What Are Mixed Signals and How to Interpret Them

It always happens that a man whose inner voice whispers “This is she!” becomes confused by her behavior. A girl becomes like a contrast shower – she is cold, then she is hot; she is affectionate, charming and caring, and the next day she is a heartless bitch; today she is cheerful, and tomorrow she hates you. In general, people call this “mixed signals from a girl” and they confuse all men. We are going to interpret these signals for you.

mixed signals from a girl

What are mixed signals?

Until recently she called every hour and then suddenly disappeared for a couple of days and returned as if nothing had happened. When she is alone she is gentle and attentive, but she openly flirts with other men in the circle of friends. She writes frank passionate messages and she is cold and closed when you meet. Does it sound familiar? Women often start sending such mixed signals and then wonder why you are hysterical trying to understand how she treats you. Let’s try to figure out what are the types of mixed signals.

First, what are mixed signals? Periodic unobtrusive calls and even a couple of messages are too insignificant to take them seriously. Yes, she is interested in you, otherwise, she wouldn’t have written. Yes, she even likes you, but, obviously, not enough to go beyond certain limits.

It happens that a girl accepts your invitations to go out and then suddenly, for no apparent reason changes her mind and disappears. She still periodically calls you, but she doesn’t answer every message and postpones meetings all the time. What does it mean? It’s very simple: most likely, she changed her mind, is no longer interested in you, found other priorities.

Sometimes women do stupid things because they don’t know what they want from men: either friendship or relationships or free sex and behave according to the desire that prevails in their heads at the moment. Such mixed signals from a woman are the worst. They keep men on a short leash, exhaust emotionally, but they don’t promise anything. In addition, they give men a fertile ground for fantasies about the common future.

Mixed signals meaning

As a rule, mixed signals appear at the beginning of a relationship, when you are still learning to be frank and understand each other. Maybe you are already emotionally exhausted because a partner doesn’t seem to let you go but doesn’t keep you either. Not always contradictory behavior means that she simply uses you. It can be a manifestation of her internal conflict. Here are a few mixed signals in a relationship that can’t be ignored.

1. She is afraid of the word “Relationship”

Previously, the question “What is between us?” didn’t arise. Everything began with friendship and it was unthinkable to take a girl by the hand without saying of your intentions. Now you can have sex for six months and go shopping together on the weekends, and still be considered just acquaintances. You have nothing to do but wait humbly until a woman understands her thoughts and confess her feelings. When a girl avoids the words “relationship”, “my boyfriend” and similar specifics, this can make you doubt her intentions. However, it is possible that she simply feels pressure and is not yet ready to take on serious obligations. The best strategy is to remain independent and not try to tie each other as soon as possible. You can even move a bit. Often women begin to evaluate men only after they lose control over them or lose them. Women can’t live without drama.

getting mixed signals from a woman2. Emotional ambiguity

The phenomenon of “something hot, then cold” is so common that even Katy Perry once wrote a hit about this. Today she doesn’t let you go and tomorrow she doesn’t even hug. How to perceive this game of an emotional ambiguity is unclear: maybe she has problems or such a character, or maybe she already regrets having met you. Just wait. But if getting mixed signals from a crush, you are exhausted by her behavior, then discard the embarrassment and talk to a girl directly. It will be much easier to understand the attitude towards you by her reaction. The periodic separation from partners helps people take a sober look at their feelings. Since new relationships can be really intense, new partners can use these distance periods to control the emotional intensity and test themselves. These attempts to find a sense of balance are ultimately healthy and made of good intentions.

3. Flirts with other people

Understanding the boundaries of flirting and friendly communication can be different. Someone used to kiss all friends and wink; for someone, it can be too intimate to shake hands. It is important that you and your partner have a common understanding of acceptable behavior. A girl can send romantic signs to other men and not even know about it. Perhaps she is just an open person and used to show undue care and goodwill towards everyone. When a your girl starts sending mixed signals in the form of flirt with other people, it is better to immediately clarify the situation rather than hoard insults. If she starts defending herself and cares more about keeping the opportunity to flirt with other men than about your comfort, then she is not ready for a relationship.

4. Attracts an ex-boyfriend to your relationship

The worst topic in a new romance is to talk about a former one. Even if she mentions her previous relationship in a negative context, sometimes these memories take up too much space in your life. Most likely, she doesn’t do it on purpose. The former relationship is part of her life and perhaps very significant. However, if you feel that this is an attempt of manipulation, just say that these tricks don’t work for you. The most unpleasant thing is when she continues to communicate with an ex-boyfriend. Although there is nothing supernatural about this, your self-esteem can seriously suffer. Some people are really able to remain friends after breaking up. But no less likely that a girl leaves the path of retreat or is not ready to completely part with the past.

5. Doesn’t like to show feelings in public

At the beginning of a relationship, you are under the influence of a wild cocktail of hormones. You want constant embraces and kisses, and in this state, it’s easy to forget that we all have different levels of emancipation. When a girl keeps away in public, this can cause concern. But it is important to understand that not all people like a public demonstration of feelings. Much more important is how she behaves being alone with you. Restraining emotions in society can be even intriguing: you dream to quickly stay together and throw out the accumulated passion. Mixed signals at the beginning of a relationship can be strange because you get them at a time when you are in love and want to feel stability in a relationship as soon as possible. They should be treated carefully: moments of doubt will allow you to either break up in time or discuss all the nuances and strengthen your connection.

Getting mixed signals from a woman

Even the closest people can’t always understand mixed signals, thoughts, and gestures of each other. And it is much more difficult to understand from an unfamiliar woman what she feels. Perhaps she is in love and dreams about relationships or maybe she just has friendly feelings. Getting mixed signals from a girl, you should learn to notice them, understand what they mean and answer them.

Yes, getting mixed signals from a woman, many men think that it is impossible to understand a woman, especially since sometimes she herself doesn’t know what she wants. It also leads her in search of a man – strong, self-confident, and brave. And for the same reason, a woman prefers to communicate with a man with mixed signals. In such a simple way she doesn’t make a decision, she is not afraid of being misunderstood and rejected and gives you the right to the first move.

In fact, everything is simple. A woman either wants you or doesn’t want to. If she doesn’t want you, then she doesn’t communicate with you at all. If she wants you, then she will test you for strength by all means. All women are different, but all women live with feelings. Hence the natural need to experience emotions, foment passions, and fuel a sensual storm. Each woman will be interested in you and your life in her own way more or less emotionally if you are interesting for her as a partner. And before you realize that she is ready to share a bed with you, she will quietly share your hobbies, habits, and problems, gently cutting out a place for herself in your life.

Mixed signals from ex

Don’t spend the rest of your life trying to understand if the ex-girlfriend wants to come back to you. Don’t look for signs where they don’t exist. It will not work and certainly will not help restore relationships. So, don’t overdo with the analysis of the situation. Just look at the signs of whether your ex wants to return you. Believe me, this is quite easy to understand.

getting mixed signals from a woman1. Attempts to communicate

Mixed signals from a woman can be in the form of constant attention. Regular messages and calls are an occasion to reflect on the fact that she wants to return the old relationship (if not consciously, then subconsciously for sure). Of course, one call or message in a month is not a reason to think so. But if an ex calls or writes very often and you don’t show any initiative at the same time, then this is an obvious sign.

2. Your ex-girlfriend wants to meet and spend time together

If she wants to be together every free minute but tries not to say it directly, then, most likely, this is the mixed signal.

3. The request to remain friends

Don’t become a close person for her in any case. But still, if she asks you about it, then it’s very good.

4. Again about friends

If you have common friends and she always asks about you or talks about you, then this is another positive sign. It means that you still don’t leave her mind. She still mentions you being with friends. So, if you hear about something like that from common friends, then pay attention to it.

5. She remembers jokes that only two of you understand

She also remembers all the good things your couple had, often hints that she misses you or gives sexual hints. These are also pretty powerful indicators of her desire to be with you.

6. She flirts with you

When an ex-girlfriend starts sending mixed signals, she tries to touch you or behaves like she doesn’t behave with other guys. This means that she doesn’t want to be just friends.

7. She is jealous of you

This is exactly the sign that can help us understand the situation. And if she is jealous when you spend time with other girls, go on dates or upload photos with other ladies to social networks, then this is the reason to weigh everything.

8. She is always in a bad mood

If her negative emotions only increase and she seems emotionally broken after a breakup, then this can indicate both that she wants to return everything and that she made the final decision about your future.

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