Where Is the G-Spot?

Conversations about female orgasm are impossible without mentioning the theme of the notorious G-spot. Millions of women and men around the world ask these questions: “What is it?”, “Where is the G-spot?” and “How to properly stimulate it?” Most have only a rough idea of this erogenous zone but few know that, for example, the G-spot is not a small point at all, but a small area; or, for example, that a strong stimulation of it can bring a woman to G-spot orgasm (jet orgasm). This article will help find out the details and understand all the intricacies of stimulating the G-spot.

Where Is the G-Spot

Is the G-spot real?

For most women, the G-spot is the most sensitive zone, responsible for a long, incomparable sexual pleasure. However, many women generally deny the existence of this very spot. So, the G-spot: myth or reality? Numerous conversations around the G-spot began in the second half of the 20th century after the discovery of a German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg. What is a G-spot according to him? This erogenous zone is located on the front wall of the vagina at a depth of 2.5-7 cm., and its stimulation leads to a burst of pleasant sensations, and as a consequence – to orgasm. Initially, the G-spot was named after its discoverer, but after his death, the name was shortened to the shortest and most memorable variant – the G-spot. It is interesting that the gynecologist never called this zone a “spot”. The modern name spread after the publication of a number of materials by American journalists in the 1980s. The discovery of Grafenberg marked the beginning of a scientific dispute that has not subsided to this day. Scientists from around the world have divided into two camps: some fully support Grafenberg, others deny the existence of the G-spot. The argument of the second ones is the fact that the woman’s vagina is devoid of nerve endings and its degree of sensitivity is very small. In addition, the presence of a semi-mythical G-spot has not been scientifically proven. Another group of scientists carried out numerous studies, surveys, and experiments, as a result of which it put forward its theory concerning this issue. In their opinion, the G-spot is the only zone in the vagina in which a lot of nerve endings are concentrated. It can even increase in size being in an excited state.

Squirt and the G-spot

The question of female ejaculation is also ambiguous as well as conversations about the G-spot. And although the first mention of squirt exists in ancient erotic texts, for example, Kama Sutra, modern scientists are not yet able to scientifically prove the existence of a fluid that is excreted from a body of a woman during or before orgasm. The technique of squirting assures that such an orgasm is available to all women, like ejaculation in men. The main thing is the observance of all instructions and patience. A man needs to find the G-spot in his partner and begin to actively influence it with fingers or a sex toy. A woman is recommended to empty her bladder before the process because this stimulation will initially cause discomfort and cause an urge to go to the toilet. It is believed that the stronger the urge, the closer the orgasm. It is possible to stimulate G-spot in any way: press, making circular motions and even sharp twitching. A man can also play with a woman’s clitoris. Women, who have experienced jet orgasm by stimulating the G-spot, assure that these sensations were unique and incomparable. They wanted to experience it again and again. The result of this practice is an absolutely satisfied woman and also a pleasantly surprised man.

How to find the G-spot?

Where Is the G-Spot?

Before you start to stimulate the G-spot, it is necessary to find it. In fact, nothing complicated in this. Where is the G-spot located? As you already know, this erogenous zone is located on the anterior wall of the vagina at a depth of 2-6 cm. But still, here is a quick guide, how to find the G-spot:

  1. Pay enough attention to preliminary caresses, a woman should be excited;
  2. A woman should lie down on her back and relax as much as possible;
  3. In the meantime, a man slowly and accurately enters one or two fingers into her vagina, unfolding the palm to himself;
  4. At a depth of 2-6 cm, with the pads of the fingers you can feel a tuberous area that is not like the rest of the vaginal surface;

You can use gentle strokes in order to know for sure if this is the exact G-spot. At the same time, your partner experiences an easy pleasant sensation. So, the goal is correctly defined and you can proceed to further actions.

How to properly stimulate the G-spot

First, let’s look at how to properly influence the G-spot using your fingers:

  1. Wash your hands. To comply with basic hygiene and safety measures, hands should be washed thoroughly, and long nails should be cut. The female vagina is a very delicate and tender organ. As already mentioned above, a girl should be excited. Otherwise, there will be no result from your attempts because the zone “wakes up” only when excited. Be sure to use lubricant, it will make your movements easy and enjoyable. Apply it not only on the fingers but also in her vagina.
  2. Do the simplest movements for the G-spot. It is like a “come here” gesture. Move fingers back and forth (the phalanxes are bent). While stroking the upper vaginal wall, accelerate until you hear the sounds of squelching. After that, you can move your fingers more dynamically. But don’t be aggressive and don’t be too slow and gentle, it will not work.
  3. Connect other erogenous zones to the process. Pay attention to the clitoris, it can be stroked with the second hand or connect a massage of the G-spot and cunnilingus. You can strengthen effect by pressing on the erogenous zone through the abdomen. To do this, place the palm on the abdomen just above the pubis and lightly press it down. However, don’t overdo and ask about the feelings of a woman.
  4. Give a massage of G-spot when making love. Giving the G-spot massage, a man has to choose a suitable position and angle of penetration. Only this way you will affect this erogenous zone. For example, you can improve the missionary position with a pillow under the partner’s hips. The maximum comfortable and pleasant position can be selected independently, it is important to remember: the sharper the angle of penetration, the stronger the impact of the male organ on the front wall of the vagina.

G-Spot sex positions

We all know that there is a magic zone in the female body, the stimulation of which is capable of giving a woman unforgettable pleasure. Even the coldest in sex ladies are guaranteed to get an orgasm if men find this spot and properly stimulate it. For those who are only going to conduct sexual examinations of their body in search of the G-spot, sexologists recommend choosing the right positions for searching. The G-spot is most easily stimulated in such positions:

Where Is the G-Spot?

Missionary position

The very famous book for adults guarantees that this is the best position to achieve orgasm. Here a man dominates and there is an active stimulation of the G-spot. Any man will appreciate it because such a position will provide very deep penetration. For additional acuity of sensations, stroke woman’s ankles and hips at first, and when she feels that orgasm is approaching and understands where the G-spot is, move your palm to her clitoris. Also, if you stimulate her clitoris, it will give a girl a very special sensation.

Deep feelings

A lady lies on her back and keeps her knees on her chest. When you enter her, she gently presses her knees against your chest. Taking her thighs, you can make tight, dense frictions. The most important thing in such G-spot positions is to keep legs bent. Thanks to this her vagina will grasp your penis with a very dense ring. In addition, in this position, even though a man is above, it is very easy for a woman to compress the muscles of the vagina, strengthening the pressure on all your sensitive areas.


This position differs from the first one only from the fact that her feet should be on your shoulders. It is great for a beautiful ending of sex. This position provides deeper penetration. By the way, in the process, you can caress each other. The position will be good for loving couples who want to look into each other’s eyes during making love and combine frictions with sensual kisses. In this position, the question “How to stimulate G-spot?” disappears by itself.


You are above a woman and she should put some pillows under her buttocks. It makes penetration deeper. In addition, your pubic rubs against her clitoris. As they say, all the fun at once! For additional pleasant sensations, you can make circular frictions and movements by the figure-eight. You can even reach orgasm at the same time! This position is also among the best positions to hit the G-spot.

Fly of butterfly

This can be called the best sex position to hit the G-spot. The main thing is to find the right place. It can be a high couch, a car hood, a kitchen table or a bar counter. The main thing is that after she lies down on the table, her pelvis will be 30 cm higher than yours. Let her throw her feet on your shoulders and you take her buttocks with your hands. Choose the speed of frictions that you both like. By the way, you can stimulate her clitoris with your free hand.

Where Is the G-Spot?

G-Spot toys

It is not necessary for a woman to wait for a man to give a massage of the G-spot with his fingers. The numerous toys for adults that can be found in sex shops will successfully cope with this task.


A classical artificial phallus can become a real helper for single girls, bringing them to the top of pleasure each time. Maybe you want to give such a present to your girlfriend? Then you first need to understand how it looks. A distinctive feature of this toy is the bent tip or thickened head. They will massage the necessary zone. Additional G-spot stimulation is provided by the relief surface of a product, covered with bumps or convex veins when it comes to realistic toys. The use of a dildo is not limited only to the walls of the bedroom – a girl can easily take it to the shower. The only question is how comfortable and relaxed she will feel.

G-spot vibrators.

Externally, toys with vibrations are similar to the products described above. Their difference lies in the functions. A G-spot vibrator can rotate around its axis and have several vibration modes or processes, which are responsible for additional stimulation of the clitoris or anus. Unlike dildos, not all toys with vibration can be taken to the shower (only those that are labeled “waterproof”). In the sex shop, you can buy a vibrator for the G-spot of any suitable size and color you like.

Ben Wa Balls.

The main function of these balls is the training of the muscles of the vagina and it is simply necessary for women. But they also bring pleasure. Balls can be used as a stimulant of the labia vulva and clitoris. Having a special shape, they can even massage the G-spot and reveal new facets of pleasure.

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