguishable, it is easy to get bored and forget what a wonderful person you date. During a romantic trip, you both cheer up, contemplate new landscapes, meet interesting people, and recall why you are together. Couples, who have been happily married for many years, consider joint vacations to be "the best vaccination" against day-to-dayness.

Become best friends

An important basis of all happy relationships is not only love but also friendship. Passion sometimes fades away, and it is the friendship that helps people in love preserve their intimate relationship. Traveling together is a great time to become closer to each other and find more common interests. You learn to help, support each other, and just have fun with your loved one.

Learn to live in the now

Sometimes couples are so consumed with planning the future that they forget about the present. In the journey, everything happens differently. You just want to relax, hold your beloved by the hand, and answer all the questions, "We will consider it when returning from vacation." Learning to enjoy the moment together is another bonus of traveling with your loved one.

Most Romantic Cities You Should Visit

The dream of many loving couples is a romantic weekend. But for some reason, a lot of people kick it into the long grass, finding thousands of excuses – work, lack of money, poor health and so on. By putting your dreams on the back burner, you deprive yourself of incredible opportunities. It is time to change your views! Of course, love is the most important and valuable thing that you have, but do not forget to feed it with pleasant impressions. We would like to draw your attention to the 11 most romantic cities in the world to visit with your loved one.

1. Paris

Paris certainly can be called the most romantic city in the world. It breathes love. This phenomenon is often described in movies, but no one can explain it. Surely, this is the first city that comes to mind when you think about the best vacations for couples. The atmosphere of Paris is really unique – the city attracts people in love like a magnet, as visiting Paris is one of the best vacation ideas for couples. Perhaps the cause lies in the ancient streets, beautiful architecture, the exhilarating smell of coffee and pastries from the bakeries, and the wonderful sounds of street music. All this dispose people to long romantic walks and heart-to-heart talks with a loved one.

2. Venice

This city is a work of art, surrounded by mystery and romance. Being in a luxurious and fabulous Venice, you and your loved one will feel like the protagonists of a romantic movie. The city on the water attracts loving couples not less than the capital of France. After all, there are hundreds of narrow streets, fabulous canals, breathtaking architecture, and cozy restaurants with delicious Italian wine. What could be more romantic than a romantic trip on a gondola down the canal, a walk along narrow bridges, or joint photographs in the historic squares of the city?

3. Barcelona

This is not only one of the most romantic cities in Europe but also a vivid example of the lucky combination of a large city with a relaxed sea resort. Barcelona is multifaced and wonderful at any time of the year, so loving couples often consider visiting this city as one of the best anniversary trip ideas. It is an emotional, vibrant city, where flamenco sounds from every side. There are many things to do with your loved one in Barcelona: walk along the famous street of La Rambla, visit the Gothic Quarter, look at the works of the great Gaudi, climb Montjuic Hill, go to the ancient market of Boqueria, and ascend the Columbus statue to enjoy the beautiful view of the city. The rich history and magnificent sights, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and the unique atmosphere of the city will make your trip with a loved one unforgettable. Barcelona will delight you with all the kinds of entertainment for any taste and budget: Gothic architecture, theatrical spectacles, street performances, museums, parks, sporting events, and chic beaches.

4. Las Vegas

romantic getaways in usa

Las Vegas does not look like an ordinary gray megalopolis, it is more like a huge amusement park. This is a real Mecca for lovers of vivid impressions and everything unusual and extravagant. The city is located in the middle of the desert – it is a huge long boulevard where you can find the mini-copies of well-known cultural monuments of various countries: for example, you can see the Egyptian pyramids next to the Statue of Liberty. But going outside the boundary of this colorful city, you find yourself surrounded by a lifeless desert. This is the most enthralling moment in visiting Las Vegas. Coming to this city, you seem to be in Hollywood on the set of a world blockbuster together with your loved one. Moreover, you will feel like the protagonists of this film! This is the only city where you can see the Brooklyn Bridge near the Eiffel Tower and the Venetian canals. In addition, there are a lot of world-famous casinos. Hit the real jackpot while visiting Las Vegas!

5. Bruges

If you are tired of big and noisy cities and want to get into a fairy tale – Bruges is an ideal place for you. One of the most significant features of the city is its medieval architecture. Most of the buildings withstood the ravages of time. The entire historic city center is designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. One of the most attractive and popular buildings in Bruges is a masterpiece of Michelangelo – the Church of Our Lady. But this is not all, the most famous landmark of Bruges is the bell tower of the 13th century, which has 48 bells. There are free concerts that are willingly visited by both locals and tourists. This is a kind of tradition. Also, there are museums, cinemas, art galleries, theaters, and concert halls. Moreover, you have the opportunity to attend music and food festivals. Bruges is an amazing place for young women seeking men as well as couples who are passionate about art and culture.

6. Rome

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Rome is one of the most beautiful and romantic getaways in Europe. There are a lot of fascinating architectural works. Probably, one of the most famous pieces of architecture is the Colosseum. Also, the list of the most colorful and breathtaking architectural buildings include the Trajan Forum, the Pantheon, the tomb of Raphael, various temples and churches, ancient baths, and imperial palaces. If you have not been to Rome yet, be sure to visit it with your beloved one. This is a magnificent city, where you can relax with a loved one, and at the same time, discover many new and unusual things.

7. New York

This is truly a tourist paradise and one of the most romantic cities in the US, many sights of this city have long been shrouded in mysteries and legends. New York is the heart of America, the center of magnificence and world business, a trendy city that brings bright emotions and puts a smile on the face of its visitors. As soon as you find the best site to meet women and come to New York, you have the feeling that you have been here before and already seen it all: the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and its picturesque embankment, Manhattan, the stunning Central Station, the magnificent “Museum Mile,” the huge Central Park, crazy skyscraper Empire State Building, and, of course, the most unusual street in the world – Broadway. And it is not a déjà vu. You saw it all. In the movies. And now you are here with the dearest person! This is an unforgettable experience!

8. Miami

The list of the most romantic cities in the US also includes Miami. It is the capital of beach vacations and cruise business, a sunny city that fills the hearts of its guests with positive emotions. Miami is a 40 km long beachfront with prestigious hotels and chic restaurants, luxury yachts and trendy shops. If you want to rest on the luxurious beaches, go to the Art Deco district. This place is famous for its vivid nightlife. Well, if this is not enough for you, go on a romantic cruise to the Caribbean and the Bahama Islands on a luxury liner or a private ship directly from Miami.

9. Prague

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If you are looking for the perfect place to surprise your partner with a romantic vacation, then Prague is the very thing you need. This is an amazing city where you can spend unforgettable time and admire the scenic splendors. Its historical center is a magical place of incredible beauty. Look at the city from the other side and take a night boat ride on the Vlatva River, visit the famous hill of love, climb the Petrin Tower, which looks like the Eiffel Tower, admire the sunset on Charles Bridge, and ride in a coach through the cobbled streets of the city.

10. Honolulu, Hawaii

In Honolulu, summer lasts 365 days a year. This city is the capital of Hawaii which is located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Many people compare Honolulu with the Big Apple, but that is not so. Although the city has as many skyscrapers as there are in New York. This is a great place to relax on clean golden beaches with your beloved girlfriend, contemplating hundreds of surfers and luxurious yachts on the ridges of ocean waves. A vacation in Honolulu is not a traditional romantic getaway. It is a memorable and vibrant adventure that has a whiff of the spanking ocean breeze. Many hotels and restaurants are made in a romantic style. No wonder many newlyweds consider Honolulu one of the most romantic getaways in the USA which is perfect for both wedding and honeymoon.

11. Rio de Janeiro

This is one of the brightest cities in the world. Rio de Janeiro is the world capital of sharp contrasts: the snow-white palaces of millionaires and luxury five-star hotels sit side by side with the poorest favelas. A lot of tourists from all over the world visit this amazing city every year. First of all, Rio is famous for its endless sandy beaches, long embankments immersed in lush tropical vegetation, and amazing local landscapes. The sights of Rio de Janeiro impress loving couples with their picturesqueness, beauty, and diversity. This vigorous city of samba, beautiful nature and the best beaches has a distinctive and memorable image. The residents of Rio are characterized by simplicity, carelessness, and ease of communication. They full everyone around them with a cheerful mood. So, visiting Rio de Janeiro once, you remain fascinated by this fabulous city for the entire life.

Final Thoughts

Mark Twain once said, "Only two things we'll regret on deathbed – that we are a little loved and little traveled." Leaving together with a loved one is an excellent remedy for regrets. And the more often you go on romantic vacations – the better it is for your relationship with a loved one. After all, traveling gives a sense of belonging to something big, teaches us to realize the true value of being together, strengthens relationships, and brings joy. Therefore, enjoy life, discover the world with your beloved, and love each other!

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