Mail Order Brides: a Full Guide on Getting a Wife Online

It can be the most ordinary day when you decide that you cannot stand this loneliness anymore. It’s enough. Period. Even the most convinced introverts need beloved people, even the biggest skeptic dreams about a significant other, not to mention romantic natures who cannot image their lives without a dear person. However, it’s not that easy to meet a person with the same intentions and values even if you live in a megapolis. Actually, people who live in big cities don’t differ much from those who were born in small towns and stayed there when grown up. Each of us can feel lonely and abandoned, even when we are standing in the crowd. However, the desire to find happiness in the intimate life pushes us to look for all the ways possible. And its majesty the Internet comes to the rescue for many people in this case. And while many try their luck on the ordinary dating sites and apps, some other people decide not to waste time and use the time-tested way to meet a beloved woman. It’s when it comes to mail order brides. The chances are high that you have heard about them at least once. And now, the time has come to study the issue in more detail and find out whether it is a win-win option in your case.

mail order brides

Mail Order Brides – Who Are They?

The modern world is the source of endless opportunities, but it brings its rules into everyday life. Thus, many western girls have got rid of old-fashioned scenarios of creating relationships. They have abandoned the role of a classic wife, mom, and housekeeper, and made their countrymen look for their ideal life partners somewhere abroad. A western man who is looking for a bride abroad doesn’t surprise anyone nowadays. Moreover, modern trends forbid to interfere with someone’s life, so a rare person can say something against such an approach to finding a partner. Of course, many guys who are interested in dating online and getting a foreign bride, start small at first. They try to meet a girl of foreign origin in their home cities, visiting places with the biggest concentration of foreigners. However, this method leaves much to be desired, so they decide on using the Internet and the appropriate dating services.

This option is more beneficial from different sides. Thus, you don’t need to waste your time on the road to the right place, leave your comfort zone, or travel abroad to try to approach a beautiful stranger right on the street. Besides, you might have no idea who you are looking for. This image is blurred and consists of some general requirements that will hardly help meet a soulmate. On the other hand, girls who are using such sites, are set for meeting a worthy man with similar intentions who can become their beloved partner and a shoulder to lean on. So, what does this mysterious concept of mail-order bride mean? Are mail order brides real? What is a mail order wife that has become a dream of many guys all over the world?

In most cases, a mail-order bride is a girl who has already celebrated her 20th birthday. Now she is in her 20s or 30s. Her biggest dream and the main goal at this stage of life is to meet a worthy foreign man, get married, and move to his motherland. You can approach such a girl without any problems if you have serious intentions, and you are dating as a 30-something man. The most crucial thing here is to choose a reliable and suitable dating site and examine all the profiles of hot mail order brides who have registered on this site as well, determine who you like the most, and send a message with a catchy icebreaker.

You should understand one thing from the very beginning - the term “mail order bride” doesn’t mean that you can really order a girl like a pizza in a restaurant. This concept suggests that an online dating service can provide you with a chance to get acquainted with decent women who are looking for a life partner. However, they don’t do that for free but sell this opportunity to you. So, besides the entrance fee, you may pay for every letter sent as well as other services.

As they say - we don’t appreciate things that we get without any efforts. And when it’s about mail order brides, you pay money and effort to become truly happy with a like-minded woman. Everything starts with exchanging messages to understand from the start how much you suit each other. And if everything is okay, then you may proceed to video chatting that will become a trial date before meeting in person. If you understand that it’s your perfect match, and you are on the same page, then you should offer the girl to fly to you. Don’t forget that a man is responsible for all the expenses during the preparation for the journey.

When Do Mail Order Brides Become Popular?

As they say, this phenomenon appeared several centuries ago, somewhere in the 1890s. However, back in days, it had a bit different name “picture brides” thanks to the Japanese phrase that meant “photo marriage.” Thus, in those days, picture brides were foreign women who exchanged letters with their overseas partners and put their photos into the envelope. Thus, a man got a lovely letter, accompanied by a picture of their possible spouse. Picture brides were merely girls from Korea, Greece, and Italy who were eager to marry American men. Even though the biggest number of first marriages occurred between the 1890s and the 1920s, the first official record of them appeared only somewhere in 1923.

This phenomenon occurred thanks to the fact that the number of guys outnumbered the number of girls, so lonely men were ready to seek their spouses in other countries. They placed advertisements in newspapers and magazines, hoping to get feedback from a charming lady who is interested in such an offer. Back in days, people didn’t have such tremendous opportunities as we have now. They exchanged usual letters with pics and met right on their wedding day. So, there were no emails 24/7 or video chats. Times have changed, but the situation is still almost the same. A lot of guys are ready to use dating services and exchange letters (just like their ancestors) to meet their one and only. However, the whole process has become easier and more fruitful. The Internet simplifies this task and helps you meet the challenge. Nowadays, girls who are looking for decent partners place their pics on the dating site and “advertise” themselves in all possible ways. What’s the main distinguishing feature of a mail order brides that helps her stand out from the crowd of their countrywomen seeking for partners? They are ready to broaden their horizons and look for potential partners all over the world. The comfort zone doesn’t seem that attractive for them since they want to be truly happy with worthy men.

However, the new wave of popularity happened in the early 90s and continued almost to the 2000s. One of the reasons for such changes was the collapse of the USSR when the whole world found out about amazingly beautiful Slavic girls. While the latter ones wanted to leave their countries in all possible ways, the marriage with a foreigner didn’t seem to be a poor option. Nowadays, the situation is a bit different. While many girls really want to get married a foreigner just to improve their living conditions, many others are looking for their soulmates since they cannot find a common language with their countrymen. Besides, many girls are interested in other cultures, traditions, and languages. Not to mention the fact that each woman wants to be loved and cherished, and if she cannot satisfy her needs in her homeland, it’s not surprising she will try to search for it somewhere else. Are mail order brides legal? Of course, they are.

Where to Find a Mail Order Wife If someone asks you about the best place to meet a charming oversea bride, what will you think about? Well, the chances are small that the first things that will come in your mind will be a vacation or some special place where foreigners meet with each other or some mysterious community. Nowadays, the first thing you think about in such a case is the Web. When you need to find something, you google it right away. And when it comes to the fruitful acquaintance with a beautiful mail order bride, dating sites seem to be the most obvious place for meeting them. They aim at helping you find your perfect match and making sure you are good together. You can easily find a couple of trustworthy dating services that will help you with your challenge. The main thing is to decide what nation will be the most suitable for you. Maybe you have already had some requirements, or you have come up with an image of your future spouse. But if you haven’t done it yet, then let’s study this issue closer.mail order brides pricing

Russian mail order brides

Who never heard about marvelous Russian mail order brides? It seems it will be difficult to find at least one person since these women are famous all over the world, and they are considered to be one of the best options when it comes to serious relationships and marriage. So many great girls dream about overseas Prince Charming. If you visit Russian dating sites, you will see that it’s about a completely different type of beauty. On the one hand, they all look different according to all possible parameters, and on the other hand, they are natural beauties who try to highlight their strong sides and look gorgeous no matter what. Their appearance serves as a magnet for foreign men. However, it’s not their only advantage. They have strong family values and seek to create a happy relationship. Their level of intelligence makes them great interlocutors and attract sapiosexual men who value mental abilities higher than physical ones.

Asian mail order brides

When men are looking for smart and educated women who adhere to the old-fashioned model of family and relationships, they pay attention to Asian mail order brides. And it’s not to mention their stunning feminine appearance. For example, Japanese mail order brides always look younger their age, and they carefully watch their images and wear stylish clothes. Chinese mail order brides are a perfect option for those who want to have a shy girlfriend in public and a passionate lover in their bedroom. The distinctive feature of the Philippines mail order brides is great respect for their men. They are always ready to have their backs and support no matter what. These girls are wonderful wives and moms who always put their family first. If you want to start a family with a family-oriented exotic beauty, then you should pay attention to these stunning ladies.

Sweden mail order brides

If you are a fan of tall and long-legged blonde beauties, then Sweden mail order brides are the most suitable option. These features are associated with all Scandinavian countries, but these girls stand out from the rest. They are the owners of a high level of confidence and individuality, and they are used to being on equal footing with men. So, they will hardly agree to be housewives and do nothing besides household chores. These ladies are a great choice if you are looking for a partner who can become your travel buddy and share all the pleasures of life. They don’t correspond to the image of a classic housemaid from the 50s, but they can build a successful and happy partnership with you.

African mail order brides

The first thing that should be mentioned about African mail order brides is that their beauty is really breathtaking. They have very feminine and seductive bodies with wonderful curves. They differ in their appearance and skin tone, but it’s obvious that they always stay exotic and marvelous. These ladies are looking for committed relationships, support, and an appropriate attitude. They are very loyal partners and will expect the same from their spouses. African women cherish and appreciate their origin, they try to highlight that with the help of bright and stylish outfits and massive accessories. Every man wants to see such a lady next to him.

How to Find and Meet a Mail Order Bride

If you finally understand that nothing will happen by itself, and if you want to find your personal happiness, then you should make efforts. Girls who live in other countries will differ from your countrywomen - no matter where your homeland is. So, if you want to succeed in the dating scene, you should adhere to certain tips and rules. In general, a committed relationship requires a lot of work from both sides, but when you just start this journey, the level of your responsibility is much higher. So, you should prepare beforehand to get the best out of online dating and communication with mail order brides. Some nuances play crucial roles when it comes to such relationships. So, remember the following moments and enjoy your dating to the fullest.

1. Realize your goals and expectations

If you are interested in mail order brides, then chances are high, you are looking for committed relationships. However, if it’s not so, then you should better look for some other dating sites and apps that have been created specifically for that purpose. Girls who have registered on the “niche” sites and become mail order brides want to get married and start a family. So, first, you should sort yourself out and understand your true desires, who you are looking for, indicate the personal qualities of a potential partner that are crucial for you as well as things you can turn a blind eye to.

2. Choose a reliable dating site

This moment is of high importance here since it will become your main helper in this process. So, you should study all the options that nowadays’ market can offer you and choose 1-2 websites that suit you most. Understand how much it’s comfortable for you and is user friendly, whether there is a blog that may suggest some tips and how much you will have to pay for your communication. However, before choosing the site itself, determine the desired nationality of your future spouse since most dating sites specialize only in one or two nations.

3. Create a catchy profile

Since you are going to approach a girl in cyberspace instead of a street, you should take care of the first impression that you make. That’s why it’s worth devoting some time to creating a catchy profile that will reflect your personality. Many guys ignore the questionnaire, believing that nobody reads it. However, it’s a mistake. When a girl gets a message from a stranger, in 9 out of 10 cases, she will visit his profile to decide whether he is worth her attention. And it’s here where a profile plays a crucial role and determine your fate.

4. Don’t forget about pics

Photos in your profile are no less important than text and filled lines of the questionnaire. Not all pics will do and evoke a desire to reply to your message as soon as possible. Thus, your photo should be of good quality. If you have only selfies and blurred pics, then it’s better to visit a professional photographer who will provide you with a portfolio. Forget about pics in which you are in a company of other people, especially if they are women. You are here to find a worthy woman and make her your beloved wife, so don’t ignore logic, evoking negative feelings in the girl right away. They are not interested in a womanizer or a man who doesn’t care about their feelings.

5. Come up with a catchy conversation starter

If you have fulfilled the previous points, then the time has come to look for the most attractive girls. Visit their profiles and study them a bit to understand whether this or that woman suits you for building a serious relationship. If everything is perfectly fine, then come up with an icebreaker, using the info provided in her profile. Choose something interesting and maybe unusual, for example, her travel experience or favorite music or books. When you use personal info to create the first message, you increase your chances to get a response.

6. Demonstrate determination and self-confidencemail order brides pricing

You cannot even imagine how attractive a self-confident man is. Actually, no one girl wants to start dating a man who cannot understand what he really wants in this life. A windy person is not the best option for starting a committed relationship with. Only a desperate girl with low self-esteem and many complexes can pay attention to such a man and start a dialogue. When you meet someone in person, you pay attention to their body language and manners, when you meet someone online, the focus is shifted to grammar and manner of creating phrases. A girl should feel that you are relaxed and feel comfortable.

7. Be careful with compliments

When you meet a beautiful woman, it’s easy to lose your mind right away. However, you shouldn’t shower her with compliments from the first message, even if you want to. A compliment is a powerful weapon in the hands of a skillful person. You should neither overdo nor forget about them completely. In both cases, you can fail and spoil everything right away. For example, a man who says too many compliments to a stranger looks frivolous and can make a girl feel awkward at the end. And a man who doesn’t say anything pleasant creates an impression of a person who is not interested in a girl. So, you should be careful with it. To succeed, mention something special about the girl, for example, her great sense of humor or charming smile.

8. Behave like a gentleman

Many girls have decided to register on dating sites and find their love abroad because they are sure that foreign guys are better than their countrymen. So, if you want to win a girl over, you shouldn’t forget about good manners. Chivalry is always in vogue when it comes to dating and looking for a soulmate. Good intentions you show via text create the necessary atmosphere and set girls in the right mood. What can be better than communication with a person who shows interest in you and care? Such things are of great importance when you are looking for a life partner.

9. Be a good interlocutor

The feeling that you are on the same page becomes a decisive factor when choosing a life partner. Mail order brides are looking for men who will be interested in their lives and will be able to maintain a conversation. One way or another, communication is the foundation of a healthy and happy relationship. It’s an integral part that must be present. So, when you are talking with a girl, try to show interest in what she is talking about. If you invest some time into your talks, you will understand that this woman is not just attractive and hot, but also very wise and smart.

10. Don’t show off

There is a category of men who like to look better on someone’s background and show off at every opportunity. Don’t do that in a conversation with a woman you are going to date or even marry. Chances are high that you have different levels of living, education, and life experience, but it’s not a reason to behave this way with a woman. She has decided to look for her beloved man abroad because she believes that foreign men are much better, so don’t deceive her expectations. You might have friends with whom you can be condescending.

Mail Order Brides Pricing

If you are interested in the modern ways of finding a perfect partner, then you may wonder how to get a mail order wife since this method is one of the most effective ones. And the most pleasant thing is that you don’t need to go anywhere because you can do everything within your home. The main thing is to have Internet access and be ready to pay for dating services that provide you with access to a big brides database. How much is a mail order wife? Let’s find out about mail order brides pricing.

Frankly speaking, the total price depends on many things, but on average, it may cost you from $2.500 to $15.000. Many Americans are ready to pay this price for their personal happiness since it is pretty small for most of them. Why does the price differ? It may include numerous services that can cost you some money. Thus, for example, you have to pay an entrance fee to get access to girls’ profiles and get a chance to meet someone to your liking. Different dating services have different fees, so this is the very first thing that may affect the final price. You need to pay for communication and a translator if necessary.

How to Prepare Her to Move to Your Country

It’s finally happening, and after many months of search, exchanging messages and video chats, you’ve met your soulmate and decided to move in together. A lifetime adventure is ahead, and you are in great anticipation of the very moment of meeting. You want to ask a girl to come to you and try to build your happily ever after. It seems it’s the easiest thing after all this long path that has been left behind. However, is it really so, or there are things you should think about to do everything right and get the best out of this solemn moment? Let’s consider things you should pay attention to when your girlfriend is going to come to you.

1. Take care of moving cost

When it’s about mail order brides, it is a man who is responsible for all the expenses. So when you ask a girl to come to you, you should be ready to cover all her moving costs. International moving is neither the easiest nor the cheapest thing ever. She should apply for the visa, get a plane ticket, take care of many other nuances that can be time and money consuming. And you shouldn’t wait till the girl asks you to help her. You should take care of everything right away without any reminders on her side.

2. Help improve her speaking skills

If a girl is not good at speaking your language, you should help her with speech practice. It will be much easier for a girl to adapt to a new reality if she knows how to speak the language of the country she moves in. The language barrier is one of the most common problems that arise in international dating. If there is a special dialect in your area, help the girl understand it and remember the most common things. Such knowledge will become a great advantage and simplify the girl’s life when she reaches your country.

3. Tell about your culture peculiarities and lifestylesweden mail order brides

Since you have come from different areas, it’s clear that many things differ for you. A girl should find out about cultural peculiarities to not get in an awkward situation. So, you should tell her about traditions, lifestyle, as well as the main do’s and don’ts, the girl should remember about. Such knowledge will definitely come in handy when she engages with the community. You can prepare an entertainment program for the girl when she arrives. It will bring you closer right away.

4. Cheer up her

The right attitude is half the battle. Of course, the girl may have some doubts and fears about this journey since it’s a new experience and a big change in life. It’s always difficult to leave a comfort zone even if it doesn’t suit you. So, your task is to cheer the girl up and show her that you are ready to have her back no matter what, and she has nothing to worry about. Support of a beloved man means a lot in such a situation, and it will help the girl adapt to the new conditions much easier. Both of you will benefit from that.

5. Show her that she is not alone

You take care of her expenses, and you are here to give a helping hand to her. She is not alone, and she will never be. Let the girl feel it. Talk more with her in this period, show your care, and how much you are waiting for your meeting. The girl should know that the level of your anticipation is pretty high as well. And it doesn’t matter what will happen next because you will always support her and be a shoulder to rely or cry on. Show her that your love will help deal with everything.

Give It a Try

So, as you have found out, it’s not difficult to meet a mail order bride and become finally happy with a like-minded person who shares your values and views on life. If you cannot decide whether you are ready to take such a step, you can make a research and register on a dating site. Thus, you will be able to dwell deep into the issue and conclude about your readiness for such a marriage. However, the popularity of this concept for many years shows that it is a great way to find an overseas wife and start a family life. Just give it a try if your personal life leaves much to be desired, and you cannot find a beloved woman among your countrywomen.

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