Everything you Wanted to Know About Flirting with a Girl

Men have been taught since childhood how to walk, hold a spoon, read, write, and how to be a gentleman. At school, we study disciplines, learn the verses of famous poets, and perform physical experiments. But no one teaches us to the most important sciences. Those sciences are flirting with girls and relationships between people. In this article, you will learn and be able to try new methods that attract women.

First of all, you must know what you are dealing with. Fortunately, there are such sciences as biology, psychology, and social dynamics. And some people have already explained everything to us. The main thing to know is that women are emotional beings. Logically convincing a girl that she likes you is a very unpromising option. If you don’t believe us, then go outside and try it for yourself! So, the most important thing in dealing with women is to evoke positive emotions.

how to flirt with a girl

How to Flirt with a Girl: Basic Tips

Humans are social creatures. We can’t live without creating bonds with each other. Flirting is a weapon for both men and women. If you learn how to flirt with a girl, then you will significantly increase your chances of finding a suitable partner and getting a girl to date you. You may be interested in sex for one night, or maybe, you are looking for a wife, or you want interesting communication, flirting is what will help you stand out from the crowd of other men. There are many single ladies for dating out there, and we have a list of tips that will help you master the skill of how to flirt with women.

1. Positive attitude

Being positive helps a lot. If you try to flirt in a positive mood, then you have more chances of success in your attempts. Girls love positive men. No one likes complainers, remember this. Plus, your positive attitude can help you deal with your worries and thus, with your failures. There is no reason for you to turn yourself into a joker but being nice and positive always helps. Instead of being cool and pathos, be relaxed and friendly. Be always ready to communicate with women. Be playful. You should smile when you go into some room or transport, or even when you are relaxed, it is not difficult to establish communication. Your playfulness will direct communication in the right way.

2. You have to be neat and well-groomed

Natural beauty is not so important for a man, but you have to be beautifully dressed, neat and should smell good. Don’t listen to women who say, "We don't like metrosexuals." That's a lie. Believe me, Robert Pattinson uses more cosmetics than the average lady. Stylish clothes and hairstyle are very welcome. Shoes should always be clean. A good tan is a sign of health, so it would be nice to go to a solarium. There is a rule of three colors. A man should wear no more than three colors. If you don’t know how to dress, then read magazines and start using the Internet on this topic.

3. Voice

Have you ever heard a lion growling? According to statistics, men who possess beautiful voices have more chances to get a woman they want. Namely, you need to be able to talk in a chest (velvet) voice. Fortunately for all of us, a voice trains very quickly. If you think that you need to work on your voice, then search for exercises on the Internet, or sign up for public speaking courses. And since you are reading this article, it means that you already have the motivation to do this. And women are programmed to respond to men with a loud voice. Feel free to speak loudly, but don’t yell.

4. Eye contact with a girl

Some say that whenever you communicate with a woman, you should look only in her right eye. Well, maybe this works too, but we would recommend you look in both of her eyes. Yes, we know that you can’t be focused on her both eyes at the same time. This is not a problem, but an opportunity! When she tells you something, you should look in one her yes and then in another. This shows that you are very interested in her, and you pay attention to what she says. You will be pleasantly surprised with the result. If you already feel confident, then you may also try to meet a woman now.

how to tell if a girl is flirting with you5. You are not lying, you are flirting

Do not answer directly. Most men answer questions about their place of work, age, and personal life at once. They tend to put everything as it is. This approach is not wrong, but it is very common and boring. Try to tease the girl before giving out the information. For example, if she asks, “What do you do for a living?” Tell her that you sell white slaves or that you repair disposable lighters! If you work for the company that fixes something. Your statement should be somehow connecter with your real job. It will make her laugh. Even the answer, “What do you think?” It is better than immediately handing over all the cards. Intrigue is another key to success.

6. Compliment the girl unexpectedly

Don’t throw your compliments too often. Remember, each compliment has its place and time. Here you need to practice finding in a person what you like and talk about it with ease. For example, during a conversation, you understand that the girl has beautiful eyebrows. Interrupt the conversation with a compliment. It is important to learn how to make compliments with the same ease as asking what time it is. When you are already in bed, you can warmly tell her how you are drowning in her bottomless eyes. Don’t forget to compliment her achievements and personal traits too.

Tips for Physical Flirting with a Woman

At some point in your relationships, you may feel that verbal compliments can’t do what you want. If you want to go further in your relationships, then you must use something else. Verbal compliments are good, and you must use them, but they can’t take you far. Remember, the line between verbal flirting and harassment is very thin. Make sure that your new girlfriend reacts to your flirt positively and flirts back with you. In any case, your positive attitude and ability to apologies will help you fix the situation if you misunderstand each other.

1. Touch her hands

During your conversations or when you walk down the street, you should gently touch her. In the beginning, you should randomly (pretend that it was unintentionally) touch her hands and see how she reaches to your actions. If her response is negative, then you should stop. It means that she is not very interested in you. In the other case, you should start touching her hand intentionally. Show that you like her, and you want to hold her hand and feel her skin. If she wants to touch you back, then let her do it too. This process has to be as natural as it is only possible.

2. Hug her

I know there is no such person who would be able to live without hugs. Hugh helps us show to other people that we care about them. With the help of hugs, we share warmth, we let others feel important to us. The same happens with you and your girlfriend. In your hugs, she feels very protected and safe. Remember, girls, love hugs no less than boys. Make sure that you hug not like friends or you may get into the friend zone. And sometimes it is not possible to get out from there.

3. Reflect her body language

Everyone has his or her own set of movements. Sometimes we meet people, and we think that they are like us, but we have no idea why. The answer here is very simple. We think that other people look like us because they behave as we do! Try to copy her unintentional movements but do it carefully! She shouldn’t notice that you are trying to copy her movements. In case of success, she will feel that she is very familiar with you. She will be more open towards you, and your chances of going on a second date will grow significantly.

4. Tickle her and let her tickle you

No one can tickle themselves because tickling appears when someone else touches your “defenseless zones.” But only when those touches are not targeted to harm us. If we allow someone to tickle us, then it means that we trust this person. This mechanism helps us become closer to each other. According to scientists, couples where partners regularly tickle each other feel happier and face fewer problems. This is why it is so nice for you two to tickle each other. But be careful here because it is easy to cause pain if you carelessly tickle your partner. If she wants to stop, then you should stop too.

Flirting with a Girl over Text

Nowadays, people tend to flirt with each other with the help of the Internet. Short messages have become the most popular method of connection. Flirting in real life and flirting with the help of various messengers are two different things. But a modern human must master both of those skills. Only a few of us really know what to say when flirting with a girl. This is why we made a list of tips on how to become better at flirting with text messages.

flirting with a girl over text1. Arouse emotions

The stronger you unwind the woman emotionally, the more she will want to see you again. It is perfect when your every communication with girls, makes their bodies boil with emotions. To learn this, you need to practice a lot and should be able to change the direction of the conversation. You are a man, and you are the one who should act! Remember, you are the leader of your relationships! If a girl laughs, then she is half conquered, and chances are high that she will agree to go on a date with you.

2. Send an empty message

I know that sounds weird, but you should try it! Send the girl an empty message and look at the reaction. In response, you will receive something like, “I received an empty message from you. What's happened?” Try to carelessly answer her and something like, “I didn’t know that I sent you an SMS, I must have missed your phone.” You should prepare a couple of topics to continue your conversation in case if it gets stuck. Note, that this way of flirting with a girl over text will never work, if you have never talked to this particular girl before.

3. Send her your photo

This is a pretty old trick, but since everyone is still talking about it, we will mention it too. By sending your photo to a girl, you will make her think about you! Send a sweet, slightly sexy photo, but remember that you should never send a photo in which you are naked! The image of your smile is quite enough. But if your photo will have some story to it, then you are doomed to success. For example, your photo with a guitar from a concert will be perfect. She will ask you about the history of this photo. Use this trick to continue your conversation if it ended up too fast or you ran out of topics.

4. Send her sweet messages at the end of your conversations

This is one of the best ways of how to flirt over text. When you see that this is the best time for both of you to end the conversation, you should use this method to make her think about you. Instead of using some standard phrases, you can make her feel special by sending one of the sweet messages at the end of your conversation. Write something like, “My heart has disappeared. Did you kidnap it?” or “We fit together like peanut butter and jam!” to make her smile. There are many different flirty things to say to a girl. But remember, you should feel at what stage of the relations you are now. Some sweet messages are inappropriate at the early stages.

5. Online flirt does not tolerate messages of a sexual origin

Children in their teens should not write to each other messages of a sexual nature. But they will because they are not yet able to satisfy their needs. Do you want to show her that you are not sexually satisfied? You should look like a decent self-confident man and not as a teenager. This is crucial if you want to find a girl with whom you will be able to establish a decent romantic relationship. This works only if you are searching for a one-night girl. But take your time to visit a doctor afterward because none of us have any idea how many times she agreed to meet other boys after their sexual messages.

6. Spelling

Perhaps the only thing people don't like about communicating by online correspondence is illiteracy. It is difficult to keep the desire to flirt when an adult sends a message that needs to be decoded to be understood. Keep track of what and how you write! It is really important. Yes, you can say something like, “In normal like a am a nice and literate person.” But no one will believe you. Show how smart and literate you are in the way how you write your messages.

7. Compliment her

The best way of flirting online is by sending many compliments towards each other. Focus on her appearance, physical strength, personal qualities. Remember, women love to be admired! The main thing is not to overdo it! Remember, women love to be admired! The main thing is not to overdo it! Compliments are a manipulation tool. Use this tool wisely, and you will get what you want, and both of you will be happy at the end. There are many ways how to flirt with a girl over text. Take your time to find something that will perfectly suit your personality.

Bonus: How to Know If a Girl Is Flirting with You

It is nice if you know how to flirt with girls. But it is impossible to go far if you can say if the girl is flirting with you in return. Girls are very witty and emotional beings. Sometimes it is impossible to understand them. But, still, we have to do this. To help you with this hard task, we've made a shortlist of signs that will tell you if a girl is flirting with you or not.

how to flirt with a girl1. She is very emotional with you

Her emotions are probably the best indicator that can show that she is flirting with you. If she is happy and doesn’t stare at her phone all the time during your date, then chances are high that she is happy because of you. Thus, all her flirty things are real, and she is really interested in you. This sign is especially precise if she agrees to go on a second date with you. In this case, your flirt will transfer into your online chats too.

2. She turns red

Girls don’t turn red without a good reason. If the place where you stay is no too warm, and she is not drinking too much alcohol, then you can be sure that it is you who has made her turn red. She is red because she likes you. And everything that may look like a flirt from her is a real flirt. The logic here is simple: she likes you, she flirts with you, and this is why she turns red. This is how to tell if a girl is flirting with you.

3. She's looking for a chance to be alone with you

If a woman finds a way to separate you from your company, wherever you are (in a complete bar of strangers or at a dinner with friends), then this means that she tries to say that she wants to be just with you, without everyone else. So, don’t be embarrassed and don’t look so puzzled if you are asked to go to the kitchen and help figure out how well the dishes are washed. If you like that girl, then agree to this proposition without any problems, if not, then tell her that the dishes are completely clean because you have checked them before with someone else.

It’s hard to say with absolute certainty whether a girl is flirting with you or not. Women are amazing human beings. They have their special strategies and ways to attract attention to themselves. They can drive you crazy, but you don't understand how they did it. However, flirting still has very definite signs, the combination of which can make you almost sure: she tries to attract your attention. All women are special, but some things in them are simply obvious.

We hope that now you know how to flirt with girls. As we've said before, flirting is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. Don’t be shy and afraid to use it, and you will succeed. Flirting is a whole art, and it is not easy to master this art. It is twice as difficult if it is necessary to communicate with a girl on the Internet or via short messages. But we have faith in you. Good luck in your search.

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